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Support the meal expenses of a special needs person

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Sumeet sets an example for others with disabilities

Sumeet is a differently abled young man who works as an assistant at a Resource Center.

He was born in an underprivileged family who were not aware of his special needs. He was sent to a regular school where an unfortunate incident in class V made him shut off completely. He stopped going to school after that. People around him did not understand his condition and he wasn’t able to get the support he required.

After many years of suffering, he was brought as an adult to the Society for Child Development center. He had a hard time adjusting. He was overweight, slow, and dull because of years of inactivity.

The center slowly began to help him improve. He was guided along each step and was able to lose weight with a controlled diet. He also learnt to become self-sufficient.

**He now works as an assistant in the weaving and paper unit and is being groomed to be a counselling assistant on a salary. He can also calm hyperactive youngsters at the center. **

Children who are differently abled need understanding, care, special education and training so that they can make the most of their capabilities.

You can help these centers by donating to give meals and midday snacks to the children here. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED. And you will have the joy of providing them the nourishment that they need to grow and discover who they can be.

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Society for Child Development works to create a world of equal opportunities for children and young adults with intellectual impairment and other disabilities. Its first project, in 1992, was Prabhat, a school for children with learning difficulties.

Prabhat provides its students with an educational and training facility that empowers them with the skills that are essential for a successful life as an adult. Disabled children who graduate from Prabhat and have achieved some basic level of proficiency are sent to the Skill Development Centre. They are trained in various skills like making nontoxic Holi colors, weaving, tailoring, candle making, paper making etc based on their aptitude, intelligence and the type and extent of disability.

Donations received from this option will be utilized for providing nourishing and wholesome midday snacks and meals to the 60 intellectually challenged children/youth being educated/ trained at Prabhat Special School/ Skill Development center.

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About The NGO

Society For Child Development
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Society For Child Development

Driven by the conviction that there is a way to create a world of equal opportunities for people with disabilities, the Society for Child Development (SFCD) was set-up as a non-profit organization in 1992 to establish programs and initiatives for its actualization. Prabhat, a school for children with learning difficulties was set up with an aim to provide students with an educational and training facility that would assist them in acquiring basic living and academic skills. At the age of 18, students transfer to the Vocational Training Center to learn market-driven skills and crafts.

But the road to development is not about school and vocational education alone, and SFCD embarked on a unique website called the Disability India Network. Encouraged by the enthusiastic responses, they added an Online Legal Aid Cell which provides pro-bono counsel to the differently-abled and their families.

To expand the scope and extend their reach further, they also set-up a Parent Support Network to provide a forum for parents to benefit from each others' experiences. Because of this expansion, the Society for Child Development now includes a variety of programs and initiatives to promote the rights of persons with disabilities from several angles.

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Founded in 1991
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Madhumita Puri

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Mentally challenged | differently abled

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Awards And Recognitions

2013: Champion level - Guide Star India Platinum Award

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Program Updates

28 November, 2021

Support the meal expenses of a special needs person


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

All beneficiaries are provided with nutritious meals as part of their daily routine during the school day – a snack at 11:00 am and lunch at 1:30 pm. The menu is planned each month, and cereals and vegetables are regularly rotated to ensure that the meals are nutritious, are high in protein and have variety. The kitchen and other resources required for preparing the meal are provided by the centre, and a menu is also planned for each month. Some special meals are given on special occasions coinciding with birthdays, religious events and festivals. Most of our beneficiaries are from the northern district of Delhi which comprises the outskirts of the city and is populated by low-income communities. On an average120 people avail themselves of the facility of one cooked meal per day, of this number 20 beneficiaries are enrolled with a special meal program.

