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Paripurnata Half-Way Home


Position: Fundraising


Kolkata, West Bengal


Duration: 12 Weeks


2 Hours/Week

Job Description

Roles and responsibilities : i) Selection of suitable donors ii) Approaching the donors (through project proposals, campaigns etc.) iii) Follow-up

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About the NGO

Paripurnata runs a half-way-home for patients who suffer from mental illness. This home provides the patients with a safe shelter and rehabilitation and helps in their re-entry into their families.

One unit of donation to this program will cover the salaries of the caretakers and staff for the care of one resident of the halfway home.

The half-way-home is a temporary place, where the patients stay at for a small period.

Screening of potential residents is carried out by a series of interviews with the candidate at the mental hospital. The information regarding the candidate's present condition is sought from the caregivers. On being selected, the patients are asked to come to Paripurnata for a couple of hours for a planned stay on a fixed date to see for themselves the environment of Paripurnata and meet the house staff, administrative staff and present residents. A sub-committee for monitoring the psychosocial rehabilitation process takes the final decision.

Paripurnata's rehabilitation programme offers pharmacotherapy, occupational therapy, non-formal education, and counseling.

Women also re-learn cooking, cleaning, shopping and other skills needed for daily living. They are regularly taken out for picnics, tours, and other social gatherings for developing social skills.

The duration of the planned stay is usually for 2-3 years. As the patients get rehabilitated, they are reunited with their families under the guidance of a professional counselor. Regular follow-ups oversee the re-entry after they return to their homes.

Follow-up program entitles regular home visits, family counseling and family meets. In case of relapse, they are re-admitted to the Home for short periods.

The duration of the follow-up programme is for three years.

The duration of time for which the patients stay at the half-way Home sometimes even go up to 9-12 years.

Out of the 201 number of patients who have been admitted to the home, the program has helped in the rehabilitation of 165 patients till March 2011.

When you donate to the program, you will help an underprivileged patient with mental illness get access to care and rehabilitation.


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