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Sponsor the education of a child


You can help girls like Akshada stop worrying about their school fees

Akshada is a young girl from a slum in Maharashtra. Her mother works as a maid and her father is a gardener. They were both never able to earn enough money to support their family of five.

Akshada felt sad when she saw her classmates get new school bags and go for picnics but she knew that her parents could not afford those luxuries. She kept attending school but became afraid when her teachers started to remind her to pay the school fees. She started to worry if being the oldest child, she might have to stop going to school.

A social worker who knew her story brought her case to IDEA foundation. Akshaya has been studying under the IDEA sponsorship program ever since. She is now 15 years old and in Class 10.

Akshada and her family used the scholarship earnestly. She worked very hard and got 84 percent in Class 9. Apart from studies, she also takes part in co-curricular activities and enjoys them. IDEA also provides her with individual guidance from the social worker and takes her on exposure visits to help her plan her future.

She is a focused and driven girl and is working hard to grow into an independent young woman. She also attended a spoken English class recently. This has made her more confident and she is now excited about the possibilities her future holds!

You can help poor children like Akshada by contributing to send them to school and get them uniforms. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED. Your contribution will give children a reason to look forward to their future!


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This program was created to reduce the school dropouts amongst underprivileged children. Many parents, despite being poor are determined to provide their children with a good education. They enroll them in private schools even though the fees are higher.However additional expenses like cost of uniform, stationery hit them hard and these become the reason for the child dropping out of school.

IDEA gets referrals from parents and schools for sponsorship support. After evaluation IDEA enrolls eligible children in the sponsorship programme. The children continue to receive support until they complete education.To ensure that parents maintain responsibility, IDEA provides only partial support.

The social worker monitors the progress of the child throughout the year. Various programmes like life skill sessions, exposure visits, etc. are also planned for the child. Donate to an educational sponsorship and save a child's future.

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About The NGO

IDEA Foundation
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IDEA Foundation

Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for All (IDEA) is an NGO that was originated by a team of qualified and experienced social scientists and social workers, to deal with the problems in education and developmental issues of the marginalized people, realizing the need for adopting a holistic approach to minimize school dropout.

Their activities include Education assistance, Teacher training, Business development training and digital literacy. Started in a slum, its presence has spread out to 17 communities and 26 villages in Maharashtra where they have improved the lives of 10500 children, 3700 youth, and 4500 women. Such efforts of social uplifting activities had captured the attention of the Excellence Dhyas Foundation when they honored IDEA with the Social Excellence Award.

Additionally, their quality of reporting was also commended by the Guide Star India Platinum certification who felicitated them with the Accountability and Transparency award. All these activities and achievements of IDEA bring them closer to their mission of providing equal opportunities to underprivileged sections of society and assist them in their holistic development.

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Founded in 1991
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Usha Pillai

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provided quality vocational training to 1340 underprivileged women

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2014: Accountability and transparency award

2010: Kempegowda award

2011: ALL Grassroots Women of the Decade Achievers Award

2014: Doctrine of Social Ministry

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Program Updates

22 September, 2023

An update on the program you are supporting


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Total number of beneficiaries impacted was 11 out of which 90% were females, in Ramnagar (Warje), Kothrud, Shastrinagar, Uttam Nagar, Shivane

Challenges faced and next steps

In this duration, we have achieved some milestones as follows: 1. School/college stationery distribution- we have distributed stationary like a notebooks, School bags and stationery to all 11 students 2. Reporting of beneficiaries as per requirement. 3. School/college fees reimbursement of the beneficiary. 4. Life skill sessions - Conducted a total of six life skill sessions on various topics, 2 craft sessions, poster-making & essay competition, and the Dandiya celebration program. An average 85 percent of students were present in these activities. 11 students enrolled in academic year 2022-23.

Stories from the ground

Tanvi, a young girl hailing from Single parenting, had a challenging start in her life. Her father passed away when she was only 14 years old. The support provided by the Foundation has been essential for ensuring the smooth progress of her education. Through this initiative, Tanvi received financial support for her education which enabled her to pursue her studies without worrying about the financial burden. She has given her 12th Std. Commerce exams. She has not only excelled academically but has also developed into a well-rounded personality. She actively participates in various life skill sessions which helped her develop into a confident and clear-headed individual. She realized that she wanted to pursue higher education in the computer field and become self-sufficient. Her mother was delighted to see her daughter's progress in both her studies and holistic development. Tanvi's success story is an inspiration to many who face similar challenges in life.

