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Basic Research Education And Development (BREAD) Society


Position: Operations


Hyderabad, Telangana


Duration: 4 Weeks


24 Hours/Week

Job Description

BREAD has set up 1,156 libraries in govt. schools suggesting guidelines to be followed. Volunteers should ascertain either through personal visits or contacting headmasters and or library in charge teachers to find out whether the guidelines are followed.

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About the NGO

Basic Research Education And Development (BREAD) Society was founded in 1989 to support bright students from rural areas to pursue higher education. The idea was to award scholarships of financial assistance to ensure that financially challenged bright students did not give up their education for want of finances.

Students attending Government schools have neither the purchasing power to buy books nor access to books. To address this problem, BREAD has set up 1024 Children's Libraries in government schools during the last 9 years in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to inculcate a habit of reading books among them.

To sustain the interest of students, 80 to 100 new books were being added to existing BREAD children's libraries once in 3 years till 2017-18.

From 2018-19, 40 new books are added to all existing libraries annually.

In FY 16-17, 124 libraries were set up, 80 new books were added to 221 existing libraries and scholarships were given to 80 students.

Basic Research Education And Development (BREAD) Society is one of the few organizations that is wholly volunteer-based and has no paid staff.


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