Sponsor the cost of basic food and clothing for a poor senior citizen by Vizhuthukal Trust

Sponsor the cost of basic food and clothing for a poor senior citizen


Muthukumari is no more a burden to her family

Muthumari is a 75-year-old widow. She lives with her daughter Nangaiar and her two granddaughters in Maranthai village in the Alankulam Taluk of Tamilnadu.

Nangaiar is a 41-year-old widow. She works as a daily wage agricultural laborer. She earns a meager Rs.35 ($.047) per day whenever she can find work.

They struggle to make ends meet and go hungry many days.

To add to their troubles, Muthumari got diagnosed with Tuberculosis. Nangaiar was already struggling to manage the family. Her aged mother's illness turned out to be an added burden which she could not afford.

This is when the staff of Vizhuthukal Trust got to know about the family and visited them.

The staff found out the pathetic condition of the family of four women.

They first conducted a thorough checkup and arranged medicines from the Government hospital at Alankulam for Muthumari.

They enrolled her in their grocery program. She received 10 kg. of rice, grocery, a saree, health drink, and vegetables.

Muthumari's health improved drastically after the intervention. The regular medical care and groceries proved to be a boon to her.

Muthumari is no more a burden to her family. One can see the rays of happiness on her face now.

You can also help poor elderly citizens get access to basic food and clothing. You can donate so that they can live their golden years in peace. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


By donating to this program

You will be sponsoring the benefits for different beneficiaries every month

About The Program

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Program Description

Vizhuthukal Trust works with the marginalized elderly of the scheduled caste community to provide food, medicines, and clothing around Tirunelveli district.

One unit of donation to this program will cover the cost of providing one set of clothes, groceries, vegetables and 10 kilos of rice to one poor, elderly citizen every month.

In rural areas in low-income families, the sole breadwinners find it difficult to support their family members and children. It is because of this that the elderly are usually ignored and left uncared for by their families.

Vizhuthukal Trust started this program to aid the helpless and needy, elderly citizens.

Beneficiaries are selected by the Trust’s self-help groups based on criteria, such as age, the extent of dependence of the person, health, occupation, and family support.

Priority is given to widows and destitute women.

Vizhuthukal Trust works with more than 2,000 old people in villages. Currently, they support 25 to 30 seniors regularly. Their support to these seniors mostly depends on the donations that they receive.

When you donate to this program, you help poor senior citizens not worry about their food in their old age and live with the dignity they deserve.

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About The NGO

Vizhuthukal Trust
Vizhuthukal Trust Logo
Vizhuthukal Trust

The vision of the organisation is to strive towards transforming the de-humanized and exploited to

experience and sustain a dignified life.

Being a Dalit, Mrs. Nancy was affected by three dimensions - within the family, being untouchable and having been born as a woman. This phenomenon is common to all Dalit women. This kind of injustice unveiled by the society on the women folk hurt her feelings from childhood. This inner urge and burning desire motivated her to start an organisation for the cause of women, especially Dalit.

The founder's father was a school head master and she always had an inclination towards social service looking at the condition of the people living in remote areas of her village, especially women. Thereafter, she decided to start SHGs and also had offers to join the govt. but decided not to do so as that would mean having to succumb to political pressure. Slowly, the activities gained momentum and she increased the focus areas. She has received a lot of support from her husband. The organization is run by women and works for women beneficiaries from the dalit community (especially scavengers) irrespective of religion.

Mrs. Nancy has 16 years of experience in organizing the unorganized labours like bullock cart workers, farmers, domestic workers, scavengers and rural artisans and development works. She has organized 680 women self help groups. She is a master trainer in Entrepreneur development training and self help group members and leaders.

Vizhuthukal Trust primarily works for landless labourers, agricultural coolies and scavengers in Tirunelveli. Due to modernization and urbanization, agricultural activity has come down narrowly over the years. So women in the village find it very difficult to find any kind of work. The condition of destitute, abandoned and widowed women gets further worsened against this background.

Vizhuthukal Trust runs various development programs for the welfare of the rural community under Tirunelveli Corporation. One of these is their educational program, through which they support play centres. In a survey that the Trust conducted amongst these children, they learnt that many children had expressed that their wish is to celebrate their birthdays with their friends and family. So the organisation has a program for celebrating birthdays of children.

