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Support the educational requirements a tribal child

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Ranjith's life is now filled with possibilities!

Ranjith is from a poor tribal family. His father works as a daily wage labourer and his mother as school help.

The family of four lived in a hut and struggled to put food on the table. Ranjith’s parents did not send him to school as they could not afford to pay for the education or the travel to schools outside the colony.

When Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust offered to pay for Ranjith’s education, his parents agreed to send him to their school. The school also takes care of his shelter, food and all other needs.

Ranjith is now in class V. He is a well disciplined student who enjoys learning. He also like to sing and dance and knows that there are now different possibilities for his future. Seeing his progress, his parents have sent his sister to school as well.

You can pay for a child like Ranjith to keep going to school. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED. Education is the only chance for children from tribal families to escape poverty.

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Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust works with children from impoverished tribal communities across Wayanad District of Kerala. The organization runs a residential tribal Vidyalaya where children are sheltered and provided with all needs free-of-cost. The children are aged 7 and above. These children belong to different tribal colonies across Wayanad District of Kerala.

They come from depressing backgrounds as many of their parents are alcoholics and do not educate or care for their children. Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust supports their education and food, at their school. Up to class 8, the Kerala Education Board curriculum is followed; and the medium of teaching is Malayalam. Class 9 and 10 students are taught as per the National Institute of Open Schooling curriculum. Close to 205 students are enrolled in the school.

This donation will be used to meet the requirements of a child at this school, such as study materials, school uniform, footwear etc.

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About The NGO

Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust
Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust Logo
Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust

Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust works towards re-schooling school drop-outs among the children from the impoverished tribal (Aboriginal) communities in Wayanad district of Kerala India.

The school is located in Mattilayam, one of the most backward and the most remote areas having a sizable tribal community population. It was started with a view to contributing to the education process on re-schooling school drop-outs and simultaneously giving them vocational training. The organization runs a residential tribal Vidyalaya where children from depressing backgrounds with alcoholic parents are sheltered and provided with all needs free-of-cost.

Mr. Baburaj, the Chairman hails from an orthodox family. He leads a simple life and has been serving this tribal community for 20 years. A graduate in commerce, he left his job at Mumbai to dedicate all his time to serve these people. According to him, this service is a dedication to God as these children are God's own.

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Founded in 1991
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Program Updates

28 November, 2021

Support the educational requirements a tribal child


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

All the 81 ST children in the school admission roll in the 2021-22 academic session are still staying in their respective tribal hamlets as the school is not permitted to re-open & resume classes owing to the covid-19 pandemic. They were all promoted to higher next grade without holding annual exams except for class X in the light of the special order issued by Govt. of Kerala. They were provided with text/notebooks/writing materials by June middle 2021 to follow digital classes through KITE-VICTERS, an initiative by KITE, General Education Dept, Kerala through online as an interim arrangement for regular classes. They can read & learn the new lessons without too much effort are the milestones we could have achieved. The major event is the gathering of children with their parents/elders and colony chieftain following covid-19 protocol when we the trustees make visits once every month for interacting on studying & health condition of our children. The area we covered within these reporting periods are scores of remote villages from where our school children belong. Tens of colony members at every colony will be gathered on our reaching there with bundles of learning materials/ration items and essential medicines which were shifted by themselves at their colonies.

Challenges faced and next steps

We didn’t face any challenge either from the public or Govt. agencies yet In carrying out operations We always used to inform our services in tribal villages well before the date of our trip to the medical/police team during the lock-down in pandemic and obtain permission. Only the hurdles we faced occasionally was the heavy downpour, sometimes moving upward to some hillock places along narrow thoroughfares with luggage during the monsoon period. We aim to keep the children’s learning should not be disturbed at any cost due to the indefinite closure of schools in this pandemic

Stories from the ground

Yes, of course. The story of a student HARI.V learning in class VII of our school is very tragic. He is hailing from the most vulnerable tribal group PANIYA living with his grandparents Velli-Vellachi in a small house in a tiny land. Mother Meenakshi ran away with another man leaving him in the lap of his mother. His grandfather Velli is paralyzed & grandmother doing casual labour work even though she is a cancer patient to feed the members. The boy also goes to work as a labourer now and then to earn some buckles as the school stands closed. His house is located in the Maradi colony in Thondernadu panchayath in Wayanad district.

