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Foundation for Excellence India Trust (FFE India Trust)


Position: Operations


Bangalore, Karnataka


Duration: 8 Weeks


20 Hours/Week

Job Description

Supporting teams within FFEIT to help with smooth functioning & servicing. The nature of work will be mainly operational.

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About the NGO

Foundation For Excellence Inc. (FFE), a publicly supported charitable organization based in California was established in 1994. The inception of Foundation For Excellence India Trust (FFEIT), its Indian entity, happened in 2003 and was registered as a Public Charitable Trust in India.

FFE's mission is to identify, nurture and empower academic talent. Their Scholarship Programme provides monetary assistance to exceptionally bright students hailing from families having financial inconsistency to pursue their engineering and Medical degrees. In its 22 years of existence, FFE has helped over 16,000 students in India, changing their lives for posterity. Over 40,000 scholarships have been awarded to students till date.


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