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Society For Womens education Economic Development (SWEED)


Position: Content


Madurai, Tamil Nadu


Duration: 2 Weeks


30 Hours/Week

Job Description

The volunteer is required to take up year end reporting activities. The deliverables will include - 1. field visits to interact with the beneficiaries 2. prepare case studies of beneficiaries we have supported 3. prepare annual report with the case studies, program details etc. 4. a observation/feedback report of the learnings.

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About the NGO

SWEED was initiated in 1989 by a team of women activists. The vision of the organisation is to Facilitate a casteless, classless, secular, non-party, just and gender equal society.

At first, it concentrated on only 10 villages in Melur block and then extended its work to all 13 blocks in Madurai district. 60 percent of the rural population serviced by SWEED comprised of agriculture labourers, small and marginal farmers. Employment opportunities in these villages were very limited.

education of women remained a distant dream for many. Early marriage and gender exploitation were other problems the people faced. Melur and Kottampatti blocks were high-risk for HIV/AIDS infections.

Mrs. Mabel Pushpam is the head of the organization with nearly 28 years experience in women development activities. She began her career in social development as an evangelical worker and as a volunteer activist in Palmyra Workers Development Society in Kanyakumari district in the early 1980s.

This rich experiences provided her an opportunity to lend her services to DESA in Melur Taluk in Madurai district. Her training and experience in SIRD, helped her to establish SWEED in 1989. They have a team of only 5 people.

Stats for 16-17: Number of general Medical checkup for children, men and women - 980 Number of SHGs got Milch Animals - 101 Number of kits of Pro health Powder for HIV infected people that were distributed - 76


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