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Support a child suffering from

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You will be sponsoring the monthly rations of a child with cancer

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Support a child suffering from cancer

give now

You will be sponsoring the monthly rations of a child with cancer

About the cause: Donate for cancer survivors in India

70% of India's poor cancer patients lose their lives due to late detection of which 15% are children. Cancer survival depends on early diagnosis and access to medical treatment which poor cancer patients cannot afford. Donate to patients suffering from cancer so that they can receive access to medical support like chemotherapy, radiation and quality nutrition. Give them a chance to fight.

How serious is the problem?

According to, India has around 2.25 million cases with over 1 lakh new cases being registered every year. In 2018, the disease led to nearly 7 lakh deaths. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) estimates that the country is likely to register over 17 lakh new cases and report over 8 lakh deaths by 2020.

Survival rate in India

Over the years, medical science has significantly improved the survival rates among cancer patients, across the globe. Cancer survival in the UK has doubled in the last 40 years from 24% to 50%, as per Cancer Research UK. However, the survival rates in India for even easily detectable and/or treatable cancers are still lower when compared to those in Europe or North America.

What we can do?

A major cause of lower cancer survival rate in India is the late detection of common cancers, which compromises the treatment success by a great margin. Therefore, early screening for common cancers can save several lives. On the path of recovery, nutritious food also plays an important role, which many of the poor patients could not afford. GiveIndia partner NGOs are providing free/low-cost treatment to poor cancer patients. Your small monthly donation can help these nonprofits to save lives by giving them a fair chance to fight cancer.

Extreme Need

Those in extreme need are usually socially excluded and face a lack of basic necessitates for reasons like living in underserved areas or social stigma of being affected with an incurable illness. Donate to those in extreme need and help them with resources like food, medical care, livelihood resources, sanitation, education, etc. to enable them to lead a normal life.

Under Funded

Donate to underfunded programs that are doing great work to provide the poor with necessities like food, shelter, education, senior care, and healthcare. These nonprofits are struggling to continue to help people as they are not receiving the necessary support. Help them with their efforts with your donations.