28 December, 2022

Sponsor the education of a child


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

The donations we received under the Subscription donation option for “Sponsor the education of a child" was very helpful for our organisation to support our educational sponsorship program. The donations were used for students in our PUNE and KERALA locations. The support given in PUNE: 37 needy students from Pune received partial financial support to complete their high school and college education in the last 6 months. They come from five communities in Pune including Uttamnagar, Kothrud, Waraje, Sutardara, and Lokamanya Vasahat. Sponsorships covered school/college fees, the purchase of books, stationery supplies like notebooks, and uniforms which were provided in the month of June with the help of Social Workers. The beneficiaries enjoyed a safe and stimulating environment through IDEA because of which they spent quality learning time with each other. An exposure visit was conducted to Raja Kelkar Museum. Sessions in life skills, career counseling, spoken English, personality development, digital literacy, and storytelling (online) enhanced the overall development of the beneficiaries. Sessions on Behaviour, Learning Attitudes, Superstitions, Self-growth, Exam Preparation, and Cyber Security were conducted by external resource persons. An aptitude test and IQ test were conducted for students in grade 10. All these activities helped them boost their confidence and learn the skills required for their career and future prospects.

All the students passed with flying colors and hence they were felicitated in the annual felicitation programme. Students who completed their studies got well placed with an excellent package. Other students in the community also benefitted due to the activities conducted locally and the awareness sessions held for the parents. This project is extremely helpful for deserving children from various underprivileged backgrounds for continuing their education.

Support given in Kerala

  1. Provided School Bags, Steel Water bottles & Notebooks for 40 students of Govt B.V.U.P School, East Chennamkary, Alappuzha. Most of the school children at Govt B.V.U.P School belong to economically weaker sections. When the school re-opened in June, most of the families found it difficult to procure School bag, etc for their children. The children and the parents were very happy when they received the school kit on 1st June 2022- i.e on the very first day of this academic year.

  2. Provided School bags, Steel Water bottles & Notebooks for 22 Students of Govt U.P School, Thottuvathala, Alappuzha. This is another school located in the remote Kuttanadu area in Kerala. Support was given to the students based on the request from the Headmistress.

  3. Provided School bags & Umbrellas for 55 Students of SNDP HS, Kuttamangalam, Alappuzha. This school is located in a very remote area which is always affected by floods in Kerala. There are many students coming from families run by poor fishermen and daily wage workers attend this school. The school selected 55 such poor students for the benefit.

  4. Provided books for the Library of SNDP HSS, Kuttamangalam, Alappuzha. The school library in the school was having a book shortage. The school has sent the request and other details. The requested amount for the purchase of books from Mathrubhumi Books was Rs 20,000/- after discounts. Your support helped us to purchase books directly from the vendor and provided them to the school.

  5. Extra-curricular activities and various competitions were held in Govt LP school in Nedumudi, another school where students from the poorest of poor families attend. Your support helped us to provide gifts to the students.

Challenges faced and next steps

Under our sponsorship program, we cover the educational expenses of children on school or coaching class fees (usually as reimbursement), organise various co-curricular activities for the overall development of children along with the in-kind provision of school materials. The co-curricular activities are done with the help of experts in various topics. We usually organise such co-curricular activities for children from IDEA’s centers in slums in Pune. Similarly, resource persons are also easily available in urban areas in Pune. Hence we could organise such sessions on a regular basis and the programs are being held very smoothly in our Pune locations. The situation in the remote Kerala villages where we implement this program is totally different mainly due to accessibility issues. However, we could overcome this challenge differently in Kerala. We identified an ‘Art & craft ‘ teacher and a ‘ Development Promoter’ for conducting co-curricular activities for students. They go to the schools in rotation and organise activities, maintain a close rapport with the students and guide their parents.
The activity plan for the next 6 months:  Life skill sessions  Exposure visits  Home visits  Students’ meeting  Parents’ Meeting  Different types of competitions and events  Stationary distribution  Updates master sheet of all students  Prepare success stories and impact stories