23 March, 2021

Patting children in isolation from schooling at remote colonies


report image

Owing to Covid-19 pandemic our school closed for summer vacation in March 2020 has not yet reopened for resuming classes except students of class X reopening around the corner for resuming to complete their practical classes towards appearing in a public exam to be held after a few months. Children in roll of other grades are safe in their living colonies and are provided with essential dry food kits, study materials etc. as and when required by this trust and online whatSapp classes by their teachers concerned to complete their lessons as per syllabus. The Managing Trustees make frequent visits to distant tribal villages from where our 200 plus school children belong, interact with them & parents with consent of each colony chieftain. Teachers will also visit their colonies once in a week by rotation,  assembling  in an open-spot in their village after observing all covid norms & clear doubts on lessons  especially to the students of UP-High schools. The excellence of learning through direct contact with teachers is missing in online classes but almost all our students will enthusiastically respond even online. Few photos our children attended regular classes in different grades from files are submitted.

5 July, 2020

A kite to educational success


report imagereport image

A kite to educational success

In our trust, besides formal education up to matriculation we provide children with opportunities by holding competitions in sports, arts and cultural events. We also impart training in vocational subjects to bring out the students' inherited talents and encourage them by suitably rewarding with small prizes.

22 July, 2019


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Program Update

Being an alternate school for poor tribal dropouts we provide them shelter, 3 time feeding, learning amenities including school uniforms & Medicate etc. free of cost without collecting single penny from kids or from their family throughout the academic year. To get possible supporting hand to procure educational requirements like books and stationery items for children this DO Support the educational requirements a tribal child was put on web page. A study was arranged for the whole students to nearby tourist site before the closure of school for summer vacation.

Story from the field

Remya V age 10 years d/o Vellan Chukkalikuni Colony Muthanga Village Wayand district is one among of 208 beneficiary child living at our school. She is a dropout tribal kid from school because of acute poverty in their house as their parents are illiterate and go for casual labour work for making home and feed she and her siblings was brought to school after convincing her parents about need of schooling. They were very happy to send her daughter to continue her education. She was enrolled in grade V in 2018-19 academic year. She is well disciplined and good in class. She is very active in all extra-curricular programs held at school. She is an inspiration to her class mates. She is one among number of students living and learning here at school enjoying all the amenities that we provided to them. She didn’t even know how to comb hair and wear clothing on few days at the beginning days at school but on caring by teachers she become cute girl now. The lady teachers living with them take care in all fields with love and proper advice as and when requires.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?208
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date75
Village/City/State where project is locatedMattilayam village Wayanad
Total Budget for the project for FY18-1978000
Total Expenses for the project YTD28262

30 October, 2018

Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust's Update


report image

Program Update

The re-opening of school after summer vacation this year was delayed a little because of NIPAH virus fever in this district.

208 child beneficiaries were enrolled this academic session. They were comfortably housed, fed 3 times with Kerala dishes, and provided casual wears and medical care.

The recent flood mishap lasted for 10 days across this district. This caused heavy losses to the parents of these children. The children were safe in the school as it is located in a safe location. Because proper care is given to them, they enjoyed happy and cheerful days here in the last quarter.

For the next quarter, will serve fruits as supplement as there are only vegetarian dishes in the menu.

Story from the field

Haripriya K V is enrolled recently to class V. She is a hero in her class and among her hostel room mates. She is well disciplined and a good listener in class. She hails from a very poor family. Her parents live in a remote and isolated village with no electricity and or transportation. Her parents are not educated. They work as casual laborers for living.

After class hours, Haripriya roams around inside the school campus along with a few friends. She loves gardening. She has planted a number of saplings planted within the campus. She waters them and tends to them everyday. She is also very active in extra-curricular activities.

Her personal detail as per school records -
Admission No.598
Date of birth 30.07.2009
Parents Vineesh & Kamala
Address Kombarmoola Naikar Colony,6th Mile, Chethalayam , Pulpalli SO Wayanad-673579 Kerala

Expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19208
Number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program this year12