Sponsor the food expenses of poor senior citizens in an old age home by Neptune Foundation

Sponsor the food expenses of poor senior citizens in an old age home

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Mane finally finds his true family at the shelter

Mane is a senior citizen who lives in the Deshmukh Old Age Home. Mane lived in Satara before he came to the shelter home. He was married but the couple didn't have any children.

They lived together for a while. Unfortunately as age caught on with Mane, his wife didn't want to live with him anymore. With no children or any other family, he continued to live alone.

He was unemployed and mostly did odd jobs. With age-related issues catching up he became lonely and depressed.

That's when his brother got to know about the Deshmukh Old Age Home. He approached the home seeking shelter for his brother. After due verification Mane was found eligible for admission and was admitted.

At the shelter home, Mane has a safe place to stay. He also receives nutritious food and medical care. He has made friends with the other residents. The staff at the home came to know about Mane's interest in farming.

The old age home has some land around the home where vegetables are grown and are used in the kitchen. The staff wanted to keep him occupied with something that he was interested in. They encouraged him to take care of work on the farm of the home.

Mane enjoyed farming and began to look forward to his time on the farm every day. He sends his days mostly on the farm and attending satsangs (prayer meetings) in the evening,

His whole personality changed within a few months in the shelter. He is a happier person now.

He has forgotten his past like a bad dream. The old age home is now his home and the residents are his family.

Your help can make many more seniors like Mane live their golden years under a safe shelter. You can donate to the grocery expenses of the elderly who live in the old-age home and help them with nutritious food. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.

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Neptune Foundation runs an old age home aEUR~Parampujya Kailaswasi Nanasaheb Vithoba Deshmukh Vriddh AshramaEUR(tm) at Kalungan Village in Maharashtra to protect the neglected old. The home is set in a serene and lush 3 acres of land amidst the Sahyadri Range just 4 km from the Bhandardhara dam. It also boasts of a scenic background of the Mt. Kalsubai.

Donations to this program help in covering the cost of grocery, vegetables, milk, cooking gas, toiletries, cook and kitchen helper for one senior citizen.

The elderly from nearby rural areas, villages around Rajur, Akola, and Nasik approach Deshmukh old age home seeking shelter. These are the elderly who are neglected by their own families or have no one to take care of them at all.

The old age home exclusively admits underprivileged senior citizens over the age of 60 years. The economic and social condition of the person seeking help is verified from the Sarpanch of the village the person is from. After verification, the applicants are admitted in the old age home.

These residents live in the shelter home till the end of their natural life. They continue to be assisted even if they become bedridden or not able to do their activities of daily living due to illness or age.

The residents receive four wholesome meals a day. The morning begins with tea and breakfast, which consists of poha or upma or sheera, lapsi or sprouts. Tea along with toast or biscuits or idli or some dry snacks form evening snacks. Lunch is generally chapatti, vegetables, dal, rice. Dinner is usually bajra or jawar roti, sabji, dal, and rice.

All the needs from boarding to food to healthcare to emotional wellbeing are taken care absolutely free of cost. The secure, green shelter and has a total capacity of 200.

The home houses 19 men and 32 women and is a destination for less privileged elderly to live for the rest of their life in peace, health, and dignity.

When you donate to this program, you help destitute elderly citizens with access to a safe shelter and care in their golden years.

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About The NGO

Neptune Foundation
Neptune Foundation Logo
Neptune Foundation

Neptune Foundation was established in the year 2010 under the Neptune Group. Neptune Foundation is a registered trust under Bombay Public Trust act, 1950 (Reg. no.E-26706). Neptune Foundation believes in Contributing to the economic development by contributing to the lives of their workforce, their families as well as the local community and society at large.

Neptune Foundation was born to become a medium to bring a smile on every face. They believe that 'help is never too much help'. With the help of passionate volunteers, they actively work towards empowerment of the society.

By undertaking activities like Mobile Creches, Rehabilitation Projects, Old age Home, and Anna Daan, they aim to fulfil the fundamental needs of food, shelter, clothes and education. They continuously strive to reach more people every day.

Their mission is to support the needy. Their accountability in all their undertakings is their core strength. While serving the underprivileged and the needy and working towards social upliftment, they maintain complete transparency in all their projects.