Stories from the ground

Deepa was enrolled under IDEA’s sponsorship program twelve years ago. Today she is 18 years old. She is a single child and belongs to a single parent. Her father died when she was only 2 years old. Her mother works as a sweeper in a private college. Her mother could not earn enough to educate her daughter in a good school and was very worried about the same. She needed a helping hand so that she could fulfill other basic needs of the household. She was relieved when IDEA Foundation offered sponsorship so that Deepa could go to a good school. Presently she is pursuing BCA. She benefited from several sessions such as Time Management, SWOT analysis, Leadership skills, and Career guidance. Observing her skills in drawing and craft, the social worker motivated her to gain more knowledge and practice. Today she is also a good sketch artist. She could take this career path only because of the guidance given by the Social Workers of IDEA. She wants to complete the Master’s degree in Computer Application. Her dream of becoming a Software Developer will be a reality in the near future. Deepa says, “I am genuinely grateful to IDEA Foundation for being there to support me. Thank you so much for inspiring me to work even harder to make a difference in my life.”

1 June, 2022

Sponsor the education of a child


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

In this duration, we have achieved some milestones. They are as follows;

  1. School/college stationary distribution- we have distributed stationary like a notebook to all 40 students under Giving India sponsorship.

  2. BYJU’S App- We have started BYJU’s learning app in the month of July. This class is only for students 7th to 12th standard. A total of 18 students attended

  3. School/college fees reimbursement of the beneficiary- 15 students

  4. Virtual life skill session- Conducted a total of six life skill sessions on the topics below, two of which were virtual. 85 per cent of students attended these sessions.

  5. Financial Literacy

  6. E-commerce

  7. Job Application

  8. Cyber Safety

  9. Conflict Resolution

  10. Victim Blaming

  11. E- Exposure visits- Two exposure visits were conducted virtually. This visit was only for students from10th standard and above. A total of 28 students attended these exposure visits. The visits were to a) LAHI Foundation (Lend-A-Hand-India)- to know various vocational courses and to b) Tech Mahindra Foundation- to learn about paramedical courses.

In these months, we have conducted some events they are as follows;

  1. Handwriting competition (Marathi & English) – A total of 35 students participated.

  2. Raksha Bandhan camping (Raksha Bandh Sahayog) - A total of 24 students participated.

  3. Speech competition- A total of 14 students participated.

  4. Essay writing competition- A total of 20 students participated.

  5. Felicitation Program- This program was organized for 10th to 12th Std. passed out, students.

  6. Organized Ganapati festival decoration & selfie with Bappa.

We have covered a total of five communities from Pune (Uttamnagar, Kothrud, Waraje, Sutardara, and Lokamanya Vasahat) and one from Kerala. A total of 30 students from the Pune region and 10 students from the Kerala region. All these children received both monetary support (school/college reimbursement) and school material along with non-monetary support like - career guidance, personality development, life skill sessions, and appreciation of meritorious children by felicitating them, exposure visits, etc. This project is extremely helpful for deserving children from various underprivileged backgrounds for continuing their education.

Challenges faced and next steps

Due to the COVID pandemic, all schools and colleges were closed but their classes continued virtually, so we faced issues like unavailability of internet access. So many students couldn’t attend virtual classes and life skills sessions. For the past two years, almost all schools and colleges were closed, and many parents were jobless. So many families returned to their village as they didn’t have any income in Pune. And students couldn't get the family phone recharged on time, so their phones were switched off. So we could not get connected with the students. During the lockdown period, we selected some families whose children were facing problems with accessing online classes at school or college. A total of seven families were selected, and we supported them financially. Due to this support, some families have bought Android phones, and some of them have used them for mobile recharge. After that, we could connect with them from time to time, and they have attended school/collage lectures and IDEA’s virtual activities also.  The activity plan for the next 6 months is as follows: Impact analysis of the project Reporting of beneficiaries  Compensation for fees Virtual life skills sessions E-Exposure visits E-home visits Students' meeting Parents' meeting Different types of competition/events on virtually Stationary distribution Follow up of BYJU’S app using students  Updates all students' master sheets. Prepare a success/impact story.

