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Sponsor mid-day meals to

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Donations will help provide mid-day meals to children

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Sponsor mid-day meals to children

give now

Donations will help provide mid-day meals to children


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GiveIndia recommends programs which help people in extreme need or are in urgent need of funds

Support the treatment of a baby at risk

Extreme Need

Under Funded

Support the treatment of a baby at risk by EKAM Foundation
4.1 per month
Educate a poor rural child in need

Individual Support

Under Funded

Tamil Nadu
Educate a poor rural child in need by Isha Education
20.29 per month
Support a child suffering from cancer with monthly rations

Almost Funded

Support a child suffering from cancer with monthly rations by St Jude India Childcare Centres
17.55 per month
Support the living expenses of HIV+ orphan

Extreme Need

Support the living expenses of an orphan with HIV by Snehalaya
22.82 per month

About the cause: children

Help poor children fight their way out of poverty. When it is hard to afford necessities like food, shelter, and clothing; education becomes a luxury that the poor give up. Illiteracy then leads to further poverty. Donate for child education in India, support them with fees, school supplies, footwear, transport and opportunities to showcase their talents.

Mid-day Meals

21% of India's children are severely underweight. Hungry children can not build the country's future. For India's poor children, the mid-day meal at school is their only proper meal in a day. Feed our children and their hopes by donating mid-day meals to our starving children in need to help them fight starvation and malnutrition, so they don’t have to live and learn on a hungry stomach.


Close to 145,000 of India’s are HIV+, and about 22,000 new infections occur every year. Having inherited an incurable disease for no fault of their own, the affected children soon become orphans and suffer from severe poverty, and social stigma. Donate to poor children who are fighting a deadly disease and help them get access to nutritious food and medical treatment.

Primary Education

20 Million children in India do not go to school. Millions of children are still denied their right to education because of poverty. Donate for the education of poor children and support them with necessities like tuition fees, school supplies, footwear, transport, etc. Help them build a future that will make them escape poverty passed from generation to generation.

Extreme Need

Those in extreme need are usually socially excluded and face a lack of basic necessitates for reasons like living in underserved areas or social stigma of being affected with an incurable illness. Donate to those in extreme need and help them with resources like food, medical care, livelihood resources, sanitation, education, etc. to enable them to lead a normal life.

Under Funded

Donate to underfunded programs that are doing great work to provide the poor with necessities like food, shelter, education, senior care, and healthcare. These nonprofits are struggling to continue to help people as they are not receiving the necessary support. Help them with their efforts with your donations.