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Shramik Bharti


Position: Civil Engineering


Firozpur, Punjab


Duration: 4 Weeks


48 Hours/Week

Job Description

We are working in following thematic areas: 1. SHGs 2. Nature Farming 3. Water Security 4. Water, Sanitation & Hygiene 5. Agro Processing & FPOs 6. Quality Education in Government schools Volunteer can work in any of the thematic areas based on their skill and interest to learn and contribute.

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About the NGO

Shramik Bharti is a Kanpur based NGO which works with both rural and urban communities. This includes the urban slums of Kanpur (once known as the Manchester of the East) as well as inaccessible rural areas characterised by large tracts of saline lands, ravine areas and extreme poverty.

With changing economic scenarios, the sources of livelihood are getting equally affected and both urban and rural communities have poor capacities for seeking and adopting newer and additional sources of livelihood. Women and children are the worst sufferers of these inadequacies with men often migrating to alternative locations for livelihood.

It is with this perspective that Shramik Bharti works for the empowerment of the poor and underprivileged with special focus on women and children. Their mission is to facilitate and foster people's democratic institutions.


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