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Positive Women Network of Rajasthan


Position: Marketing


Jaipur, Rajasthan


Duration: 2 Weeks


3 Hours/Week

Job Description

Volunteers can participate in many tasks of the care homes according to their own skills and interests. We are open to new ideas about the tasks volunteers could participate in. For example, if the volunteer knows some special skill, they can teach this skill to the children. Tasks can be divided to the tasks with the children and tasks at the office. Volunteer can have tasks related to both areas or she/he can concentrate on one specific area. Tasks related to administration and communication can be performed remotely. Tasks with children: - Teaching and educational activities: Teach English, computer skills and other school subjects to the children, help with homework and ensure that children complete their next day’s homework, skill training and workshops for children about health, bullying, relationships etc. - Help care takers in the daily chores: For example cleaning, washing clothes, cooking, food distribution and garden maintenance. - General interaction with children: Play with children at the care home, in the garden or nearby park and organize games and other creative activities to the children. - Tasks for social workers and health care professionals (e.g. nurse): health check-ups and workshops about health issues, like female hygiene, first aid training for the children and women residing at the care homes. Social workers are encouraged to do counseling and update the children’s files with more information about their background and their future dreams. Tasks at the office: - Administrational work: Assist to write reports, fundraising by contacting donors and possible partners and organize fundraising campaigns. - Communication: Update websites and social media, create communication materials and photographing.

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About the NGO

Positive Women Network (PWN+) is an All-India network of HIV positive women, focused on improving the quality of life of women and children living with HIV/AIDS. They support one another, fight for their rights, and sensitize society about their needs.

The organization was started when some HIV positive women of Rajasthan realized that there were some unresolved issues HIV positive women faced. The exploitation of HIV positive women in the male-dominated society lead to the initiation of HIV women represented in the organization.

No of HIV infected and affected women and youths provided vocational training - 8 No of HIV infected clients linked to social security schemes - 563 No of HIV infected and affected/orphan kids provided living support - 48 No of HIV infected clients registered - 317 No of family members of HIV infect clients facilitated for HIV testing - 24 No of HIV infected clients counseled - 317 No of HIV infected and affected/orphan kids provided hot cooked food - 48 No of HIV infected and affected/orphan kids provided education support - 52

The mission of the organisation is to ensure social justice, equality & protection of human rights of persons living with HIV/AIDS through universal access of health, education, nutrition, rehabilitation & social security services. The organisation also aims to evolve HIV/AIDS friendly policies, schemes & programs to reduce victimization or stigmatization of women and children living with HIV/AIDS.


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