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PYDS believes in the adage that education does not come books alone. Sonali came to PYDS as a 9-year-old. Even though her family is very poor and lives in a remote village, she had a great deal of potential.

She had little understanding of her cultural heritage, the wider world and had missed out on important lessons like teamwork. In PYDS, Sonali was introduced to sports and arts. Unsure at first, she soon learned to play badminton and basketball and is now a proud member of her team. She has also developed a great interest in Kathak and dances with grace. She is now a regular in all school events.

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PYDS feels that cultural identity is important in giving a child a long-term sense of stability and place. PYDS works on this through many activities. Cultural activities include nature hikes, classical music shows, Kathak dance classes and Yoga. Children participate in off-campus activities which have included places like Indian Military Academy, Forest Research Institute, Institute of Himalayan Geology, Wildlife Bird Sanctuary, and Agricultural farms.

An annual day is hosted to foster a sense of community and showcase the children's talents. They are given guidance to perform in front of an audience. Children are awarded for achievements to encourage them. Parents are invited to the monthly events so they can be proud of their child's development.

This program is run with donations received which cover the salary of teachers for activities, musical instruments, and cost of off-campus activities. Your donation will cover the cost of holistic learning of a child.

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About The NGO

Purkal Youth Development Society
Purkal Youth Development Society Logo
Purkal Youth Development Society

Purkal Youth Development Society came into existence when Mr Swamy noticed gaping lacunae that existed in the rural community in terms of youth employability. The youth in that area lacked opportunities, motivation, and determination to move forth. Thus, PYDS came into being.

Located in village Purkal, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Purkal Youth Development Society (PYDS) provides quality education and holistic care through a CBSE affiliated school, from Grade I to XII to children (predominantly girls) with potential, from deeply needy and underprivileged families. This is done through a combination of high-quality academics, adequate nutrition, comprehensive health care, and full exposure to co-curricular areas, at no cost to the families. Their ultimate objective is to prepare the students for adequate employability. The parents/guardians of these students are mostly illiterate or semi-literate employed as marginal farmers, domestic helpers, farmers, drivers and watchmen. We give preference to children of needy, single mothers.

For its work, the Society has been awarded numerous times. Some of these prestigious awards include Spirit of Humanity Annual Award, Life Time Achievement SABERA Award, International Social Impact Award, India NGO Awards. In its journey, the Society has impacted 839 beneficiaries, out of which 114 are adequately employed in varied fields and 161 are pursuing further education.

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

G K Swamy

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Area of Operation

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Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2015: The founder of the Society Mr. G.K Swamy won the INST Radhakrishnan Award 2015 for outstanding contribution in the field of Education

2018: Most Promising Programme Award for providing “not just education” by CauseBecause 2018

2015: In 2015, founder of the Society Mr. G.K. Swamy was awarded the National Gold Karmaveer Chakra 2014-15 Award and the TVAM Karmaveer Chakra Award

2016: Winner of India NGO Awards 2016

2019: Regional Winner of 10th Spirit of Humanity Annual Award by Americares India Foundation for creating tangible Social Impact.

2019: Life Time Achievement SABERA Award to our Founder, Mr. G.K. Swamy

2019: Nation Builder’s Award 2019 by Rotary Club Doon Shivalik Hills

2019: Extraordinary Educator National Award 2019 by Mind Mingle at New Delhi

2019: TOI’s VIth Brand Icon Award 2019 to Founder Mr. G.K Swamy

2019: Innovations & Experimentations in Education 2019 by Old Pro Foundation

2011: Regional Finalist in India NGO Awards 2011 for transparency and accountability. This is an award given to NGOs having best governance policies and transparency

