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Bani Mandir


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24 Paraganas, West Bengal


Duration: Weeks



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About the NGO

The mission of the organisation is to look after destitute orphan children, poor school going children, and isolated elderly persons and to empower women by upgrading their socio-economic status.

A few local school teachers took the initiative to set up a platform where they could render help to poor and needy people in distress; thus Bani Mandir was established in 1945 August.

69-year-old Somendra Nath Mandal graduated from Calcutta University and has working for the poor since 1965. He became General Secretary in 1973. Almost all the developmental work done by Bani Mandir is in remote villages of West Bengal and through his efforts. He believes that service to the poor and helpless is the service to the nation.

Bani Mandir focuses on developing the potential of women and girls to drive long lasting equitable changes. They emphasize on promoting quality healthcare, inclusive education, gender equitable and sustainable livelihood opportunities, disaster relief and preparedness.

Their efforts are focused on fighting against underlying causes of poverty and ensuring a life of dignity for all women and girls from marginalized and vulnerable communities, especially among Dalits and Adivasis. Bani Mandir also works with the elderly by providing them nutritional support because they are largely ignored by their families.

In 2016, NGO was awarded the Award of project ASTITVA by the Helpage India Significant achievement in the services to the elderly persons.

No of rural youth helped for one year/six months computer training programme - 19 No of secondary students who received books - 942 No. of poor students who received tutorial support - 236 No of children below 5 years supported in 4 Creches -100 No. of elders who got free eye check up - 1136 No. of poor people assisted through Ambulance service - 215 No. of elders provided with Spectacle - 225 No. of children getting sponsorship for health, education, nutrition and family assistance - 1046 No of adolescent girls covered in 1 day health education & counselling - 140 No of poor elderly people covered in medical clinic - 851 No of orphan/needy children who received food & health care support - 1046 No. of elders helped for cataract operation and free spectacles - 123 No of pregnant woman who are supported with nutrition and health checkups - 24 No. of able elders who joined in elders ESHGs and benefited with Saving & Credit scheme - 791 No. of Women empowered through 378 SHGs - 4536 No of poor villagers who received a cycle rickshaw for a livelihood - 11 No of aged persons who are receiving monthly supply of grocery & medical care - 333


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