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Isha Education


Position: Operations


Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu


Duration: 12 Weeks


36 Hours/Week

Job Description

Content For students 1. English, Tamil and Telugu – Make lesson plans, reading comprehension passages, thematic worksheets and assessments. 2. Math – Make lesson plans, worksheets and assessment papers 3. Science – Create lesson plans, create worksheets, source online videos, write scripts for shooting experiments, conduct outdoor experiments and create materials for experiments. 4. Proof content – English, Tamil and Telugu. For teachers 1. Teacher Training Content – Candidates with prior experience in training content development can support with design, source or adapt content for teacher training. Student Teaching 1. Help children by reviewing skills, concepts taught (vocabulary flashcard drill, review mathematics facts and problems, letter formation/handwriting skills). 2. Conduct remedial special classes for academically weak students. 3. Teach a craft or hobby 4. Teach creative and extracurricular activities (i.e. games, drawing, singing, dancing, etc.) 5. Teach students computers and coding. Teacher Teaching 1. Teach teachers how to use computers. 2. Teach English to teachers, help teachers develop their spoken English skills. Library 1. Help with data Entry in the school library, become instrumental in setting up a structured library. Data Support 1. Analysis – Perform analysis of assessment results.

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About the NGO

Isha Education was established at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu as a conglomerate of Isha Vidya, Isha Home School and Isha Insight. Isha Vidya was formed to provide high-quality school education to underprivileged rural children who cannot otherwise access or afford it.

With 9 schools and over 7000 students, the members of Isha Vidya actively support and promote education among female children in the villages as a result of which their schools have seen an increased enrolment of girl children. Isha Home School adopts an unconventional schooling method which strives to provide a nourishing space for learning devoid of pressures. Isha Insight is the brainchild of the Isha Leadership Academy which aims at providing the highest quality of leadership education in India and explores the science of scaling up one's business as well as one's own self.

All these initiatives have contributed to a wide range of social achievements from educated rural population to instilling the youth with leadership skills. These achievements accelerate the founder's vision of enhancing the boundaries of one's perception through education.


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