Stories from the ground

In 2016, Sadiya was enrolled in a sponsorship project of the IDEA foundation. She is a very clever and studious girl. She was also interested in other arts and skills besides her studies. But she needed the right guidance and platform to pursue her interest in the arts and skills. She had to care for her younger siblings because her parents worked as daily wage labourers and she was the oldest child at home. So, she couldn’t have enough time for herself. When she was selected for the sponsorship project, she was very excited. Because of the family situation, her parents had decided to teach Sadiya only till the 12th grade. But, the sponsorship project helped Sadiya to continue her higher education. Our social worker had also counselled her parents about Sadiya’s future education and also explained to them about the sponsorship project. Accordingly, her parents agreed with Sadiya’s higher education. IDEA's sponsorship programme has been a great help to her financially and non-financially. Sadiya started to participate in all the activities of the sponsorship project. I also attended all the sessions related to personality development and life skills. So she got guidance on new topics. As Sadiya participated in every activity, she got a suitable platform to develop her skills. She has also completed an art and craft course from the IDEA foundation. Because of this course, she became an expert in making jewellery from quill paper. Now she is selling jewellery and making an income from that. During the lockdown period, Sadiya attended all-virtual life skill sessions as well as participated in various competitions like quizzes, essay writing, poetry writing, and COVID 19 awareness camping, which were all organised by the IDEA foundation. She has achieved first prize in the quiz competition and second prize in the essay writing competition. Also, Sadiya helps other students by taking classes on the topic "How to Make Jewelry". Sadiya has written more than 100 poems on various topics.Thus, Sadya has developed her skills after joining the IDEA sponsorship program. Sadiya said, "Due to the sponsorship support, I got the right platform to develop my skills." It gave me hope that I could take my skills to a new height. And that will help shape my career. And I am grateful to the IDEA Foundation for all of their advice and assistance.

7 October, 2021

Sponsor the education of a child


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

We have utilized the funds received for this program to support students from a few schools in Kerala towards the expenses on the below-mentioned program partly. 1. Smartphones given to more students Provided Smartphones for attending online classes for 4 more financially weaker students of KVLP School, Parumala near Chengannur ( Pathanamthitta District). These Students were unable to attend online classes since they were not having smartphones and their families are financially weak and unable to purchase phones. Now the students are attending classes regularly. And the school has reported the availability of smartphones to all children in the school. 2. Partnership with BYJUs App Underprivileged children are most affected during floods or COVID or any other calamities because they lack technology-enabled educational facilities. IDEA partnered with BYJUs App – a renowned interactive educational App provider in India. Around 1000 underprivileged students received free licenses for this App in the Smartphone available in the family. Learning is informative and interesting by using this App and we are glad that we could take some ‘ baby steps’ towards bridging the technology gap among the rich and poor. BYJUs App license is given to 58 students from SNDP HS, Kuttamangalam, 33 students from Govt HS Kuppappuram, 9 students from Kuttamangalam Govt LP School, and 9 students from Ponga Govt LP School in Kerala 9 under this project) and the remaining children are from Maharashtra. Students started using this E-learning app and find it very useful and interesting. They are using the app in streaming mode.3. Co-curricular activities in the schoolsApart from the above activities, children from our partner schools were engaged in many activities such as;-a. Zero Carbon Project: Collecting plastic waste, sorting out and sending the money obtained on selling it, to the Vaccine fund of Chief Minister. This activity was initiated by the career guidance club of the higher secondary section at SNDP HSS, Kuttamangalam. The higher secondary section teacher who was in charge of this activity won a prize from Hon Alappuzha District Collector for the best activity in the district.b. Talents Shore activity To empower youth through communication and life skills was conducted in the high schools. c. Leadership training Online Leadership Training Camp for ‘ Bharat Scouts & Guides’ Students were held.

Challenges faced and next steps

There were many challenges in the schools to continue online classes for children. But all the school teachers tried to mobilize local resources to overcome these challenges. In whatever possible way, the IDEA foundation also helped them, providing free licenses of BYJUs App for effective learning is one such initiative undertaken by IDEA. In the next 6 months, we are planning to provide essential learning materials for needy children in our associated schools.