The organization's primary focus is to work for the betterment of children, women and the aged (primarily women). They do this through:

1) Organization of women working as house maids

2) Self-Help Group formation for women

3) education Support for poor children in slums/orphans

4) Support for destitute women who are aged

5) Children's birthday celebration programme

6) Income Generation Programme

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

N. P. Nancy

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Area of Operation

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Tamil Nadu

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Program Updates

23 January, 2023

Half Yearly Impact Report


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

The nonprofit has provided groceries and vegetables to 53 underprivileged aged women in the slums of Tirunelveli corporation of Tamilnadu. Volunteers gather the beneficiaries in a common place of the respective slums. The staff carries the food martials to the slums in a vehicle and distributes the food materials. Signatures in the register are taken from every beneficiary receiving this support. Every beneficiary has been struggling alone and finding it difficult to earn their living. Their income is not sufficient even after trying very hard to make more income. They are supported with vegetables and food ingredients. They cook simple food and make use of the vegetables judiciously to keep it for 20 days or more.

Challenges faced and next steps

No challenges at present.

Stories from the ground

Mrs. Thillaivanam is a poor dalit widow living in the slum clearance board colony of Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli corporation. She manages her daily needs by collecting waste paper and tin in the streets. Thillaivanam unfortunately has been diagnosed with cancer in addition to osteoporosis. Her mobility is limited. The nonprofit visits her regularly to listen to her struggles and support her. At this very painful point in her life, the support of food ingredients has been very helpful for her survival.

19 May, 2022

Help to Helpless


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

In the past six months, we have provided food materials and clothing to the aged people in the COVID-affected areas of Tirunelveli district of Tamilnadu.

Challenges faced and next steps

We have faced some challenges in the execution of the programme, like unavailability of food materials and mobilization of materials. Due to COVID, gathering the beneficiaries in a common place is a must. We overcome these challenges by building confidence in the beneficiaries and raising awareness about COVID precautions. We planned for the next six months to increase the number of beneficiaries. 3 beneficiaries had expired. So we have planned to add the beneficiaries instead of them.

Stories from the ground

Mrs. Muthuveeri, w/o Mr. Arumugam (late), is a 69-year-old poor widow. Her husband died before 18 months because of alcohol consumption. Now Kaliyammal is living alone and working as an agricultural coolie. But due to the COVID pandemic, she lost her livelihood. She is struggling to get through her days with more difficulties. We have provided She needs her rice (ten kilograms), a saree with blouse, groceries and vegetables for her one-month food needs. Muthuveeri lives in solitude and in bliss like a devotee. She has been very grateful and expresses her gratitude with a sad smile. She likes listening more than speaking. She makes gestures to accept or reject opinions. She is very simple and humble in her attitude and very thankful for the support we provide.

5 October, 2021

Sponsor the cost of basic food and clothing for a poor senior citizen


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

The last six months are the covid pandemic severely attacked in our area. All of them are lockdown in their house and had no work for their survival. The situation of the old age people is very worst. Usually, the aged people are managing their daily needs by collecting waste papers and tin and sold them in shops. But due to lock down the paper collecting centres are closed. So they are struggling with their daily basic needs. We conducted an awareness meeting with the aged people about the importance of wearing a mask, sanitizing and vaccination to prevent corona. there were 56 aged people were participated in the programme.In the last six months, we have provided food materials to 383 poor aged women covered the hamlets of Karuppandurai, Thachanallur, Nagammalpuram, Rajendranagar, and Anna Nagar of Tirunelveli corporation. We have provided them 10Kg rice, a saree with a blouse, groceries and vegetables each for their one-month food need.

Challenges faced and next steps

The only challenge is covid virus threatening.Lockdown announcement by the government.We insist the people take the vaccination, using masks, and keep their social distance.We waited for the relaxation of lockdown to execute the programme.In the coming six months we have planned to reach 1500 aged women in our district.

Stories from the ground

Impact story: Mrs Manthiram W/o Mr Petchimuthu (late) is a 70 years old poor Dalit widow. Her husband was died 3 years because of drunk with alcohol. She is living lonely no.7, Jothipuram, Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli Corporation. and managing her daily needs with the support of her neighbours. In this covid pandemic, Manthiram was helpless nobody helps her with her daily food. She was more struggling for her needs far ever. Vizhuthukal provided rice 10Kg, a set of cloth, grocery and vegetables for her one-month food needs. .she holds our hand and says,” You give us not food materials, but life!”. Her statements are profound and melt us with a feeling of oneness with her.

