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Udayan Care


Position: Advocacy


Delhi, Delhi NCR


Duration: 3 Weeks


40 Hours/Week

Job Description

Each department will have a different project. Projects are allotted on the basis of skill set and interest area of the volunteers

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About the NGO

Appalled by the stark reality of 31 million orphans in India and shocked by the condition of institutions housing them, a few like-minded people came together to take serious action. This obsession was the seed which sprouted as Udayan Care - which was registered in 1994, as a Public Charitable Trust.

Dr. Kiran Modi, started Udayan Care and the first Udayan Ghar (Home) for orphaned and abandoned children, in Delhi, with a strong belief that every individual is a catalyst of change. A doctorate from IIT, Delhi, Dr. Modi is a person of varied experience in several fields, including the media and has also been a founding member of several other trusts working for the disadvantaged.

They started with the Udayan Ghar Programme for orphaned and abandoned children. In 2002, they moved towards higher education for girls through the Udayan Shalini Fellowships. In 2004, they started the Udayan Information and Technology Centres to improve employability of underserved communities.

A thorough research on models existing for children in need of care & protection and opportunities for disadvantaged women and youth helped develop innovative models across all initiatives.


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