Sponsor the food and medical needs of a poor senior citizen by Abhoy Mission

Sponsor the food and medical needs of a poor senior citizen

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65-year-old Bimla no longer has to beg for food

Bimla's has had a hard life in the last 65 years. She was born and raised in Kamalpur village. At a young age, she married Nityananda.

Her husband was a door to door clothes vendor in the village. After 12 years of her marriage, her husband passed away.

Bimla then single-handedly had to take care of her seven daughters and one son. She faced a very tough time by herself coping with financial hardships. She worked as a maid to manage the needs of her large family.

She worked hard and got her children married. Unfortunately, after their marriage, all her children got busy with their lives, and no one supported Bimla.

She lived in a one-room mud wall house with one of her daughters who is a widow. Her daughter worked as a helper in a tailoring shop. Bimala suffers from severe asthma and hence found it very hard to find a job. With no means of livelihood, she started to beg.

Abhoy Mission's social workers spotted her and decided to include her in the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) beneficiary List. After the intervention of Abhoy Mission, things changed for the better.

She now receives rations every month. She also received medical help when required. She has been enabled to live a dignified life now, with the support of Abhoy Mission.

Without the support of Abhoy Mission, Bimla would have spent all her old age begging. The aid she has received has given her dignity in her golden years.

You can also help poor seniors get two meals a day which is a basic right. You can donate so that they can get the support with which they can live their golden years in peace. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.

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Abhoy Mission runs a 'Sponsor a Grandparent' program that aims at providing social security and dignity to the poor, destitute and incomeless senior citizens residing in slums and rural areas in western Tripura district.

One unit of donation to this program will cover the monthly ration kit expenses of an underprivileged senior citizen.

This program, earlier known as "Adopt a Grandparent" since its inception in 2003 has given many poor senior citizens security of food and living expenses.

The program is the first of its kind in Tripura. It identifies eligible senior citizens and provides them with commodities for daily living.

The commodities include items like rice, dal, mustard oil, soya bean, salt, coconut oil, soap, clothes, and medicines.

The items required are bought in bulk and distributed to the beneficiaries in their homes within the first 15 days of a month.

They are also given Rs. 50 for medicines and Rs.50 as an allowance for any personal needs.

When you donate to this program, you help old and poor elderly citizens with the basic necessity of food in their old age.

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About The NGO

Abhoy Mission
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Abhoy Mission

A group of like-minded people from Tripura joined hands to do some philanthropic work in the state in 1988. After three years, they got their group registered as Lian ll Tripura Scheduled Castes, Tribes & Minority Upliftment Council In March 2008 the name of the organization was changed to Abhoy Mission. Since its inception, the organization has been associated with various welfare and development activities. Mr. Shyamal Deb, the founder, and head of the Organization possesses special knowledge and skills in the field of disability and senior citizens. His tireless endeavour and dynamic efforts has brought about radical changes to set the organization on its onward orbit since the year 1988. He has dedicated his good services for the welfare of the persons with disabilities and senior citizens. The mission of the organisation is to make the society disability free, educative, trained and totally fit for survival. They strive to vie with all adversities to serve this mission. Close to a 1000 senior citizens receive health care, medical allowance and ration items. Over 450 children with multiple disabilities receive home based life skill training. 60 children with special needs are being given education at the organisation. Abhoy Mission has also helped 38 differently abled people with disabilities get registered in the Niramoya Health Insurance program. In 2015, Abhoy Mission was awarded the Manovikas Puraskar by the Manovikas Kendra, Kolkata For Outstanding Performance in Disability Welfare.

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Founded in 1991
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Susmita De

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Abhoy Mission has

provided healthcare and rations to 946 poor senior citizens

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Program Updates

11 July, 2022

Living with Dignity


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

The program provides nutritional support and medical care to poor elderly people. We help distressed souls live a life without food scarcity. For the last two years as a consequence of the pandemic, the unorganized labor group has become more effective. The target group of this program belongs to the unorganized sector of employment. So, there were days when these old people and their family had no money to purchase essential items for survival. They only survived because of the regular support given by Give India through Abhoy Mission.

Abhoy Mission provides assistance to these senior citizens on or before every Bengali event so that these people can have good food during the festival. We even celebrate with them by arranging small programs at the distribution area where the elderly willingly participate.

Throughout these camps, we followed all safety measures for Covid-19.

Challenges faced and next steps

Sometimes it was very difficult to reach the target group during the lockdown. With the permission of District Authority and the support of local bodies, we extended our assistance.

Because of the present economic condition, the prices of essential items got raised which made it very difficult to manage every item assigned for this program.

Stories from the ground

Sri Hiralal Bin, S/o- Ram Narayan Bin, was born in 1948 in Binpara. He has two brothers and one sister. His father was a mason and maintained his livelihood through that. Due to lack of financial support, he was not able to get his children educated. He has one son and one daughter. They both got married. At present Hiralal is living with his son in the family. He cannot work as he used to as got a stroke twice. He suffers from high blood pressure. He does not get any kind of help or support from any source.

Recently, Hiralal's health condition has not been good. Because of old age, he is not able to stand. During the pandemic, Hiralal’s son lost his regular income source due to constant lockdown for months. The support from Give India is a pillar of survival for Hiralal and his family.

5 October, 2021

Ray of Hope for Elderly


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

The program is providing food and medical care to senior citizens who live below the poverty level. The aim of the program is to bring self-dignity in the mind of senior citizens. All families who get targeted are involved in occupations with very low income which is also irregular.Abhoy Mission through the support of Give India visits places at Bin Para, West Bhubanban; Potunagar, Barjala; Gopalnagar Tea Estate under Mohanpur RD Block of West Tripura District and Gakulnagar under Sepahijala District every month. The intention of the organization is to provide support as well as happiness to the senior citizens in this hard time of the pandemic. This support not only gives them a scope of survival but also a feeling of self-dignity in society. In these 6 months, 455 numbers of senior citizens got benefitted from this particular program through Abhoy Mission.This program for providing assistance to senior citizens is able to attain only with the support of Give India. Throughout these camps, we all sustained the safety measures for safeguarding from Corona infection that is prescribed by the Government of India. We are appreciative to Give India and their donors for whom it is been promising to accomplish a ray of hope to this most unprivileged group of society.