2017: The Teacher Warrior Award by ScooNews 2017

2017: Winner of International Social Impact Awards 2017

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Program Updates

Program Updates

30 September, 2021

Building Momentum with Holistic Growth and Distance Learning Initiatives


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

This program benefits the students of PYDS Learning Academy situated in village Purkal on the outskirts of Dehradun.We can confidently point to the significant improvement in the attendance and engagement levels of our students as we keep building momentum with our distance-learning initiatives. For the first quarter of this academic term, the average attendance from April to June is 83.5%. The positive consequence of this has been enhanced by the increased levels of engagement that we have been witnessing. The students’ learning curve has steepened as they participated in several curricular and cocurricular activities conducted online. It was gratifying for us and students to learn the government directives on the reopening of schools as they were patiently waiting to meet their teachers and friends in person. Several sessions, organized from 30th April to 1st March 2021, ended the long wait for on-campus activities. These multifaceted activities conducted by the co-scholastic department served as a respite after the examinations and helped instil a sense of true belonging in them. Activities like trekking and sports were for recreation and skill development, while gardening, cleaning, and nature painting involved students observing nature and painting what impressed them the most. This exercise was to enhance their observation skills. All these nature-specific activities helped us strengthen a bond between them and nature. Inculcating these values is an inseparable part of our value system.Extending these activities further, several student-led groups provided a helping hand to our kitchen staff in preparing meals and cleaning utensils, resulting in students rediscovering the camaraderie which is preexisting but always unspoken. An art competition, ‘Sadak-Suraksha’, was held in February to spread Road Safety awareness. Many students enthusiastically participated in this competition and drew beautiful illustrations.Recycling and reusing the waste material can result in the development of fantastic and usable products. Keeping that in mind, Art Department organized the ‘Best Out of Waste Competition’ on 29th May. Students made beautiful decorations like wall hanging, dream-catcher and others.To know how illustration artists create drawing from a story and how to draw frame by frame. Students have done illustrations on the English chapter of Television, helping them understand the chapter well. As we were continuing distance learning, we were unable to take on-campus practical sessions for students. In addition, there has been a lack of resources (especially laptops/desktops) with the students at home. Keeping in mind these shortcomings, our tinkering team set up the PYDS Tinkering Lab website. The website tells students about different tools and equipment suchlike Breadboard, LED, and Circuits of the Tinkering Laboratory. (Tinkering Lab is for Developing modern-technology skills in our children. Children using 3D Printer, designing software, learning coding, electronics, circuits.)Mrs Shefali Ray, an English Language Teaching consultant, children’s writer and Patron of the Society, hosted a webinar on the topic, ‘Understanding What We Read’. It was a great learning experience for our teachers and students. When the government allowed schools to conduct on-campus learning for some time, we did a general medical check-up of all our students who were allowed on campus.

Challenges faced and next steps

In November 2020, the Government of Uttarakhand issued an order to allow schools to bring back Class X and XII for On-Site learning. In February 2021, the Government issued another order to allow Classes VI, VII, VII, IX and XI to join the others on campus with parental consent. It required a lot of planning as we had to contact parents, rearrange hostels and create a timetable that would conform to social distancing protocols prescribed. We observed a severe drop in attitude towards academics from the students. Teachers had to spend a lot of time working with them to get them focused on their studies. The learning loss was very evident, and the teachers reworked their teaching strategies to better prepare students regardless of the mode of learning.For the next 6 months, we plan to reopen the school systematically. We would also further strengthen our distance learning infrastructure to have sufficient options to conduct uninterrupted and effective learning.We would also focus more on extracurricular activities, as such activities were somehow negatively impacted during distance learning.We would also continue to run staff development programs - (personal and professional goals) so that they, in turn, can impart effective values, learning, and support to students required for their holistic development).

Stories from the ground

Cover Story:Name - Nikhil ThapliMother’s Name - Mrs Sangeeta Devi Father’s Name - Late Jaswant SinghClass - XIBackground of the familyNikhil lives with his family in Shigally village, on the outskirts of Dehradun. There are 4 members in the family; Nikhil, his mother, uncle and his brother. His father, Jaswant, was a daily wage earner but met with an unexpected death in May 2021 due to COVID-19. This unexpected loss has shattered the family morally and financially. His widow, Sangeeta is a homemaker and now has the responsibility to raise her two kids solely. Status of the house The house in which they stay is divided among Nikhil’s family and his 3 uncle’s families. They have 2 rooms and a room cum kitchen for his younger uncle who lives with them. They have a common toilet and bathroom for the combined family. The house they have is concrete construction, inner walls and ceilings are painted. Some portions of the walls are dampened and the floor is made of marble. The belongings they have are a double bed, a dressing table, a television set, a refrigerator, a Sofa set, a wooden table, 3 plastic chairs, a couple of trunks, and other items. They use an LPG connection and have a BPL card.As Mentors met Nikhil to counsel and motivate him, they concluded that Nikhil is a strong-headed child and is now more eager to work hard and support his family.Nikhil is a very sharp student and performed well throughout the entire academic year, he also topped the school in Class X examinations with an aggregate of 95.8%. He also received additional monetary support from GiveIndia for which he and his family are very grateful.

