Support physiotherapy for the elderly by Dignity Foundation

Support physiotherapy for the elderly


Doorstep Physiotherapy Service improves limb movement of paralysed senior citizen

Kailas Mishra (68) is a retired male who faced weakness in the left side upper limb and lower limb and difficulty in walking due to paralysis in 2006. In the first sitting, the physiotherapist helped Mr Mishra with simple patient education and exercises. In the second sitting, the physiotherapists educated him the second time too about the variations to the prescribed exercises. In the third sitting, following the exercises, the upper limb tone reduced and the wrist and gripping movements (fine motor skills) improved in the left hand. "After physiotherapy consultation from the van, I am now able to walk and move my hand much more easily", says Mr Mishra after a successful physiotherapy with Dignity Foundation


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The Geriatric Mobile Physiotherapy Van program of Dignity Foundation provides free doorstep physiotherapy services for underprivileged senior citizens residing in urban slums. There is a team of trained doctors who consult the patients, prescribes necessary measures and monitors the improvement of the elderlies.

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Dignity Foundation

Committed to change the way aging is perceived in India, Dignity Foundation is an NGO whose mission is to create an enlightened society in which senior citizens feel secure, confident and valued, and can live with dignity. They enable senior citizens to lead active lives through easy access to trusted information, opportunities for productive aging and social support services.

The Foundation works assiduously to re-instill in the elderly minds the confidence that age and productivity are not mutually exclusive. This is done by utilizing their experience and maturity in activities that serve the needs of the community. They empower senior citizens with basic awareness and gift them with various services already in existence.They have a helpline for senior citizens which enables them to reach out for help and assistance against abuse. Elder abuse is one of the biggest challenges since it is hidden. Thus, it is the most effective way to help them speak up.

One of the goals of the Foundation is to rid the minds of the senior citizens of negative feelings such as aging is synonymous with loneliness, isolation, and decline. Equality, positive thinking, perseverance, self-belief, and simplicity are the pillars on which Dignity Foundation stands.

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provided ration kits to 759 poor senior citizens across Mumbai

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