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Koppal, Karnataka


Duration: Weeks



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About the NGO

SAMUHA' derives its name from a Sanskrit word, which means an organized group or society. This reflects their ideology that "development is best sustained when undertaken through group processes ".They work with vulnerable people to improve their quality of life within defined periods of time.

Their mission is "To Improve the Quality of Vulnerable People within Defined Period of Time". Based out of Koppal, the Samarthya wing of Samuha works specifically with the differently-abled in Karnataka and was awarded the State Award for Organisations by the Directorate of Disabled and Senior Citizens Empowerment.

They are supported with 150 Full-time staff, 5 Volunteers and 46 Consultants, who work on implementing a plethora of projects ranging from the Early Intervention Centre and Mobility Aids workshop to their screening camps and Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Centre. Samarthya works across 352 villages in the Koppal and Raichur districts of Karnataka, impacting the lives of over 3700 differently-abled people every year.


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