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India COVID Response Fund

India COVID Response Fund (ICRF) is best described as a giving collective that enables both individuals and organisations to respond together to COVID. In 2020, ICRF raised ₹220Cr+, impacting the lives of 56L+ people in India. We re-launched ICRF in April 2021, in response to the grave second wave of COVID to support gaps in healthcare and other critical needs.


Donors supporting COVID missions across healthcare, humanitarian and cash relief


NGOs and implementation partners working to create widespread impact


Indians supported across 22 states with funds for our COVID relief work

Know your beneficiary, we'll share their name, picture and more
Learn how you make a change in their lives through our reports
Every beneficiary you support is under the care of GiveAssured nonprofits
Your choice to give monthly will make a long-lasting impact

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Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla

Venture Capitalist

People often wonder where the money would go. I can tell you, I started working with GiveIndia when the pandemic first broke a year ago. We validate them, it’s a very good, reliable organization. People should have confidence in giving to GiveIndia and know that the money will be used immediately to help somebody.


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