Support clothes and footwear for a poor orphan child by Catalysts For Social Action

Support clothes and footwear for a poor orphan child


Surabhi’s secret wish gets fulfilled

"Surabhi (name changed) lives in a Childcare Institution (CCI) in a village in Maharashtra. She is 14 years old. Her parents are farmers and have an unstable income. As they find it hard to provide for her, she lives in the Childcare Institution.

The institution has enrolled Surabhi in school. This makes Surabhi the first generation in her family who is able to get an education.

The CCI fulfills her basic needs. However, Surabhi had little wishes that any normal young child has.

Her little wishes were a new pair of clothes for a festival and a pair of shoes. But, with the limited support that the CCI had, these had to remain unfulfilled.

CSA then decided to fulfill the wishes of the children in the CCI. Surabhi received a pair of denim jeans and tee shirts. Surabhi was overjoyed at this gift. She then confessed to the caretakers that she secretly dreamt of wearing western outfits. She had never spoken to anyone about this as it seemed like a far-fetched dream that would never come true.

The new clothes were sheer joy and surprise on the innocent faces of the children.

She was thrilled, and her confidence grew with a small gift like new clothes.

Like Surabhi, many other children at rural CCIs are eagerly waiting to receive their first sets of new clothes and footwear. These will go a long way in building their self-esteem and confidence!

You can also help poor children like Surabhi with gifts like clothes and footwear that they crave for. You can support organizations like CSA help in bringing joy to the lives of more children. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED."


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Catalysts for Social Action works around the entire eco-system spanning Adoption, Child Care Institutes and Aftercare that are included under the Juvenile Justice Act and the Integrated Child Protection Policy.

Catalysts for Social Action works on the ground to deliver results such as more adoptions, happier children, better developmental outcomes, placement into decent jobs. These efforts make a difference in the lives of children which is clear and heart-warming.

The needs of the children are identified. They are placed in formal educational institutions where they receive a quality education. The basic needs of children like food, clothing, and educational needs are taken care of. They also receive proper healthcare. Regular check-ups, vaccinations, hygiene kit and day to day essentials are provided to the children so they can grow up to be healthy.

Children in this age grow quickly, and there is always a dearth of clothes and footwear that they outgrow fast.

Love is what an underprivileged child misses the most. They crave the attention that makes them feel loved. These small gifts can help the children feel loved.

There are over 3400 children in over 60 child care institutions across four states under the support of Catalysts for Social Action. The organization has facilitated over 250 successful adoptions facilitated.

When you donate to this program, you gift an underprivileged child a pair of footwear and clothes that they deserve.

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About The NGO

Catalysts For Social Action
Catalysts For Social Action Logo
Catalysts For Social Action

Catalysts for Social Action (CSA) is a not-for-profit organization working in the arena of holistic childcare for the last 15 years. CSA’s prime areas of work are Adoption, Healthcare, and Nutrition, Hygiene, Education, Skill training and Livelihood.

CSA believes Adoption is the best form of child rehabilitation. Every adoptable child should find a home Partner with more Childcare Institutions. With an aim to give them better childhood CSA currently supports 3400+ children in areas of health, education, and hygiene. They work towards fulfilling their needs and to help them with a brighter future.

They conduct livelihood training that focuses on computer literacy, adolescent health, drug abuse, and confidence building. CSA also trains youth in employable skills so that they can settle down in society as socially adept individuals. They also support for higher education. Over 200 young adults have been given support for higher education and livelihood.

CSA believes that every child needs a family or family-like care in a well-managed institution. With this objective, they work towards

• Increasing adoptions and support to adoptive parents and children

• Maintaining higher standards in child care homes

• Supporting children in their transition into independent living and secure livelihood

• Supporting Government policies and their implementation

They believe in not just providing direct services but also in being a catalyst for systemic and sustainable change.

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Anandhi Yagnaraman

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Catalysts For Social Action has

provided essential school supplies to 2400 underprivileged children

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Awards And Recognitions

2015: Global Health Award

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Program Updates

2 December, 2022

Support Provided to Maharashtra Homes


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Shaskiya Mulinche Balgruh is located in Shirur's rural area of Maharashtra. In this child care institute, a total of 24 girls are staying. This home is in a rural area and there is no local donor support for basic day-to-day essential items.  They really wanted clothes and footwear because they have been lacking the basic day to day essential dressing.They didn't even have proper footwear to wear in the premises and were walking barefoot.  They kept wearing the same dress for 2 to 3 days. CSA understood the problems and concerns and reached out to Give India for support.

