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Sanwara fights all odds to stand out

Sanwara is a 24-year-old, physically challenged young boy. Despite being dysfunctional from both his legs, he wished to do something in his life. After completing his 8th standard, he joined RMKM in a hope to learn a skill which can make him earn his livelihood.

Not sure from where to start, RMKM helped Sanwara to choose a Wooden Unit which required him to use only his hands. Slowly, he became an adept carpenter and started doing everything confidently in the Wooden Unit. Now he makes beautiful wooden products with carefully crafted designs. Besides, he can also make different types of TLMs, wooden lamps, coaster box, pen stand, photo frame etc.

Owing to his determination, he not only learnt the art himself but also progressed to teach the same to others. Now at the unit, Sanwara is a master Vocational Trainer, where he trains other specially abled children and adults. He also uses different methods and tools of training like jigsaw machine, different types of cutters, drill machine etc.

Your donation will help to run these vocational units for specially abled youth like Sanwara. You can donate with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.

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Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal Sanstha (RMKM) runs Daksha Vocational Training Centre for the specially abled and the mentally challenged children/adults in its campus in the Chachivyas village of Ajmer, Rajasthan. Its objective is to make the specially abled self sufficient and an active member of the society.

It imparts vocational skill to ensure that the beneficiaries can earn their livelihood and become financially independent. The vocational unit of RMKM has a wooden unit, a stationary unit, a deco unit and a vermi compost unit.

How it works:

* The Training Centre was supported by Vibha Inc., U.S.A. for five years. It used to take care of the trainers' salaries, raw material required for the units and conveyance of the beneficiaries

* Now, the centre is being run with the help of public and individual donations


* Total number of vocational training units at the centre - 4

* Regular beneficiaries at the centre - 27

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About The NGO

Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal Sanstha (RMKM)
Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal Sanstha (RMKM) Logo
Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal Sanstha (RMKM)

It all began on 18th July 1975 when a flash flood hit the holy city of Ajmer in Rajasthan. Mr. Sagarmal Kaushik, a railway employee stood up to mobilize relief materials for victims of the flood. He continued his efforts in different social work activities. In the year 1987 he streamlined his efforts and registered Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal Sanstha, Ajmer on 4th September.

Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal Sanstha (RMKM) is a voluntary organization inspired by community development strategies of Mahatma Gandhi. RMKM strives to improve lives of rural people and differently abled.

RMKM works with rural communities and the differently abled to rehabilitate them by enabling ownership over areas like environment, institutions and communication. The organization has grown in terms of population coverage, geographical areas, multidimensional and varied development intervention supported through dynamic development strategies with a focus on people living below poverty line, intellectually challenged, the women and the aged. RMKM seeks to partner with and empower these groups to face the incongruities of their demanding home-land with the modernizing world.

education provided to Mentally challenged children - 750

B.Ed, D.Ed, Volunteers - 90

Goat based livelihood, SHGs, Micro-finance, Handicraft training - 2804

FSW, IDUs, Migrants and Childline - 11153

In 2017, RMKM was awarded the Social Achievers Award-2017 by the Mr. Rajendra Agarwal Member of Parliament, Meerut (U.P.) from G.I.P. Foundation at New Delhi. They also got the Best Exhibition Award by the Mr. Vasudev Devnani, education Minister Govt. of Rajasthan during Nav Samvatsar Function for their work in the field of disability.

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Kshama R. Kaushik

areas of operation
Area of Operation
Area of Operation

differently abled | livelihoods

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Location of Work


Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2016: National Laadli Media and Advertising Award

2016: Outstanding work in the field of Social Work

2016: Spirit of Humanity Award

2013: Pakhar Singh Foundation Award in 2014

2017: Accountability and transparency award

2017: Guidestar India - Platinum

2013: CII Women Exemplar Award

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Last Audited
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Program Updates

5 October, 2021

Once you choose to hope, anything is possible.


