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Dr Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital


Position: Marketing


Delhi, Delhi NCR


Duration: 4 Weeks


7 Hours/Week

Job Description

Dr Shroff's is a 100 years old eye/ent care institution, having a very active outreach program, serving the geographically and economically backward communities. Its mission is to make a lasting impact on eradication of avoidable blindness/deafness in our country. The network of facilities includes a tertiary care hospital in Delhi and 5 secondary hospitals and 32 vision centers in UP, Rajasthan & Haryana. We do nearly 16000 surgeries free of cost for the poor patients. We are continuously working at quality aspects; affordable and sustainable eye/ent care community models;education/training of medical/non medical human resource and research.

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About the NGO

With 20,000 surgeries; around 30,000 eye screenings and more than 1500 eye surgeries to the children- this humongous work without a second thought are being done by Dr. Shroff's Charity eye hospital (SCEH).

SCEH was founded in the year 1914 to facilitate eye care to the underprivileged. With a mission to be the best Tertiary Eye and ENT Care Institution in Northern India, the clinic stands out when it comes to quality eye care. Graduating from Royal college of Surgeries, London, Mr. Shroff established the eye care center in the year 1926 with the best equipment from those times.

Right from Retinal to Cornea, eye cancers to surgeries, cataract to the general care; SCEH has 125 full-time staff with over 35 doctors attending constantly to those in need. SCEH is synonymous with a vision for its excellent and committed service.


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