Challenges faced and next steps

During this pandemic period and lockdown session, it was very much tough for the organization to organize such distribution programs regularly. But with Government permission and maintaining all the precautionary measures for safeguarding from Coronavirus infection we organized distribution programs on monthly basis.Along with this, the cost of every item is rising day by day due to inflation. The support giving is become challenging.

Stories from the ground

Impact story: Nityananda Biswas, son of late Jogendra Biswas lives in Binpara, Lankamura for many years. He was born in the year 1956 at West Bhubanban, West Tripura. He has two brothers and three sisters. His father was a rickshaw puller. But in spite of this, his father managed to send him to school to study. He studied up to class 10th and left the school. Then, he got a Government job as Caretaker at Governor House which he resigns after three years. After resigning he started to do daily laboring for earning his livelihood. He has one son and two daughters. All of them are married now. Due to old age now he is unable to do any physical activities. The whole family is run by his son who is a driver. His sons in his lean income can able to provide basic necessities of survival to him.Nityananda is suffering from low eyesight. He lost his vision in one eye and low vision in another with past discharge. He got an old-age pension which was not enough for taking regular treatment and nutritional supplements in this inflation period.In this lockdown period, the livelihood of every individual in rural areas is got lean. During this pandemic period, his son’s incomes become very negligence. They started agriculture activities in front of their house in 1 ghanda land. And sell this to nearby markets at a very low price. With this support from the whole family can able to take nutrients food for few days of every month.

23 March, 2021

An Umbrella of Comfort


report image

The year 2020, means a huge havoc due to corona virus in most places of world. The pandemic not only kills people but also affects the resource, opportunity to work and the livelihood. The people who belong to the daily earning group, they lost almost everything
A house where the son is a daily laborer and go to work whatever he gets now have to stay in home or roams here and there in search of some work. In that house the old person feels the hopeless. The feeling gets aggravated due to their physical inability. They now lost their dignity and confidence they feel themselves as burden in the family.
In this cruel world, the Give India via Abhoy Mission upheld the light of hope for such people. The program is giving monthly support to this senior citizen to live a life in dignified way in their homes.
The organization goes monthly in some occasions as we all know in Bengali tradition there is festival in every month. With the due permission of Government of Tripura Abhoy Mission managed to reach to these elderly persons through distribution food and medical support so that they can take part in festival in free mind. These all can be made possible only by the initiative of Give India. During these camps we all maintained the safety measures that are prescribed by Government of India. The beneficiaries are from Bin para, West Bhubanban; Potunagar, Barjala; Gopalnagar Tea Estate under Mohanpur RD Block and Gakulnagar under Sepahijala District.
The camps are before organized in various occasions like in Bengali New Year 1427, then in Rathyatra ceremony time, Janmasthami, The Independence day ceremony and during Durga puja celebration. At that time this support will able the people who are receiving this sustain are capable to give something to their family and live a self-esteem life. We are grateful to Give India and their donors for whom it is been promising to attain this fragment of society by being a ray of hope.

5 July, 2020

Support & Change !


report imagereport image

Support & Change !

Cohesion within the family increased, Dignity of the elderly within the family as well as society revived. Grandchildren are most happy and got the most benefit as they are getting support from grand parents. Disturbances within the families disappeared.
The senior citizen mostly were daily wages earner for which they do not have any savings for their old age. Now, when they are financially and emotionally unable to do work for the livelihood, it become very much difficult to lead a healthy life. Their children are also have very low income for which it become very constrain to run the whole family. The people who are getting this support are able to give something to their family and live a dignity life. We are thankful to Give India and their donors for whom it is been possible to reach this section of society by being a ray of hope.

22 July, 2019


report image

Program Update

With the effort of Abhoy Mission celebration of receiving Nation Award was performed along with the grans by calling them in the Head Office. The programme was also arranged keeping the view in aim in mind for making contact and smooth relation between officials of Head Office of Abhoy Mission and beneficiaries of Programme. The Sr. Citizens of Lankamura, Binpara celebrated Makar Sankranti in the month of January, 2019. They prepared sweets and distributed the same among the people. They observed Netaji’s birthday & Re-public Day with ferver. Local administration made arrangement for fruits and sweets for Sr. Citizens on the occasion of Re-public Day. They participated in Saraswati Puja with deity. They also observed Dol Purnima with respect. They have been advised by the authority of Abhoy Mission to engage in physical exercise to keep themselves fit.

Story from the field

Due to impoverished condition of family and existence of intergeneration gap among the family members, Kunja Nama, a beneficiary of ‘Sponsor the Food and Medical needs of a Poor Senior Citizen’ left her home on 21-03-2019 with a lot of grief in her mind. Due to police intervention she was provided temporary shelter and nutrition in Abhoy Ashram. Authority of Abhoy Mission extended counselling support to the family members and ultimately the family members agreed take her back within the family with due dignity. After few days the family members reached the office of Abhoy Mission and an unique scene of bondage between grandmother and grand daughter was noticed by the members and employee of Abhoy Mission. She returned her home near Pillar Company at Lankamura, Binpara and presently enjoying the company of family members.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?720
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date107
Village/City/State where project is locatedBattala, Binpara, West Bhubanban, Potunagar, Tripura
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19378000
Total Expenses for the project YTD56175