Their main areas of work are:

Conversion from Unknown to Known (Pick up and reunion of Mentally Ill Destitute)

They identify mentally ill destitute wandering on the streets adopt them arrange for their treatment. Once they are cured and are able to regain their memory, Neptune traces their families and reunites them with their families. They also pay for the lifelong medication cost of those reunited people who are unable to afford medication. Till date they have done 283 pickups and 183 reunions. They also have an helpline number where common public can call when they spot a mentally ill destitute.

Old Age Home in our village

Neptune has a state of the art old age home at their village where they currently have 50 people staying absolutely free with all meals and medical facilities being provided to them. They celebrate all the major festival with their inmates. They also conduct Medical camps with a panel of doctors and supply medicines, do cataract operation, distribute specs etc. to the inmates as advised by Doctors.

HIV Nutrition Camp

Supply of rations, supplements and medicines to some families who have HIV. Currently they support 46 beneficiaries with ration kits, Nutrition powder and Vitamin tables on every last Friday of the month. They are also working to enroll the beneficiaries in various government schemes with the support of DAPCU department of Thane Civil Hospital.

Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation Camps are organised in association with SBTC and the blood collected is donated to the patients with chronic diseases, in requirement of regular blood transfusion. They have already given 2222 blood bags to JJ Mahanagar blood bank, Mumbai

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Sachin Deshmukh

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Area of Operation

Elderly | health

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Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2015: Certificate of Accreditation on desirable norms

2015: Women's achiever award - NGO category

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Program Updates

23 March, 2021

Nurture the elderly



We are currently nurturing 50 elderly at our Old Age Home in Rajur, Ahemadnagar. we take care of the elderly absolutely free of cost right from their lodging to daily food and health care. we celebrated 5 birthdays anniversary of our elderly where in there was a nice cake cutting , party decor and fun music so that everyone can enjoy. regular exercise is carried out every morning. special Covid guild lines are practiced by everyone at the old age home right from the staff to each elderly and immunity strengthening food is provided to everyone so that their body is healthy to fight again any situation. the donation which we get from Give India is helping the food and hygiene supply for the elderly.
We celebrated 26th January with flag hosting in our old age home.
we had a good new year celebration with special lunch and dinner prepared for everyone and we arranged video calls for maximum elderly with their friends and family. we are planing a medical checkup camp by the end of Feb-2021 to have a check on each elderly health.


5 July, 2020

Nurturing the Elderly



Nurturing the Elderly

"Let us never let them know what old age is…
Let us make them feel the happiness that time brings by not counting the years"

  1. Currently there are 52 elderly (34 Females & 18 Males) staying with us happily and absolutely FREE OF COST.

  2. All the 52 elderly are getting everything right from their lodging & Boarding to looking after their medical requirements.

  3. To create an atmosphere of positivity and staying as one family a keen emphasis is put on celebrating birthdays, festivals and all other similar events together.

  4. We have a capacity to accommodate 100 elderly people with the provision of funding made available for the same.

  5. It is our continuous endeavor to give the elderly lots of love and affection where they would never get the feeling of being a burden.


22 July, 2019



Program Update

Diwali was celebrated with the senior citizens in the 3rd quarter. New clothes were given to them with special meals arranged. The entire Old Age Home was lit up to give it a festive look. There were story telling sessions that created a beautiful mythological atmosphere. Festivity songs were melodiously sung. Then we celebrated the Republic day in January with the Indian National Flag flying high. All were explained the importance of the day. There were stories that were shared among all about the early days.Holi was celebrated with the puja being done & the traditional way of putting colour. This brought a smile on the faces of all.

Story from the field

Parigha Subhash Deshmukh, Age-65years,comes from a very small village,Kothul,Taluka- Akole,District-Ahmednagar. Parigha used to stay with her husband & two children. Her elder son works in Gujarat & her younger son is handicapped. Her husband is a drunkard who used to verbally as well as physically abuse her on a daily basis. With nowhere to go she had lost all hope. Being verbally and physically abused had become a way of life for her. She was made to feel unwanted and discarded. She was waiting for her death. That’s when her relative admitted her at our Old Age Home. After staying with us her physical as well as mental condition has improved a lot as she now feels that there is someone to look after her, love her & care for her. She has found a new home and we have found a mother to look after.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?54
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date50
Village/City/State where project is locatedVillage- Kelungan , Tal-Akole, Maharashtra.
Total Budget for the project for FY18-194324300
Total Expenses for the project YTD2642486