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

The major global health crisis caused by the Second wave of COVID-19 again landed all of us in a situation of lockdown due to continuously rising cases. Though the risk factor is still high everyone is hopeful that we will sooner get free from the grasp of this Corona Virus. Despite, the lockdown helped to curb the spread of the virus, but it also affected badly the daily wage workers and has also increased difficulties for families having Persons With disabilities (PWDs). There was an urgent need to provide support to families of poor, marginalized labourers with and without disability, HIV positive, commercial sex workers, affected due to the Second wave of COVID 19 at Ajmer. Hence, being a socially responsible organization & Mother (Nodal) NGO, during the Second wave of COVID-19 also, RMKM has worked tirelessly to support the needy ones and took various initiatives viz. Helpline 24 X 7, Distribution of food materials (Ration Kit), awareness on Hygienic Practices, Medical support & Masks Distribution, Online training support to Children With Special Needs (CWSNs) & their families, Fodder Distribution. During the outbreak of COVID-19 last year i.e. in 2020, seeing the response to the pandemic, RMKM was appointed as Mother (Nodal) NGO in Ajmer District to coordinate with other Civil service organizations & District Administration to support the community during the pandemic. In the wake of the disruption that this global health crisis has caused and the measures being taken across the world to contain and manage the spread of COVID-19, RMKM also took various initiatives at Ajmer District for the benefit of the needy ones to support them during this pandemic as below:--> Distributed 500 Ration (Food) kits to 500 families having 2559 family members.-> Distributed Fodder Kit (5kgs/family) to 150 families.-> Organized a camp where 96 PWDs & care-takers got vaccinated. Our Advocacy to change “what is” into “what should be” resulted in great outcomes as prioritization of COVID-19 vaccination of PWDs. Seeing our efforts, other organizations based in different states other than Rajasthan have also put efforts and organized prioritized vaccination of PWDs. Thus, the small acts when multiplied by the Millions turn out too great outcomes.-> Awareness about sanitization and Hygienic Practices.-> Those who are having medicine needs and could not able reach hospitals due to lockdown, RMKM reached them with the required medicines and necessary food materials to help them sustain themselves.-> facilitated 29 Oxygen Concentrator, 10 Oxymeters, 100 PPE kits, 2559 Masks.-> Also facilitated an Ambulance to Amrit Kaur Hospital Beawar to ensure timely reach of patients to hospitals.

Challenges faced and next steps

Seeing the continuously rising cases of COVID-19, the Government announced a District-wide lockdown, so RMKM’s field intervention i.e. Community Based Rehabilitation Program, also got interrupted. The day-care centres & schools were not allowed to open, considering the risk factor for children. The organization also faced an economical crisis due to reduced funding support but still strived hard to save the community and sail through the pandemic. During such critical times, GiveIndia has been a continuous strong supporter due to which RMKM has been able to serve several Children With Special Needs (CWSNs). Under the Vocational Unit, adults with disabilities get training in different units like stationery, deco, photo-stat, stitching, shop, computer, office works, gardening etc. The Vocational Teachers put their best efforts to train them & empower them with the best skills required to grab the various livelihood opportunities available. But as we all know that the COVID-19 coupled with lockdown has created a global health crisis and affected the day-to-day schedule badly. There are no guidelines provided by the Central & State Government regarding the opening of schools/ day-care centres yet, so our special educators, taking all the precautions, provided home-based vocational training to the CWSNs. The educators visited twice or thrice a week to the children under vocational training and made them learn various activities so that they remain engaged at home too. The parents also appreciated this move of teachers that their children are getting proper training despite schools/ daycare centres closed.

Stories from the ground

Impact story: Aamir Khan is 18 years old Male with having disability - Intellectual Development Delay. His father runs an auto-rickshaw and his mother is a housewife. He has 1 brother and 2 sisters, He had behavioural problems, never followed instructions, had a habit of beating others. With regular intervention, he could write his name, does skating well, actively participates in cultural activities. Aamir Khan had behavioural problems, never followed instructions, had a habit of beating others. With regular interventions viz educational & therapeutic, he could write his name, does skating well, actively participates in cultural activities. During COVID-19 coupled with lockdown, he was counselled on maintaining hygiene, taking precautions to prevent COVID-19 and was kept indulged in art-n-craft activities. Some educational posters & videos were shared with parents to deal with their wards at home. Now, Aamir happily stays at home, remain indulged in vocational activities and art-n-craft works. Also completes the tasks assigned to him.SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT:-Aamir Khan Participated in Virtual National Cricket Competition 2021 and won a silver medal. His parents were so happy, mentioned that they couldn't believe that their son has won the medal and they are thankful to RMKM & GiveIndia for such valuable support.

23 March, 2021

My spirit is my ability


report image

Aakash is a 19 years old boy, residing at pushkar (ajmer) with family and he is having the disability - intellectual development delay. his family constitutes of 2 brothers, 1 sister and parents. his father works as labourer and mother is housewife. being a labourer, his father couldn't earn sufficient and hardly could manage expenses of the family. they are living very tough life due to their poor economic conditions, moreover, due to the disability, they remained worried for aakash before intervention by rmkm. aakash had  behavioural problems and habit of wandering here & there without any reason. he could not understand importance of hygiene at personal level. when he was enrolled with rmkm, our special educators needs to instruct him many times, then he started following the instructions. he was provided services viz. educational and therapeutical and with regular intervention, aakash has started responding to our efforts very well, he now supports his family in some domestic tasks like wheat grinding, taking care of cows by feeding them fodder n water timely etc. he greets his elders and developed the feeling of helping others. on the general store, he can recognize some of the materials. he now tries to recognize his near ones and try to interact with them. his parents are now out of stress and are positively hoping that their child will become able to stand on his feet and earn the dignified livelihood. they have conveyed thanks several times to rmkm as well as giveindia for their timely intervention and quality services. they are very happy and their smiles always keeps our morale high to perform even more better everyday towards rehabilitation of persons with disability. thanks to giveindia for such support. the efforts will be continued for his further developments.

