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Disha Foundation


Position: Fundraising


Jaipur, Rajasthan


Duration: 2 Weeks


30 Hours/Week

Job Description

Our expectations from volunteers •To work within the guidelines of our organisation. • To maintain the reputation of the organisation. • To co-operate with members of the staff and work to achieve the aims of the organisation. • To aim for higher efficiency and quality in work; be committed and punctual. • To support a friendly atmosphere. • Engage in healthy communication with other volunteers and staff members. • To provide timely notice, if the volunteer is unable to undertake duties for a genuine reason. • To abide by the norms of confidentiality, equality and diversity, health & safety policies and procedures of the organisation. Volunteer’s Responsibility: 1. To understand the assigned task carefully. 2. To prepare and submit regular reports about progress of your work. 3. To be committed in the service you offer. 4. To be loyal towards the organization, its staff, and its goals. 5. To maintain the honor of the organization. 6. To maintain a professional relationship with representatives in the community. 7. To be responsible in informing the NGO of late arrival, absence or plans to discontinue. 8. To spread awareness about the NGO and its activities. 9. Do not involve yourself in sensitive internal matters at the NGO. 10. Do not communicate confidential information regarding the NGO.

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About the NGO

The mission of Disha Foundaiton is to contribute to the creation of a society which provides equal opportunity to persons with disability, to live with dignity and realize their maximum potential.

Mrs. P.N. Kavoori is the founder of Disha Foundation and provides special education at the centre for differently abled children. She established Disha Foundation with the Khaitan family, with full support from Rajmata Gayatri Devi and the royal family. The organization was registered as a trust in 1997.

The school has all facilities for the special education as well as physiotherapy and other relevant activities for children with special needs. The organisation has had many students excelling in sports and participating and winning gold in international podiums as well.

No. of mothers of special children who took training to handle their special child at home - 47 No. of Special children who had undergone screening, assessment, intervention and evaluation - 142 No of special children who had undergone Pre vocational & vocational training - 24 No. of parents who took counselling & training sessions - 142 No. of special needs people under Community Based Rehabilitation program who have undergone screening, identify, assessment & advocacy - 54

Ms. Rainu Singh, Executive Director of Disha, currently leads the organisation has two decades of experience in working for various social issues. Six years of dedicated efforts to bring Disha to an institute of great repute brought her rewards from the Govt of Rajasthan when it appointed Ms. Rainu Singh as Commissioner Disabilities for the state with a rank equal to a State Minister in July 2013. She was responsible for implementing Acts and Policies in the State and listening to the grievances of people with disabilities across the State.


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