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From living a destitute life on the roads, Yabesh now dreams of a brighter future

Yabesh was a destitute boy. With no family to care for him, he roamed the roads of Mumbai.

The several tragedies in his life as a child had buried his childhood. He even struggled for food and shelter in the big city of Mumbai.

It was then that one of Mahima's staff identified Yabesh and took him under their care. He was enrolled in the shelter home.

Mahima Home has taken Rajesh into their care. The two house parents and the staff take care of him and nurture him like family.

The shelter home provides him with the right environment for him to develop through a family environment, quality accommodation and access to good education. His basic needs for proper clothing, wholesome nutrition, health care, and emotional care are taken care of.

Yabesh is a very cheerful and outgoing boy today.

He is a bright child who enjoys learning. He is a confident boy who enjoys making new friends. He is an all-rounder; a good student, an excellent keyboard player, and a skilled athlete.

He has a sharp memory and often stuns people with his accurate memory of the entire lyrics of long songs!

You can also help poor children like Yabesh with a safe shelter and a future they can look forward to. You can support organizations like Sahaara help more children who otherwise have no hope of an education. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.

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Sahaara’‘s ‘‘Mahima Children’‘s Home’‘ is a shelter for parentless children and children whose parents are unable to look after them. The Home was started in July 1999 with only a couple of children.

Donations to the program contribute to the Shelter home expenses medical cost, the salary of the shelter home staff and the operating costs of the center for one child.

The home was started with the aim to provide shelter to homeless and desolate children, including street children and neglected slum children.

These destitute children are easy and helpless victims of abuse and bad influences. They are desperately in need of a family, and that is what the Mahima Children’‘s Home provides them.

The home is a haven for boys who are either orphans, have terminally ill parents, or are children of trafficked women who are unable to care for them.

Mahima provides these children with more than just their basic needs. Holistic rehabilitation is offered to fourteen children through a home environment with dedicated caregivers.

At Mahima, they believe that this is just the beginning.

In a family atmosphere, these boys are nurtured and raised to believe that dreams that were once far away are now within their grasp!

Starting with 2 children, the home currently houses 14 children.

When you donate to this program, you give vulnerable children a safe home that they deserve. You will sponsor the fortnightly living expenses of a child.

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About The NGO

Sahaara, Mumbai
Sahaara, Mumbai Logo
Sahaara, Mumbai

SCS was started when a group of Mumbai citizens felt stirred by the abject poverty and dire needs of the poor in their neighbourhood. Today the work of SCS spans across Mumbai to impact several vulnerable people groups.

Mr. Max Fernand joined Sahaara in July 2012 and is currently its CEO. He began his career in a NGO dealing with education and with the mentally handicapped before joining as foreign exchange broker. He has worked 22 years as a foreign exchange broker and rose from a junior trader to head of a trading desk in a broking house that was among the top three in revenues in the country before joining Sahaara. He was also on the board of Sahaara from 2002 to 2011.

Full time staff - 55

Part time staff - 2

Consultants - 2

Total Receipts for 2015-2016 - INR 47976328

Total Payments for 2015-2016 - INR 42498917

Activities and reach for the latest full Financial Year

Number of children taken good care of and growing holistically - 14

Number of children helped in supplementary education and graduated to the next grade - 153

Number of children growing in awareness and confidence - 14

Number of children taught how to use basic Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel and Word software - 50

Number of children provided with meals during the day resulting in good physical, mental and emotional growth - 14

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Founded in 1991
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K Xavier Selvan

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Awards And Recognitions

2012: Quality Initiative Mission Award 2013 for Innovation and Excellence in School Education

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Program Updates

30 June, 2022

Provision of shelter to vulnerable children


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

About Mahima Boys’ Hostel: The red-light areas are a harsh place for any child to grow up in. The high level of exposure to risk and lack of opportunities pose a threat to the child’s future.

Sahaara Charitable Society works with the victims of commercial sex exploitation in the red-light districts and runs education centres for their vulnerable children, who are prone to abuse, neglect, and second-generation trafficking.

Through our work in the red-light areas, we identify the most at-risk children of female sex workers and admit them to the Sahaara education hostels with the consent of their parents. Here they are provided with safe accommodation, wholesome nutrition, mental wellness and quality English-medium education. This is undertaken with the goal of offering a safe environment for their holistic development through Individual Care Plans (ICPs).

Concurrently, we also work towards reintegrating their parents towards a lifestyle of safety and stability so that the child can ultimately be restored to the family in a 5 to 7 year window. We achieve this through developing and implementing focused Individual Reintegration Plans (IRPs) that ensure literacy through educational support and skills building, and the development of a responsible mindset through behavioral change, leading to safe and stable livelihood opportunities.

At Sahaara, we believe that reintegrating the whole family will break the cycle of abuse and injustice and lead to lasting change.

About Safe Accommodation Intervention Presently, there are 20 minor boys in Mahima Boys Hostel who are being provided with safe accommodation. Each child has their own bed and a cupboard to store their personal belongings. The beds are also covered with mosquito nets.

