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Support the treatment of a baby at risk by EKAM Foundation

This program helps people in extreme need

Support the treatment of a baby at risk

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Akshan got the care he needed just in time.

Akshan was born in a poor family in Trichy. They could hardly afford their basic necessities and struggled to get through each day. When they found out about Akshan's illness, his parents were shattered.

He was diagnosed with a heart condition where his arteries were affected. He did not get enough oxygen to his body and was in a life-threatening situation. Akshan's parents knew how dangerous the situation was but they could not afford the surgery he needed to survive.

Their miracle came through when they were referred to Ekam. Ekam provided for Akshan's consultation and treatment at MIOT hospital. They took complete responsibility of his situation and monitored the process closely.

Akshan underwent many procedures at this hospital, including an arterial switch operation. The cost of his treatment was Rs.3,00,000 out of which Rs. 55,000 was arranged by the parents. The rest was raised through Ekam. Akshan has now recovered and is a healthy and happy 9-month old child.


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Ekam works across multiple interventions in the field of infant mortality. The overarching focus is on the child, specifically infant health.

They have helplines in Chennai and Mumbai. References come through the helpline or from the Regional or Zonal officers as well as for patients in other districts. Sometimes the Hospitals or Ekam's medical committee refer as well.

Once the referral is received, the Patient Welfare Division will verify the patient details by visiting them and checking the medical documents. Along with the documents, the hospital where the child is to be treated also provides a quotation for every individual patient. The report is sent to the medical committee who approves subsidizing the cost of treatment for the patient. The hospital then admits the patient and starts treatment while the bills are paid on credit basis.

Throughout the hospitalization time, Ekam personnel are in touch to ensure that the treatment is completed and the patient is discharged.

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About The NGO

EKAM Foundation
EKAM Foundation Logo
EKAM Foundation

The foundation of EKAM Foundation lies in the belief that every child has the freedom to live and none should be denied the right to healthcare. Thus, they are committed to the healthcare of neonates, children, adolescents, and mothers from underprivileged communities. Their primary focus is on rural health and they aim to achieve this through direct medical support and indirectly through community awareness, empowerment, and participation.

EKAM intervenes to bring a desired positive impact on the overall life-saving scenario by providing support and enhancing their health through several initiatives. They supplement care at primary health centers, district hospitals, and other tertiary care government hospitals by training nurses, helping in maintaining critical equipment, transporting sick infants to the nearest district hospitals, providing lab test support, drugs and medicines in select government hospitals. In addition to this, several camps, training programs, empowerment workshops are organized to create awareness among adolescent girls, expectant mothers, and the community.

Their mission is to complete the government health system and not replace it. As of last year, EKAM has reached out to over 1.08 million children and as many families through its multi-pronged initiatives.

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Sai Lakshmi, Founder & Managing Director

areas of operation
Area of Operation
Area of Operation

Pediatric care | health

location of work
Location of Work
Location of Work

Tamil Nadu

EKAM Foundation has

provided 7000 medical equiments to 6 government hospitals

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2013: NGO Transparency Award

2014: World CSR Congress

2015: Best In supporting and Promoting Small Scale Industries

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Program Updates

Program Updates

28 December, 2022

Support the treatment of a baby at risk


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Cities, Regions, Areas etc Covered:

 We have covered 3 states, they are Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

 Number of Districts covered - State wise:

• 32 Districts from Tamilnadu • 01 Districts from Andhra Pradesh • 01 District from Chhattisgarh

  Number of People Impacted Directly/Indirectly:

 A total of 402 referral cases were registered, out of which 400 referrals were from 32 districts of Tamil Nadu and the 2 referrals were from other states.

CURRENT STATUS NO. OF REFERRALS Treatment completed 90 Treatment completed 13 Treatment initiated 167 Treatment not required 7 Treatment on hold 17 Waiting for treatment 106 Against Medical Advice 1 Child Died 1 GRAND TOTAL 402

How the work is carried out:

 No child should be denied the right to health care, under any circumstance - This is the key mantra of Ekam.

