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Sujit’s father died when he was just three years old. His life got worse when his mother also died when he was twelve.

Sujit shattered when he was taken to an orphanage. He lost all sense of belonging and confidence. He was not interested in his studies any longer.

Catalysts for Social Action took notice of Sujit and understood that he needed special care. CSA enrolled him in Class 8 and made sure that he got extra coaching in the orphanage as well. After graduating from school, he did a course in computer programming and got a MS-CIT certification.

There are 25 million orphaned children in India. Unfortunately, only 5000 of them get adopted every year. CSA runs on a simple vision that we must care for orphaned children and help them become contributing members of the society. We can do this through adoption or good quality care in orphanages.

It was not easy for Sujit to adjust at first but small steps made by CSA helped him. Little things like good clothes can do a lot to build courage in an orphan child.

You can help orphaned children like Sujit by donating to get them uniforms and footwear. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED. Your donation will help children meet some of their basic needs which every child deserves.

Clean clothes and good footwear goes a long way in motivating an orphaned child to gain confidence and grow.

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