Stories from the ground

Stories from the ground: We are delighted to see how our children stood shining even though they are continuously affected by natural calamities like floods or the pandemic.Academic excellence! We are partnering with two High schools in the project location - SNDP HS Kuttamangalam and Govt HS, Kuppappuram. Both these schools recorded 100 % pass when the result of the school final exam result held in the state was declared. Out of the 62 students who appeared from SNDP HS Kuttamangalam, 32 Students scored A+ grades for all subjects!The result was also very encouraging in Govt HS, Kuppappuram where the majority of the students are from extremely poor families – out of the 19 students who have appeared for the exam, all of them successfully passed the exam while 5 students scored A+ grade for all subjectsWe felicitated the students on the Merit Day organized by the schools. Honoring the top scorers at the Merit day function is indeed an inspiration to all the students to achieve the best. Gifts and Certificates were given to them.

23 March, 2021

Every single donation helps ……..


report image

Dear supporters,

Warm Greetings from IDEA Foundation!

In the midst of Covid-19 crisis, our much awaited 10th and 12th board examination results were declared. Once again our children made us proud. It was really an exciting moment for all of us and the children’s outstanding performance motivated us to continue our work with more passion and dedication even in these adverse conditions.

43 children appeared for 10th board exam and all of them cleared the exam, 8 children scored above 80 percent marks. The highest was 92.6 percent. 41 children appeared for 12th board exam and 40 children cleared all the papers. The highest was 82.15 percent. These children would not even able to complete schooling without your generous support and IDEA’s timely intervention.

At an individual level, each of us are affected by this pandemic. Although the technological advancement has made it possible for most of us to continue with our day to day life, the effect on the poorest has however been the hardest.

IDEA Foundation is continuing to support education of children under our sponsorship using different strategies to connect with these children. Our social workers are getting trained in different strategies to use to keep the interest of the children in studies as well as to cope up with the difficult scenario.

We have distributed groceries to their families as their parents are daily wagers who are not able to earn in this pandemic.

We are conducting online sessions to keep our children motivated and to stay focused. Fortunately, we are able to get the best counsellors and motivational speakers for our children. We have conducted sessions on time management , Anger management, Art Therapy, Health and Nutrition, SWOT analysis ..etc for our sponsored children. We are also arranging mentors for our sponsored children to keep them on track, and also to see if they need any professional help.

Thank you for your support! Please continue to support us, so that we will face the unexpected challenges with courage and continue to run our program for the benefit of the society, even when other alternatives fail.

5 July, 2020

Keeping hopes afloat


report imagereport image

Keeping hopes afloat

We thank you for supporting flood affected students from Kerala during these troubled times. With your help IDEA is providing educational sponsorship support to 100 needy flood affected students through school/ college fee reimbursement, providing school supplies, school bags, stationery and also study tables and chairs. We are also running a project to rebuild flood affected schools and helping affected families with viable livelihood options so that they can restart their lives and their children’s education is not stopped in its tracks.
Most of the students in Kuppappuram Govt High School are from financially weaker sections of the society. Most of them belong to social and economic backward classes and own a single room house only. After repeated floods damaged their houses, these students were left with no space for keeping their books also. We helped needy students like Abhijith with new study tables and chairs. Abhijith studying in 9th standard is an only child of a single mother, who is differently abled. They are staying in a house partially damaged by the flood. The study table and chair received by the family helped the student to get back to his studies. Abhijith has also received school bag and new books. After losing their belongings in the flood, the duo lived in several camps before coming back to their now empty and damaged house. What IDEA is doing is giving them atleast something to lean on to…something to keep them afloat.
Athulya of 10th standard also a flood victim, came back to School after a long gap. For her and for several other affected students the study materials provided by IDEA helped a lot. New school supplies and also seeing their school being rebuilt, encouraged them to get back to their studies. The students were found to be lagging behind in English, hence we arranged for a Spoken English teacher whose classes Athulya enjoyed the most.
Many more children like Abhijith and Athulya are waiting for a little support from us. After repeated floods, they are facing another looming threat of COVID-19 (Corona Virus), hence they need your help more than ever. Please continue to contribute to this project, Let us keep their hopes afloat!

19 November, 2019

Happy to receive school-material packages


report imagereport imagereport image

Happy to receive school-material packages

22 July, 2019


report image

Program Update

IDEA’s sponsorship programme helps needy and deserving students by providing reimbursement of school/college fees, study materials, life skills sessions, exposure visit and career counselling. Recently, a workshop on Gender Equality was organized at IDEA. The resource person had students discuss on group - a) Where do they see male female discrimination? b) Does that make any impact? And c) How this can be fixed? Post this a member from each group presented their understanding on these scenarios from their respective group.

