Support livelihood for women living in construction sites by Mumbai Mobile Creches

Support livelihood for women living in construction sites

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From being scared and shy, Radha becomes a confident teacher to help children

"The teacher training has equipped me with all the right skills. I am now a bold and confident person and am proud to be earning for my family" - Radha.

Radha is 23 years old. She belongs to the Nanded district in Maharashtra.

She got married in 2009. She and her husband moved to Mumbai in search of better livelihood opportunities.

Her husband began to work as a daily wage construction worker while she stayed home.

One day she attended a meeting conducted by Mumbai Mobile Creches at the site where her husband worked. She came to know about their one-year training program. It was about early childhood care and education.

She realized that this was an excellent opportunity. Radha enrolled herself for the 1-year intensive training organized by Mumbai Mobile Creches.

While the decision to enroll was easy, it was a struggle for her to continue the year-long training. She was a shy and scared person. She had never stepped outside of her community alone. She was not confident about traveling alone to the training center.

Initially, she insisted on her husband accompanying to the training every day. Through the course, she developed into a more confident person. She overcame the fear of traveling alone in the city. She was determined to complete the course.

Radha is now a teacher. She works passionately towards educating children, giving them wings and helping them achieve their dreams.

She has created her own identity and is enabling others to develop their own.

Women like Radha, with training and support, can create their own identity and be equal contributors to their family's income. You can also help poor women like Radha be employed and become financially independent. This support can help many poor children get access to a safe creche while their parents work. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


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Mumbai Mobile Creches provide safe and caring shelters for young children of women working at construction sites. They also provide women with an alternate source of stable employment.

Donation to this program contributes to a fund that covers a part of the cost of the creche teachers' salary.

The creche caretakers or teachers as they are called are the most valuable asset on construction sites. They take care of the children, teach them as well as keep the center running. 30% of the teachers are from construction worker community.

Their incredible multi-tasking is what keeps the centers smoothly. Their dedication and enthusiasm is what allows the children to learn and engage with our programme.

All the teachers either go through the Mumbai Mobile Creches' comprehensive teacher training program - Bal Palika or any other reputed training program. The teachers implement all aspects of the program. The teachers are the foundation of Mumbai Mobile Creches. They help in reaching out to every need of the children on the site.

All children in the age group of birth to 14 years living on construction sites where the daycare centers exist are welcome to attend their daycare programs.

There are currently 18 centers across Mumbai. Over 1,00,000 children have been taken care of by the Mumbai Mobile Creches in the past 40 years. Between 900 to 1000 children are taken care of by the centers on an average day.

When you donate to this program you will aid in the continuous running of the creches in an effective and sustainable manner.

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About The NGO

Mumbai Mobile Creches
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Mumbai Mobile Creches

The vision of the organisation is for all children to have a nurturing and happy childhood and their mission is to promote child-friendly sites; where every child living on a construction site is safe, healthy and educated, and able to enjoy their childhood.

The founder Mrs. Meera Mahadevan set up the first Mobile Creches in 1969 as a spontaneous response to the neglected children she saw on the site of the Gandhi Centenary Exhibition in Delhi. From that rudimentary shelter, the journey began towards gaining entry into other construction sites.

They wanted to ensure basic minimum care for children of the vast migrant labour force belonging to the poorest strata of the society. In 1972, a branch was set up in Mumbai called Mobile Creches, Mumbai. From 1st April, 2007, they began separate operations as Mumbai Mobile Creches.

No. of health camps - 70

No. of doctors' visits - 800

No. of children provided education - 4000

No. of incidence of illnesses identified & treatment facilitated - 11000

No. of day care centres run on child friendly construction sites during the year ( including Day Care and Child Care Centre) - 48

No. of immunizations facilitated for children - 4200

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Founded in 1991
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Anuradha Rajan

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Program Updates

Program Updates

23 March, 2021

Building Capacities!



The pandemic threw up several challenges for organisation and for the communities we serve but we evolved as an organisation. We were able to adapt and pivot to be able to reach our communities. We redesigned our
strategies and continued our work with children of migrant construction workers. The day care centers run by us have become virtual learning
centers. At MMC, our teachers, many of them from construction sites(child care givers) are epitome of the value, “Never give up”. With every challenge they faced, they adapted and reinvented. They learned ‘technology’ as a new medium of education to reach children. For all our teachers, it was their first time using their phones to connect with children and parents, due to the lockdown. Similarly it is a first time for many of them to use digital technology, developing content like educational videos, making voice recordings, etc. Trainings were conducted with them so that they were able to produce a good quality educational content for the children.
Through efforts of teachers and education team, we were able to run a digital learning initiative for our children. Through our digital learning initiatives teachers are sharing educational content with parents using smartphones.
Teachers engaged in creating videos on various topics like art & crafts, stories, games, puzzles and riddles, life skills, science experiments, general knowledge, readiness activities, pre-reading and pre-arithmetic skills, activities based on different developmental domains, mind maps,  picture talk, etc.
We worked closely with parents of children to deliver the programme. Parents’ participation increased immensely as they got more involved in their child’s development than before pandemic.