 EKAM had a dedicated 24*7 Helpline for early identification of needy children requiring medical support and also our District Coordinators screened and identified the children in the community with early warning signs of various diseases. Early identification helped to initiate prompt and quality treatment to the needy children.

How did the program help and impact people: EKAM Foundation with the funding support from GIVE INDIA has implemented the ‘Save A Child’ program from January to June ’2022. It helped in the early identification and screening of life-saving medical treatment to the underprivileged needy children, contributing to a reduction in the number of child deaths

Challenges faced and next steps

The challenge which we faced was tracking the children and persuading them for further treatment. It has always been a difficult task for the EKAM team since many a times the parents hesitate to take their children for further treatment due to lack of transportation and accommodation facilities because of financial constraints during the treatment period. The parents in such instances had to be guided to reach out to the nearby Health Care Facilities if in case the child was suffering from any initial stage illnesses.

Stories from the ground

Baby. Dayana is a 2 months old female baby was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s Disease by birth. The baby got admitted at PSG Hospital - Coimbatore on 03.01.2022 for Ileostomy and the baby required 3 weeks of hospital stay. The cost of the procedure is Rs. 3,00,000/-

The father of the child works as a tele-caller for a monthly income of Rs. 12,000/-. He had spent almost a sum of Rs. 2,50,000/- for the child’s treatment including medicine and now they are helpless to arrange the further amount.

Realizing their tough situation, Ekam had supported a sum of Rs. 50,000/- to save the baby’s life. After the treatment, she has gained weight and showed improvement in her health.

1 June, 2022

Support the treatment of a baby at risk


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

EKAM has implemented the "Save A Child" program, which ensures early identification of health problems and life-saving medical treatment for marginalized children in 38 districts of Tamil Nadu at the right time. EKAM has a dedicated 24*7 helpline for referring children requiring medical support. And also, our District Coordinators screen and identify the children in the community with early warning signs of various diseases. The timely identification helps to initiate prompt treatment of the children. The EKAM team liaisoned with government facilities, such as medical colleges, hospitals, early intervention centers, health care providers, Anganwaadi workers for the children who required immediate medical support.

A total of 231 referral cases were registered, out of which 228 referrals were from 31 districts of Tamil Nadu and the 3 referrals were from Andhra Pradesh.

We screened all the registered referral cases with the support of our medical committee and provided: • Direct hospital support to the 205 children • Equipment support to the 12 children, • Drug and Injectable Support to the 8 Children • Laboratory investigation support to the 4 children • MRI Scanning Support for the 2 Children

Status of Registered Referral Cases from July 2021 to December 2021

1 Treatment Completed 90 2 Treatment in Progress 78 3 Treatment Not Required 03 4 Treatment on Hold 06 5 Waiting for Treatment 52 6 Child Death After Treatment 02 Total 231

As part of our follow-up mechanism, we tracked the child’s health progression through the phone, counseled the parents and caregivers on child care, and requested that they follow the doctor’s suggestions and advice.

Challenges faced and next steps


2] FOLLOW UP SUCCESS: All the beneficiaries are subject to our follow-up protocol where we guide/update them about the upcoming visits, advisories issued by doctors for their particular cases, etc. But due to non-cooperation from the beneficiaries' end, the outcome is hampered.

3] BENEFICIARY TRACKING-Due to compromised financial and logistical constraints, the families of the beneficiaries do not turn up for required revisits at the hospitals, which results in a negative hit on the impact numbers.

4] COUNSELING ISSUES-The sole purpose of the counseling [to let the family of the beneficiary know the importance of visiting the medical point when the symptoms are at a very early stage] gets defeated when beneficiaries don’t cooperate upon this.

5] ALIGNING RELEVANT MEDICAL RESOURCES WITHIN A GIVEN TIME FRAME: Especially for cases when medical treatment is awaited or in the case of infected subjects, separate and exclusive arrangements are to be made at the last minute sometimes. Efficiency is at stake!

