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Child Nurture and Relief Kashmir (CHINAR Kashmir)


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Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir


Duration: Weeks



Job Description

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About the NGO

The Kashmir conflict had created a large number of orphans in addition to causing major social change, CHINAR Kashmir was formed to address the psychosocial needs of these orphans. The organization focuses on improving the lives of marginalized children, women and families.

CHINAR Kashmir runs several innovative programs geared towards the social and economic empowerment of women and youth and providing material assistance to impoverished families whose homes have been damaged due to natural disasters or other reasons. Remote Child Sponsorship Program, CHINAR Home Program, Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation, Skills Enhancement and Entrepreneurship Development, Giving House Assistance and Relief are the programmes presently run by CHINAR.

The children residing in the CHINAR homes are provided with quality education in good private schools and in-house tuition. A myriad set of extra-curricular activities are also organized to ensure a well-rounded education. CHINAR Kashmir is relentlessly providing these children with a stable support system so that they can lift themselves out of the cycle of violence & become productive members of society.


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