Later, gauging the students’ understanding, on these issues, through the group activity the resource person extended the talk and explained further what is gender, how gender roles, which are actually non-biological, are reinforced, right from the birth, by people for boys and girls leading to women being discriminated, being treated unequally, being expected to veil their bodies and how all these issues rob them off equal opportunities and finally how all this impact us socially, economically, politically and many other ways.

A few interesting questions were raised by students. A boy asked, “Why the common room is kept for girls at school and colleges but not for boys?” “Having said that gender inequality hampers the growth and prosperity of the society”, one more question was raised by yet another student, “How come Saudi Arabia being an extremely male dominant country is able to prosper economically?” All these questions were answered satisfactory. These questions in themselves are proofs of how big the workshop was effective in terms of making students to think critically on gender issues which made the whole effort a successful attempt into engaging students in the right direction to understand the problem of gender inequality.

Many students, especially boys, expressed that gender inequality does exist which is based on discrimination and injustice. Hence working towards establishment of gender equality is very much desirable for not just growth and progress but creating an inclusive society.

Story from the field

Rushiraj is a boy of 16 who lives with his family of 5 in Pune. His father, Dnyaneshwar, works as the school van driver and mother works as the domestic help. Due to his family struggle in managing with limited income, IDEA Foundation decided to support him through its sponsorship programme, he was then in 8th Std. In his 10th Std., he scored 90%. Now he is in 11th Std. in science stream, studying at MIT College Kothrud Pune. He scored 80% in his annual assessment this year. He likes drawing and also has a hobby of collecting information about auto-mobiles. He likes playing cricket while it comes sports.

Rushiraj says that he is lucky to get support from IDEA Foundation, and because of this support he could manage to study tension free in the crucial year of his education and hopes to get this support even in the future. He also participates in IDEA foundation’s various activities. He says he got benefited from IDEA’s workshops and exposure visits which, he thinks, are really helpful for him to gain insights and make the right choices. He also attended Career Guidance Program and Summer Camp organized by IDEA.

He hasn’t decided yet what he wants to become in the future but he is hoping that he will do something which will make his family feel proud about him.

He is thankful to all the people who stood firm behind him in thick and thin and reserves his special thanks for this sponsorship programme.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?656
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date648
Village/City/State where project is locatedMaharashtra
Total Budget for the project for FY18-196800000
Total Expenses for the project YTD5410112.6

23 May, 2019


report image

Program Update

For the overall development of sponsored children IDEA Foundation organizes life skill & Personality Development classes, Digital Literacy, career counselling, spoken English classes, where they learn new skills which are required in today’s globalized world . Exposure visits and camps are organized to give them the exposure of out of school experience. Visit to Science Park, IUCAA, and Archaeology Museum were among others. To generate sense of responsibility and to develop citizenship we have formed Youth club with some enthusiastic sponsorship beneficiaries. Social workers are in touch with these children to guide them and their family wherever it is required.

Story from the field

Pallavi ( name changed to protect identity) belonged to a poor family in Pune where her father was running a small electronic repair shop. His income was hardly enough to meet the expenses of the family with 2 young children. But her parents had decided to educate their children. Unfortunately her younger brother has learning disabilities . Pallavi was admitted to a school nearby but the family was struggling to make both ends meet. Pallavi was a bright student and financial problems at home did not deter her from studying. Considering her potential and hard work, she was registered as a sponsored child with IDEA Foundation. Pallavi was in 8th standard then. With the help of her sponsors Pallavi could complete schooling with flying colours. After completing 10th std. she joined Government polytechnic college and got her diploma in Computer engineering and later she completed her B.Tech in Computer Science, with her sponsors’ support.
Now Pallavi is working in one of the reputed software company. She is satisfied with her job and is proud to be able to support her parents and her younger brother. IDEA supported her not only financially but also has given her proper guidance whenever required.

What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date400
Village/City/State where project is locatedMaharashtra
Total Budget for the project for FY18-193000000
Total Expenses for the project YTD2000000

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