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Purkal Youth Development Society


Position: Operations


Dehradun, Uttarakhand


Duration: 12 Weeks


54 Hours/Week

Job Description

We encourage volunteers to share their work expertise at the time of applying to us. Typically, we accept volunteers who can teach a subject (English, Mathematics, Science, etc.) or can impart a specific skill (sports, dance, drama, art, a useful computer software, science experiments, etc.) to the students in our care. Additionally, we also encourage volunteers who can help us create promotional material for our fund-raising activities through movie-making, blogging, web content, etc. A volunteer, once accepted, will need to adhere to the Society's code of conduct. S/he will be briefed on the specific responsibilities based on the nature of application, i.e. duration of volunteering, type of volunteering (classroom study or activity/skill-based), etc. PYDS welcomes volunteers and has observed that they bring in diversity to the school atmosphere. Color grading, manipulating high-definition video, work with high-definition images, creation of vector graphics, designing the Society's publications, sound design, run scripts for social media

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About the NGO

The creation of Purkal Youth Development Society dates back when Mr. Swamy noticed gaping lacunae that existed in the rural community in terms of youth employability. The youth in that area lacked opportunities, motivation, and determination to move forward. From here germinated the sapling of PYDS.

This Society targets to empower the rural community by helping them by educating them, providing health services, establishing skill development projects giving employment and preserving the beautiful Himalayan environment, local cultural traditions and the sense of community.They also encourage women empowerment, working with local women and youth since 2000.PYDS help them through income generation, various and community development and additionally provide career counseling to the children from their early stage.

For their work they were awarded the TVAM Karmaveer Chakra Award by the iCONGO Proactive Citizenship; the National Gold Karmaveer Chakra by the iCONGO Proactive Citizenship; and the INST Radhakrishnan Award for Education for his by the Institute of Nano Science and Technology, Mohali Outstanding contributions in the field of education.

In their journey of 18 years, 150 Students have passed out from Society. 75 are pursuing higher education while 69 students are serving in varied fields.


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