6] FOLLOW UP HURDLES: Due to outreach connectivity issues or disinterest in connecting from the beneficiaries' side, the outcome impact figures are affected at times.

Plan for the next 6 months of this program:

Fund Raising [for program sustainability and expansion]: Approaching donor pools, applying for grants and funding, requesting the relevant agencies

EXTENDED PARTNERING/LIASION SUPPORT [for an efficient network of hospitals/resource individuals who can serve as mediating components]: Interacting with multiple resource points and raising a unanimous campaign citing its importance

For the interactive interface for following up with the beneficiaries: Through district staff, doing gap analysis, understanding the considerable parameters, raising a software interface

Raising a Network of Expert Counselors: Interacting with experts from the social sector

Stories from the ground

Baby of Jasmine Lora, a 15-day-old female baby, had her life saved by benefiting from medical treatment due to the Ekam Foundation's intervention.

The Ekam Foundation took charge of this case through its working protocols and guided the baby to the required medical treatment in Nagercoil. The baby was admitted to Dr. Jayaharan Memorial Hospital where she underwent emergency laparotomy and loop ileostomy. The final pending hospital/treatment expenses were met by the Ekam Foundation.

After the successful treatment, the baby gained weight and showed improvement in her health.

A precious life was saved, and the "Save a Child" program turned out to be a real saviour for the baby and her parents. After knowing the outcome and impact, many individuals [from different walks of life] felt compassionate and hence have come forward to support this campaign [in their respective capacities] to ensure more enhanced outcomes ahead.

A well-coordinated strategical team structure can give rise to a reforming initiative [save a child] where precious lives could be saved due to timely intervention. Also, there is a need to expand the network of mediating components across other territories so that as many potential beneficiaries can benefit from it as possible.

23 March, 2021

Save little lives from fighting acute diseases


report image

EKAM foundation is a not-for-profit NGO that works towards proving quality healthcare to needy children and mothers in India. The foundation was started on the basic premise that no child should be denied the right to healthcare. EKAM’s vision is to work for the wellbeing of children and mothers and thereby contribute to a reduction in infant, childhood, adolescent and maternal mortality rates.
Through the last 3 months, our initiatives have enabled us to reach out to around 99 children. Out of which we could able to

  1.    Save 55 children

  2.    Provided Drug support to 7 children

  3.    Long term equipment support for 1 child 

  4.    Provided financial assistance for 21 children for their treatment.

5 August, 2020

Saving lives of new born


report imagereport image

Saving lives of new born

During this period, Ekam had identified 171 children across Tamil Nadu, who were diagnosed with different diseases and disorders like Cardiac problems, Preterm issues, Eye problems, Endocrine disorders, Gastroenterology diseases, etc. The families of these children belonged to ‘below poverty line’ class and were dependent on daily wage works, agriculture etc.
They were thus helpless to afford further treatment. So Ekam supported for their surgeries / treatment with the help of Government Health scheme and Ekam’s financial aid. Now these 171 children have undergone treatment and are doing well.

3 December, 2019

Care and support being provided


report imagereport imagereport image

Care and support being provided

22 July, 2019


report image

Program Update

Program Update for the period of Apirl & May 2019

Total children supported in April & May is 26, where total amount spent was Rs 391,393/- Hospitalization – 11 , Medicines – 23 , Equipment – 1 (Totally 26 children supported 35 times).

Program Update for the period of April & May 2019
Through this program we have supported 26 children in April & May 2019, where total amount spent was Rs 391,393/- (Hospitalization – Rs. 210530 for 11 babies, Medicines – Rs. 169063 for 14 babies supported with medicines 23 times , Equipment – Rs. 11,800/- for 1 baby (Totally 26 children supported 35 times).
Treatment completed is – 10, Treatment ongoing – 25 (children those who are getting regular medications support on a monthly basis)
These children were identified and supported from 10 different districts of Tamilnadu.
Our plan through this program to support 20 babies in a month hence we will support 60 babies for the next quarter.