5 August, 2020

I choose to remove "Dis" from my DisAbility


report imagereport image

I choose to remove "Dis" from my DisAbility

RMKM is working on the field of disability since 1988, providing therapeutic and educational services to Children With Special Needs (CWSN) and Vocational training to Adults With Disability (AWDs) to make them independent. The CWSNs who are having disabilities like Intellectual Development Delay (IDD), Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Multiple disability etc.. get long-term residential care at the centre. Children with cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy are given physiotherapy, speech impaired children are given speech therapy, psychological therapy is given for the behavioral issues. Special education includes functional and recreational activities for the development of CWSNs, along with this, vocational training is also provided to the adults having disability, they learn various skills in different trades viz. wooden unit making, decoration work, stationary etc. These students get long term residential care at the centre. Your valuable donation supports in providing educational & therapeutic services to the needy CWSNs. RMKM has organized various activities so as to increase the development of the
students. Various cultural activities were also organized during this period including various festivals, sports, activities etc., which are briefly mentioned here:

• Foundation Day Celebrations: On 19.07.2019 RMKM celebrated its 44th foundation day joyously with all the staff of all the branches, various curricular activities organized, everyone danced and enjoyed.
• Selection in State Football selection camp: On 22.07.2019, the Children participated in State level Football selection camp organized by special olympic bharat in Jaipur.
• Artistic abilities demonstration: On 29.07.2019 Minu school children participated in intra-school drawing & painting activities organized in Mayo College Girls School and presented beautiful levels of creativity.
• Janmashtami Celebration: On 24.08.2019, the children got dressed like Lord Krishna and participated in Janmashtami Event organized by Ajmer Municipal Corporation at Azad Park.
• KILBIL- An Inclusive Fete: On 22.08.2019 RMKM conducted an Inclusive Fete – KILBIL 14th Balmela that witnessed around 1500 children (both- CWSN and Non-disabled children) of more than 30 schools. The most important objective was sensitization of people towards the disabled peers as well as rehabilitation & mainstreaming of the special children into the society.
• Gandhi Jayanti & Shastri Jayanti: On 02.10.2019, the Minu School Children celebrated the Birthday of Shri Mahatma Gandhi & Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri with great joy, dressed like them and gave respectful tribute.
• Participation in Badminton selection camp: On 06.10.2019, the children participated in the Badminton Selection Camp. This camp was organized by Special Olympics Bharat and the venue was Jaipur Sports Academy. The Children played well, got opportunity to interact with the other peers and won prizes/certi¦cations.
• Diwali Celebration: On 18.10.2019, Children celebrated Diwali got dressed like Lord Ram-Sita and presented beautiful jhanki that was appraised by everyone.
• Christmas Celebration: On 20.12.2019, there was organized Christmas Celebration in which beautiful jhanki representing the birth of Jesus was displayed.
• AMRIT-2019 (Staff Capacity Building Training): AMRIT (2019) - An activity for staff grooming & development held by RMKM from 24.12.2019 - 26.12.2019 which itself holds the meaning “Annual Meet Retreat Intent Training” held at Anand International College, Jaipur. It is aimed to have annual get together with all employees working in different projects with an intent to review - previous years working, relevant experiences, pitfalls & learnings.
. On 29.01.2020, Basantotsav/ Navpallavi means spring festival that was organized in the RMKM premises that aimed to create awareness among the community. The main objectives of the program were:-
• It was primarily focused on showcasing the products prepared by the PWDs trained under organization’s initiatives.
• Linkages will be developed with new potential employers invited in the program, they were introduced with the PWDs whose internship has been completed successfully, this marked positive impact of the abilities of PWDs.
Highlights- In the program, adorable and colorful foral plants, wooden crockery made in Daksha Flora Nursery, Wooden and Crockery items, attractive pots handcrafted by Daksha Empower Ability Foundation were displayed & sold. The program was inaugurated with the worship of Goddess Saraswati by Mrs. Kshama R Kaushik & Mr. Rakesh K Kaushik. Then they introduced the guests about the products being prepared by the PWDs and various programs run by the institution while visiting the exhibition.
Everyone acknowledged the work done by PWDs, they appreciated and motivated them for the best future.