After the support received the girls are very happy and the home is satisfied with our support as well. 

Challenges faced and next steps

There are no challenges except there is no local donor support due to the location of the home and it is in dire need of support. Our goal is to build the capacity of this home and make it self reliant so they can support themselves with the required help they need and help children have a better future.

Stories from the ground

All the children of this home lacked even the basic essential clothing support. Children here wore the same clothes for 2-3 days due to lack of water supplies to wash the clothes and also lack of clothes itself. We analysed the requirement and started to work on the infra and basic other support through our general funds and diverted the funds received from Give India to this project to provide essential clothing and footwear. We did a birthday celebration of all the kids together one day and provided them support with festival wear that yo see them wearing in the picture and day to day essential wear which you see them holding in hands. Since many of the children of this home are from troubled background we will not be able to reveal their faces or name.

2 June, 2022

Festival wear and foot wear


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Children living in child care homes have no family to look forward to on their birthdays, festivals or any special occasions. We make sure to give them festival dress and footwear once a year which they can wear on their special occasion through this support that we receive. Currently we have supported 70+ Children through this program in different districts/cities of Maharashtra

Challenges faced and next steps

The Goal of this program is to bring some cheer and happiness in lives of these children and give them family like love and care. Small things like these make a lot of difference in lives of these underprivileged children. If you give them something this small they will in return give you lots of love and cheer. We didn't face any issue in utilising these funds. The aim with this program is to support homes located in rural areas with no or limited donor support. When a normal individual donates to any orphanage or child care home first thing off their mind is a meal or used stuff and children at homes hardly get support with new clothes and footwear. Our aim through this project is to fill that gap.

Stories from the ground

Story 1: It was shiv's birthday around the same time it happened that we were distributing festival wear in a particular child care home. Shiv got so excited seeing his new clothes and wore them on his birthday celebration day at the home. We celebrate birthdays of children in the home by getting a huge cake once in month or 2 months and cut their cake. Shiv was excited and wore the clothes on his birthday celebration day.

Story 2: A home was just onboarded for support in Baramati area of Pune. The home lacked a lot of overall support and limited local donor support with some basic meals and medicines. We first started with the Health checkup and later moved to support basic necessities to that home which included Supplies of Inner wear, Clothes, footwear and towels.

25 November, 2021

Spreading Cheer through the gift of new clothes and footwear!


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Through this program, we were able to provide festival wear to children of our Odisha homes. We could fund 8 older girls of one of our interior Odisha homes with Festival dresses and Footwear. They were thrilled and excited to see their outfits and pose in them.

Challenges faced and next steps

Since the home was located in the interiors of Odisha, it took a while for the team to deliver the clothes and footwear. However, seeing their excited faces, it was all worth it!

Stories from the ground

Due to the location and limited local funding, these children had very limited access to a lot of things during the pandemic. We tried our best to bring a cheer to them.

23 March, 2021

A Ray of Sunshine & happiness during this Pandemic


report image

Children living in Child Care Institutions (CCIs) are very less fortunate as compared to us all. Usually Education & Nutrition is the highest priority and people tend to neglect the rare basics like Clothing & Footwear which too are a necessity for children living in CCIs. Through this program we were able to support 120 boys & girls from District Probation and After care Association for girls & District Probation and After care Association for boys home in Ahmednagar (Baramati Location). They were all provided with Track pants, T-shirts and floaters. We Thank Give India for their support to bring a smile on faces of these children.

5 August, 2020

Spreading Smiles through the gift of new clothes and footwear!


report imagereport image

Spreading Smiles through the gift of new clothes and footwear!

We work with children in child care institutions (orphanages) and our programs revolve around providing holistic child care services that deliver results - happier children, safer spaces for children to live in, better developmental outcomes, placement into decent jobs etc. These results are real - the difference to the lives of children is clear and heart-warming.

Children usually receive ‘hand me down’ clothes and on special occasions such as birthdays and festivities, children long to receive a new set of clothes & footwear.

With your support, over 100 children from 2 Child Care Homes located in remote parts of Pune were provided with casual wear, uniforms, footwear and sandals as per requirement. Children were taken to the stores to select an outfit or footwear of their choice. It was heartening to see the excitement and smiles on their faces as they have never been able to select their own outfits or footwear in the past!