Challenges faced and next steps

Operational Challenges: No significant operational challenges were faced as this program is an immersive part of the organization daily routine. One of the challenges that are faced is sourcing a varied and nutritionally balanced diet for the 20 beneficiaries enrolled in the program. (the approximate expenditure for each of the 20 beneficiaries is Rs. 3000 @ Rs 100 per day). COVID Related Hurdles; Some of the beneficiaries were not able to attend the institution and so a monthly ration Kit was given instead of the meal. This of course created some financial burdens. This was overcome by seeking additional donations from our well-wishers. Goal/aim/activity plan: For the next six months it is proposed that all the registered beneficiaries will be provided with an adequate, varied and nutritionally balanced meal. In addition, a further 50 beneficiaries will be added to the program.

Stories from the ground

Vishnu is a blind person who was initially staying in the hostel of the institution as he believed that he would not be able to manage his food and cooking. When he received a regular meal and was assured that even on days when he could not attend his nutritional needs would be looked after. He gained a lot of confidence and started living on his own. Now he independently travels on his own every security in the knowledge that he will not go hungry.

23 March, 2021

No One Hungry


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It all started with providing nutritious meals to the residents of Apne Sahare - our live-in shelter for persons with disability who had been abandoned by their families. As can be imagined the effect of the timely, tasty, wholesome and regular food had its effect on all facets of our residents' life was so satisfying that we extended it to the children of Prabhat and the young adults of the Skill Development Center - feeding over 150 persons each day. When the Covid lockdown started, fresh meals were provided to 85 visually impaired persons in the outskirts of Delhi. In the present day, these 85 families are provided with complete ration every month. A representative of the family comes to the Center on a designated day and collects their monthly supplies.
In the period October - December 2020, a total of 145 persons were provided with fresh meals; and 85 persons with visual impairments were provided with dry food for the entire family. 

5 August, 2020

Love For All, Hatred For None.


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Love For All, Hatred For None.

Society For Child Development aims at providing the beneficiaris with consistent and balanced meals of Rice, Dal, Vegetables, Yogurt and Fruit (Nutritious food). Under the program support the meal expenses of a special needs person it is made sure that each beneficiary maintaines healthy weight, had high energy, attention and concentration levels apart from making sure they get healty food to eat. Our Annual Picnic was arranged in the month of February and everyone wholeheartedly joined all the activities without feeling tired! It was indeed an exciting and thrilling experience for everyone at Society For Child Development.

30 October, 2018

Society For Child Development's Update


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Program Update

All students and Trainees attending the Prabhat Resource Center are provided with nutritious meals as part of their daily routine during the school day - a snack at 11:00 am and lunch at 1:30 pm. The menu is planned each month, and cereals and vegetables are regularly rotated to ensure that the meals are nutritious, are high in protein and have variety. The kitchen and other resources required for preparing the meal are all in-house. This activity also provides an opportunity for young adults to learn appropriate social habits while eating, learn to serve themselves, clean the table and also (as is the case with the older students) learning the basics of cooking.

Story from the field

Vicky is the only son of his widowed mother.
When a young boy, he lost his father to a fatal road accident. His mother, an illiterate woman herself had to then find a way to raise her child. With no skills she worked as a house maid where she earned enough to feed the both of them. So Vicky never really had a choice of going to school or having friends he could call his own.
Vicky was born with a Visual impairment - low vision - which rapidly deteriorated when he developed an acute opacity of his lens at age 10. Around the same time, his hearing also started failing. Thus, now both near blind and hearing impaired Vicky remained confined to his home when his mother would be out at work.
And so time went by when during one of our community meetings in the North Delhi area, we met with Vicky and his mother. These community meetings are held in the District Commissioners office every month, and people in the communities of North Delhi are contacted through the RWAs of each area.
Soon after, Vicky joined Prabhat - a malnourished, scared, introverted boy of 14 years. It took a lot of time to help him get used to his surroundings, a year before he had the courage to travel on his own and hundreds of nourishing meals before he began to fill out.
During this time, he spent time at the "Trash to Cash Livelihood Center" where he assisted the fabricators by fetching and carrying for them.
Today, he cares for his ailing mother with his stipend and is an able assistant to the Production Manager. He aspires to be a tailor. He is on the mid-day meal program, which ensures a nutritious snack and lunch everyday.

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