23 March, 2021

Keeping our mission strong even during the crisis


report image

We have been able to function reasonably well despite the severe constraints imposed on us (as on everyone else) by the pandemic. We have been able to keep our scholastic, co-scholastic and administrative pursuits going and credit these to our timely planning and focused execution and sheer enthusiasm for learning amongst our children.
During this lockdown, students utilized their time to develop new skills or explore hidden talents; be it crafting earrings with rice grains, baking or learning calligraphy. This crisis has given an opportunity to our children to learn new skills, develop compassion and resilience while working to build a safer and more caring community. Our students designed Protective Face Shield and Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser – designed by Dev Verma class 8(A) using PVC pipe.
One of our students built Running Toy Horse using a syringe and cardboard. The toy-horse uses the principles of fluid pressure (hydraulics). It was part of a school project assigned to her.
In order to brace our students for one of the chapters, on the life of the Shehnai Maestro Bismillah Khan, students of class IX were given the task to produce music at their homes with anything at their disposal.
One of our students of class IX exercised her mind on how to use waste wood at her home and came up with a brilliant idea of making a Wooden Badminton Racket out of it. We constantly try to develop the habit of ‘reusing waste resources’ in our children. Learning about her effort was a satisfactory and proud moment for us.
Few of our students are on their way to be recognised by International Award for Young People (IAYP), in their chosen skillsets.
We feel proud to raise students which fulfil the ultimate mission of our organisation: grow the underprivileged children of Uttarakhand into sensitive, healthy, intelligent and contributing members of society.

5 July, 2020

Our holistic care goes much beyond holistic care


report imagereport image

Our holistic care goes much beyond holistic care

Apart from academic growth, our support extends to the physical, emotional, social and intellectual care of the child. In January, our girls won the Khel Mahakumbh U-17 State Level Volleyball Tournament. One of our students played the U-14 State Level Volleyball Tournament where her team won the Silver Medal. Ashita Penouli from class 8(A) has been selected for the National under 14 team. She would be going shortly to Lucknow to play in the finals. Our boys’ and girls’ Basketball team competed in the under 14 Basketball Competition. Our girls’ team was the runner up team while the boys’ team secured 3rd position. Lots of activities were undertaken in the Tinkering Lab, a learner's space where our students love to spend their time. They've been working on something or the other since its commencement in 2018. During the last quarter, some teams were assigned a task of creating Robo-Cars which pitted against each other. Our comprehensive medical care ensured the well being of every student. Medical clubs were weekly held for preventive health measures. Some volunteers from Griffith University took a session on oral hygiene. Like the medical club, several other hobby-specific-clubs were also held. These clubs help students hone the skills for which they have a flair. This New Year 2020 began with a memorable trip to Gujarat where a group of 56 (50 students and 6 teachers) experienced the rich Gujarati history, heritage, and culture. The Pushkin Chandra Memorial Competition was organised on 17th February. This competition entails Story Narration and Poem Recitation in both English and Hindi by the students of classes 1-5. It was instituted by Mr. Anil Chandra in the memory of his son Pushkin and has been held every year since 2012.

22 July, 2019


report image

Program Update

This quarter children participated in off-campus activities which included visit to places like Science Park, FRI, Asan Barrage, and Agricultural farms.
Tinkering lab increased innovation and creation in students. Students had made several projects where they achieved many prices. Three students of class 9 won the Enhanced Level First Prize in IMPACT Project of the Year 2019 competition held by SRJNA, Delhi, in the project - Campus Map for the Blind.
New equipment were added in tinkering lab. The students even participated in several competitions conducted in different schools for essay, quiz, and sports competitions where students even achieved medals.
Students received certificate and trophy in All India Essay Writing Competition. The Pushkin Chandra Memorial Competition conducted on 19 & 21st Feb. witnessed heart-warming participation in story-telling and poetry-recitation from classes 1 to 5.
Many more such activities are planned for students in their new session.

Story from the field

In January 2019, Riya is at the Mary Kom Boxing Academy, Imphal, Manipur, watching with tears in her eyes, her code number come up among the selected for training at the prestigious institute built by the National Sports Development Fund.
Riya’s mother’s journey to hell ended when she decided that domestic violence should not win. Married to an abusive drunkard man, she walked out of the relationship and struggled to bring up the three children.
Riya, being the youngest, enjoyed sports at Children’s Academy. Playing at the Parade Ground, Dehradun, she built her positive mental attitude, social skills, healthy living habits and physical trait of coordination and strength.

Fun of Judo and the martial arts, experimenting with their techniques, different grips, grappling styles and the judo sparing enthralled her.
Mentorship of Mr. Patwal, her sports teacher at PYDS did wonders for her. A boxer himself, inspired and motivated her, planted the seed of a boxing career in her and helped her grow her dream.
She excelled in Volleyball and Basketball, apart from using her Saturday club time to learn the nuances of Body punches, hook, jab and the knock out. Knowing that there are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going and that education is the key to success, she is a good student as well.

Her Silver Medal for the Boxing at the Maha Kumbh was the final spur to her decision to pursue boxing. To choose Mary Kom was her Principal Harwant Singh who proposed it.

Selections for the National trials at Maharana Pratap Sports College in Raipur, Dehradun, representing Uttarakhand and winning two rounds, were the stimuli that propelled her into the competition for admission. Arvind of the placement cell, the financial support garnered by PYDS from its friends made the rest happen. She joined the academy on 6th April, 2019 and is training hard to achieve her dreams.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?531
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