We are thankful to each and every donor for your gracious support which allows us to cater to the basic needs of children.

Thank you for spreading smiles!

19 November, 2019

Children happy to receive the care kits


report imagereport imagereport imagereport image

Children happy to receive the care kits

22 July, 2019


report image

Program Update

Every child at an orphanage / child care institution has a story to tell. They get some of their basic needs fulfilled at the child care institution depending upon support received from time to time. However, there are a few instances which make these children feel like they lack some things in comparison to children who have their own families. When they see their friends & other kids outside the CCI, playing and celebrating festivals in new dresses & attire, somewhere inside they miss someone who could make them feel special like other children their age; someone who can gift them these basic necessities and leave a smile on their faces.
No doubt that the best thing for a child living at an orphanage/ child care institution is to find a family & get adopted, however, till such time, they spend a lot of time at the orphanage & most often, basic essentials such as clothing, school bags, books, footwear etc. are seldom provided.
As an organization dedicated to providing holistic care for orphan children, CSA understands this gap area and we have been actively seeking to fulfill these little desires that children have. Festival celebration is a very important part of Indian culture and we want children at orphanages to also enjoy festivities just like any other children. Therefore, we work towards providing children at orphanages with a festive apparel and footwear every year.

Story from the field

Diwali was always very special for all my friends in school. They were the lucky ones they had their family & friends to celebrate with and days filled with loads of sweets, crackers and most importantly new clothes.
Diwali for us was more like waiting for people to come over to our home (Child Care Institute) and donate us their clothes, sweets & crackers. Many a times the donated clothes were either not my size or torn or very old.
On the main Diwali day we used to all dress up in the best possible clothes we had do rangoli eat some sweets and play but Diwali this year was very different for us. Not only did we get new clothes but we also got a new pair of footwear. For us it was more like a santa visiting us in Diwali. We cannot express in words the happiness we could witness on their faces once they received new clothes and shoes. CSA’s every staff & donor who works hard to make these children happy is a hero. It is truly magical to see the transformation that takes place and how life altering this impact is for that child. There are millions of children in need of this support. Together we can do a lot more and bring the spark of hope to many more lives. We are blessed to have the support of all our friends and well-wishers in CSA’s Journey and thank them from the bottom of our heart.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?3479
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date3479
Village/City/State where project is locatedPune
Total Budget for the project for FY18-193479000
Total Expenses for the project YTD3479000

23 May, 2019


report image

Program Update

CSA believe in"A family for every child"- through adoption and where that is not possible, then "family like care" in a well-run children's home.We basically support children and Child Care Institutes in many ways. There are many things, these children does not have and CSA tries to fulfill their wishes.One of the wishes was to wear new clothes and a pair of shoes if possible at festival time.Since CSA took this initiative and fulfilling their wishes.Recently CSA distributed colorful festival dresses at one of the Children's home in Mumbai.Children were very happy and excited. CSA is going to continue distributing new cloths and pair of shoes in next quarter as well with few other children's Home.

Story from the field

(Name changed to hide the identity of child)Lata* is one of the underprivileged child living in children's home in Mumbai.Like every other child at CCI she comes from a poor background.When CSA distributed festival dresses to the children, she was one of the most excited child who shared her happiness in few words..."I could not believe I got such a lovely dress. I am so happy, feeling like an angel" These priceless words actually motivates us. CSA's every child and every staff who works hard to make these children smile is a Hero.We believe that children's lives can be transformed with love and care. We believe that lives of these children can be transformed because the children are protected from outside influences and within the four walls of an institution. Thus,we should be able to do a good job and change their lives! Further, if we take good care of at least these children, who are within "the system", we will offer hope to those that are outside the system. Even as we make a difference at a micro level, we can catalyst systemic macro level change for a long lasting and sustainable impact. What inspires us is seeing the difference that care and love can create. It is truly magical to see the transformation that takes place and how life altering this impact is for a child. There are millions of children in need of this support. Together we can do a lot more and bring the spark of hope to many more lives. We are blessed to have the support of all our friends and well-wishers in CSA's journey and thank them from the bottom of our heart.

What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date3
Village/City/State where project is locatedOtur - Junnar Village/Pune/Maharashtra
Total Budget for the project for FY18-1925000
Total Expenses for the project YTD3000