Story from the field

Ms. Chithra delivered a female child at Chengalpattu Medical College and Hospital which is located in Kancheepuram district of Tamilnadu, where the baby has been diagnosed with Extreme Preterm 28 Weeks/ Very Low Birth Weight / Probable Sepsis/ Apnea of Prematurity/ Left Lung Collapse/Anaemia of Prematurity / Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA).
Since the baby had multiple complications, the medical team had planned to shift the child to Sri Ramachandra Medical College Hospital for advanced treatment. Dr.Prakash and his team from Department of Neonatology of SRMC decided to treat the child under HDU (High-dependency unit) with the support of advanced life saving equipment. The baby was getting life saving treatment for the period of 37 days starts from 14/05/2018 to 20/06/2018 and the total cost of the treatment was charged as Rs. 75,424/-
Mr. Adhikesavan, child’s father, works as a house keeper in a private concern and his monthly earnings is Rs. 10,000. Being a sole earning member, was helpless to afford the treatment. Realising their poor situation, Dr.Sathya, Head of Department - Neonatology, Govt. Chengalpattu Government Medical College referred the child to Ekam to support for the financial support. Ekam Foundation did the validation and decided to support the baby’s treatment completely.
With the support of doctors the baby recovered from the disease successfully and got discharged on 20/06/2018. Ekam Foundation paid the hospitalization bill for this baby.
Now Baby Harshini is turned to One Year and growing healthy and living happy with her family.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?305
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date13079
Village/City/State where project is locatedTamilnadu
Total Budget for the project for FY18-192400000
Total Expenses for the project YTD2062235

30 October, 2018

EKAM Foundation's Update


report image

Program Update

No child should be denied the right to healthcare, under any circumstance - That is the key mantra of Ekam. The thin line between life and death is one which is very often dictated by the availability of resources. Dealing with life threatening illnesses and medical situations in children is a harrowing and daunting experience for any parent. Out of pocket expenditure and the inability to pay for treatment only add to their existing woes, thereby compounding their distress.

The 'Save a Child' program works to reach out to and provide medical support to any child who needs us!! Our team works round the clock to ensure that every child who is referred to us is treated in a caring, respectful environment. We begin by identifying children needing support, facilitating their treatment [Including any expenses] till their discharge, counselling the parents/guardians and following up with the families post discharge to ensure they comply with the doctor's advice.

While always ensuring that the right thing is done for the child; leveraging the existing resources within the public health facilities is Ekam's priority at all times. Effective utilisation of insurance schemes and services provided by the government is one of our key focus areas. In 2017-18, we supported 870 children through the Save a Child project', moving us one step closer to our vision

Story from the field

Baby of Chithra (female) child was born with Extreme Preterm 28 Weeks/ Very Low Birth Weight / Probable Sepsis/ Apnea of Prematurity/ Left Lung Collapse/Anaemia of Prematurity / PDA/Perinatal Depression and treated at Chengalpet Medical College.

Poor infant had multiple complexions and suffered a lot to survive, hence Dr. Sathya - Head of Department of Paediatrics had decided to shift the child to any private hospital to give best treatment to save her life. But the parents were unable to afford the treatment cost since they economically backward. Mr. Athikesavan father of the child works as a house keeper in a private concern and his earning is very low. So he was helpless to afford the treatment cost.Dr Sathya had approached Ekam Foundation and requested to extend our financial support to save this child's life.

Ekam Foundation Helpline team immediately went through the process to shift the child with Ambulance which is fully equipped with life saving materials. Baby of Chitra shifted on 14/05/2018 to Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre and admitted to Newborn Intensive Care Unit and undergone the best treatment for the period of 30 days, she got discharged

Now she is healthy and living happy with her family.

Ekam Foundation paid all the expenses incurred during this child's treatment and save her life.

No child should be denied the right to healthcare, under any circumstance

Expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-191500
Number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program this year13000