5 July, 2020

There is no end to learning but there are many beginnings!



There is no end to learning but there are many beginnings!

Training and Capacity Building on Various Skills:

At MMC, we place a great deal of importance on capacity building for teachers. We run training sessions throughout the year with them and also organise skill building workshops for them on a regular basis. Such workshops provide knowledge about new pedagogical techniques and help them gain practical experience on the use of innovative educational tools and methods. Through our monthly Prakalp meetings, teachers are encouraged to learn and try out age appropriate, innovative games and teaching methods for the all-round development of children. This in turn enables teachers to impart education more creatively and manage classrooms better.

Experts from various fields are invited to facilitate these workshops. Apart from these programme, trainings that ensure a high standard in centre maintenance and safety, are also held during the year, First Aid, Fire Safety, Self Defence, Disaster Management, Food Safety, Hygienic Practices in food disbursement etc. are some of the issues on which staff are covered through periodic trainings.

Exposure visits were organised for teachers of all sections. Exposure visits provide a crucial experience for all teachers working with different age group of children, enabling them to understand new developments in the arena of ECCE and After School Support Programmes. Teachers and programme staff visited places like Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Eco Village, Bombay Natural History Society, Pragat Shikshan Sanstha, etc.

Enhancing Parental Engagement in Developmental Milestones of Children :
With the aim of empowering our teachers to enhance parental engagement in addressing developmental delays among their children, MMC collaborated with other the non-profit organisation,  on a long term capacity building programme. Through this training, Few of our teachers and supervisors learnt ways to create awareness in the community about the importance of screening developmental delays in children.


19 November, 2019

The happiness amidst hardships



The happiness amidst hardships


22 July, 2019



Program Update

The core education programme focuses on developing language and arithmetic competencies of children through project method –‘Prakalp’. MMC recognises the value of creating a comprehensive educational experience for children and implements various components for well-rounded development. These components include a strong emphasis on art, craft, and puppetry, songs, reading sessions, exposure visits and outings. Teachers from each of the sections participate in monthly workshops organised for Prakalp related planning. They discuss and plan activities to be taken with children from the pre-primary and afterschool support programmes for the upcoming month’s prakalp.

MMC conducted few external workshops also in this past quarter. Experts from various fields were invited to facilitate these workshops. Varied topics ranging from Sexual Harassment at workplace Act to building rapport with the community were discussed with our staff.
We celebrated Puppet week from 7th January, 2019 to 11th January, 2019. The theme for our puppet week was “Sangeet ki anokhi duniya” ( An amazing world of music). Children at the centres learnt to make puppets using what’s available to them like coins, old bangles, tea paper cups etc. They cut these out and stuck it to sticks and straws. They were encouraged to make a story out of the puppets they made.
We continued with Chess Classes for children from Afterschool support section in six centres. During this quarter 154 sessions were arranged for over 110 children from these six centres.

Story from the field

Sunita Pramod Jha began working with children in 2006 when she moved, with her family, to a construction site in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. Her husband was a site supervisor on constructions site. There she started an informal day-care for children on that site while their parents worked. Shortly thereafter, MMC opened a centre on the same construction site and invited Sunita to join the organisation and today is a teacher with Mumbai Mobile Creches (MMC). In 2007, she enrolled in MMC’s teacher training programme, Balpalika, and joined MMC as a Balwadi teacher after graduating from the course. Sunita has always loved spending time with children and is grateful that the Balpalika course gave her the tools necessary to be a skilled teacher.

She loves teaching the children and hearing their vibrant, creative and imaginative responses to her questions. She is always delighted by how bright her Balwadi class is and loves hearing them come up with stories of their own. Sunita relates to the problems of the families and children living on the construction site because of her experience as a mother on the site, and recognizes the importance of engaging the parents in a dialogue. She regularly interacts with them at monthly forums such as Chai-Pani meetings (Monthly meetings with the community) and Lokdoots (Street plays addressing various issues of community) in order to educate parents on hygienic practices, parenting techniques, and child development. Sunita and her family have now shifted from labour camp to her own home in suburbs of Mumbai. Sunita is very happy that MMC exists on construction sites because she understands the marginalisation that children living on sites face. She is particularly aware of how difficult it can be to access health facilities and feels blessed to be in a position today where she can help others.

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