We have also installed CCTV cameras in children’s dormitories to improve safety monitoring.

A training session was conducted for the staff on the Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy. Also, sessions were conducted on "good touch" and "bad touch" for the children. Additionally, Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Committee and Internal Complaints Committee posters were put up in the hostel as well.

Cleanliness and COVID-safety protocols were followed to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure the good health of the children. Adequate quantities of sanitizers and masks were provided to the children to ensure their safety.

During the reporting period, all children were safe, and there were no child protection violation incidents or safety hazards in the hostel.

Challenges faced and next steps

There were no significant challenges faced in this area of the project. However, we are still awaiting the water connection from the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation. We presently utilize tanker water and this results in higher expenses.

In the coming months, we will be improving the isolation facility infrastructure for sick children in order to improve health safety.

Stories from the ground

Ahaan* is an 11-year-old boy from Mahima Boy’s Hostel who dreams of becoming an Army Officer after growing up. As a child, Ahaan stayed with his grandparents due to constant conflicts between his parents. Eventually, his parents separated, and custody of the child was taken by his mother.

Ahaan’s mother was unable to provide for him, and therefore, his education was stopped. With time, Ahaan’s mother found a new partner and started living with him. They did not want Ahaan to stay with them due to the risks involved in living in the red-light area. During one of the house visits by our reintegration program team, Ahaan’s mother expressed her need for a hostel for her child. After due diligence, Ahaan was admitted to the hostel, where he would have a safe space to grow and develop. He was also admitted to the nearby English-medium school.

In the hostel, Ahaan receives nutrition, clothing, and all his basic needs. In addition to this, his development is furthered with mentoring, life skills, hobbies, and talent development, and his progress is monitored through an Individual Care Plan (ICP). His emotional health has also improved due to the family-like environment in the hostel.

He is grateful for the support he receives in the hostel.

*Name changed to protect participant identity.

28 November, 2021

Provision of shelter to vulnerable children


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

16 boys were provided with safe accommodation at Vasai, Maharashtra. The hostel underwent renovation work like painting, fixing of sliding doors, installation of new fans, and installation of the acrylic sheet on the grills. All children are safe and there were no child protection violation incidents or safety hazards in the hostel. Cleanliness is being maintained and all COVID safety Protocols are being followed.

Challenges faced and next steps

No challenges were faced. We presently have 20 children in the hostel and will be providing them safe accommodation as a part of this program.

Stories from the ground

Anup* is a shy 7 years old boy. Until recently, he has never been to school. He is now in the 1st grade. When Anup’s mother was in 7th grade, she was kidnapped and taken to Kolkata. She ran away from there and came to Nasik to her mother but the villagers did not accept her. She then moved to Satara and eventually came to Mumbai. She is one of the beneficiaries of Sahaara’s Reintegration program. She expressed her wish to have a safe environment for her son Anup. Therefore, when the hostel admissions were open, Anup was admitted into Mahima Hostel.Anup is a very calm and quiet child. He has adjusted well with other boys and staff. Since he has never been to school before, the teachers are teaching him to write using activity sheets to make it interesting for him. Over time, there has been an improvement in his height and weight as well. Although the progress is slow, Anup is happy to be around his peers in a healthy environment. His mother is happy with the services provided at the hostel. She dreams to become a driver and is looking forward to being reintegrated with her child at the earliest.

23 March, 2021

Growing in adversity


report image

The children of Mahima are a very active bunch and enjoy the outdoors. However, once COVID and the lockdown hit, both, school and playtime got restrained to the home premises. Most of the time during the year the boys would have a chance to go out and have other recreational activities, however this year these activities were hindered due to COVID. There was additional pressure on the House Parents and the staff to be able to come up with more creative ways to provide an outlet for the boys.

The staff booked a turf on account of Children's Day on November 13th so that the boys could go out and play football. Playing football is a regular activity but restrained to this one day this year. The boys did begin to play in the society compound from August, which has been a refreshing change for them.
They had Sports Day on October 2nd within the society. The children really enjoyed it as they got to play competitively. The day was organized by the staff of Mahima and the teachers so that they could all enjoy some quality time together.

The boys don’t just play football and other sports. Since the announcement of the lockdown, they have also experimented with cooking, art & craft, and music. They enjoy testing their culinary skills and occasionally get to make something on their own too. They had a lot of time to practice their art & craft skills and also work on their music. They play guitar, keyboard and drums. The boys have been getting regular classes in music over the years and this really helps calm them down.

The environment of the home has been very energetic and sometimes strained due to the lack of being able to go outside. It is something that the children have managed to cope with eventually.

5 July, 2020

A safe and comfortable home for children


report imagereport image

A safe and comfortable home for children

Providing a safe and a homely place to live for these children, makes them competent in their studies and other activities.
15 boys are provided with all basic necessities of education, clothing, toiletries, safe and hygienic accommodation.
The children were also provided with mentoring and counseling support.
6 children are being tutored to play musical instruments.
The boys did flower plantation drive in the residential society gardens.