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Hemophilia Federation (India)


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New Delhi, Delhi NCR


Duration: Weeks



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About the NGO

The Organization was started in 1983 by Ashok Verma who was himself a hemophilia patient, to alleviate the sufferings of thousands of hemophiliacs in the country. Mr. Vikash C. Goyal President, HFI, is a Banglore-based businessman and a father of a hemophiliac son who passed away because of hemophilia. He very passionate about this cause and for the welfare of the suffering hemophiliacs of India.

Work done by the organization - Provided 5000 ius each of free AHF factor VIII, IX, Fieba to 55 beneficiaries from all over India Provided education support to 500 children with hemophilia from all over India Provided 3000 ius each of factor VIII & IX to 720 beneficiaries from all over India Providing support for Carrier Detection and Prenatal Diagnosis for 120 girls and women from hemophiliac families from all over India

In 2013, Hemophilia Federation (India) was awarded the India NGO Awards by the EdelGive Foundation & The Resource Alliance Finalist and in 2017, Project Heal A Soul was awarded the Bureaucracy Today Winner by Bureaucracy Today.


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