23 March, 2021

Help to heal the sick of hungry


report image

This 9 months period (April-December 2020) Vizhuthukal got the chance to heal the hungry sick of 147 poor aged for the amount of Rs. 1,47, 626/- by GiveIndia as donation. We are very gratitude to our donors for their generous donation .This nine month are very crucial due to Covid 19, to all especially for the old aged people those who are most repents of others.
This period we use the donation to provide the food materials to the victims of Covid 19. We provided them with Rice 10Kg, Saree with blouse, groceries and vegetables each for one month food.
This is very important to the aged people the received the food materials with tear. Particularly in old age when not cared by children and relatives is a curse. However, a the curse could be turned into bliss if people could follow the foot prints of Alaammal and her husband. This old lady has been so affectionate and treats her husband as a child. As we know that he is a blind person and cannot perform his personal needs on his own.This old lady is an inspiration to us whenever we go and meet her. She is a great believer in God and feels very close with her husband. She has been saying that if I lose my husband then it would a real desert to her and would terminate her life shortly. What a love!.She has been always thankful to our support and friendship and received the food materials with tears

5 August, 2020

Hope for the helpless


report imagereport image

Hope for the helpless

Vizhuthukal Trust has received 117 units of donation in the programme of sponsor the cost of basic food and clothing for a poor senior citizen.
We have provided to the beneficiaries with 10 Kgs. rice a saree with blouse, groceries and vegetables to each beneficiaries.
Here are a few eneficiary wise needs: Mrs. Pushpam W/o Sermasamy is a 66 years old poor dalit scavenger community widow loving lonely and working as a domestic worker.Her husband was died before 21 years because of asthma. She is living in No. 8. Ulagamman koil south street, Varrarapettai of Tirunelvlei corporation of Tamilnadu.
Mrs .Kannammal W/o Palraj is a 71 years old poor dalit scavenger community widow. Her husband Mr. Palraj was died before 35 years. Now Kannammal is living with her physically challenged daughter Mrs. Rajeshwari. They are managing their daily needs with the support fo the old age pension Rs. 1000/- which is given by the government of Tamilnadu.

5 July, 2020

Help the helpless


report imagereport image

Help the helpless

Vizhuthukal trust has received 30 units of donation for this option and distributed the same to the eligible helpless aged senior citizens.

19 November, 2019

Happy to receive the care packages


report imagereport imagereport imagereport imagereport image

Happy to receive the care packages

22 July, 2019


report image

Program Update

The activity of sponsor the cost of basic food and cloth for poor aged is focusing the helpless aged dalit scavenger community women in the slums of Tirunelveli corporation of Tamilnadu, India. In the last months we have supported to 19 poor aged women. The previous day of the programme we selected the beneficiaries with the support of local self help groups and the volunteers of Vizhuthukal Trust. In the presence of local community leader/ representative we provided a saree with blouse, 10 Kg rice, groceries and vegetables to each beneficiaries. In the target area there are more than 1000 eligible poor aged women are there. So we planed to provide the food materials and cloth to 60 person each in one month totally 720 beneficiaries for this year .

Story from the field

Mrs. Oorkali W/o Sorimuthu is a 80 years old poor dalit widow . Her husband was died before 20 ears because of nervous debility. Oorkali cannot work because of her age and poor health. She is under the care of her daughter Mrs. Samundeshwari who is working as an unskilled construction coolie. Mrs. Oorkali , feels that there is no body to take care of her. She has been feeling isolated and deserted. However, With the support of the donation given by Ruthesh Ganesan
through GiveIndia, Mrs. Oorkali was provided with a set of cloth, rice 10 Kgs. groceries and vegetables for one month food expenses in the presence of Mrs. Rebakka the Aniimator of a self help group of veramanickapuram. Mrs. Oorkali has been using the provisions and uses it well. Oorkali is grateful to the donors for their kindness to help her receive the benefits. She used to ask who is giving her all these things? We used to tell that there is an organization called Give India with good hearted people who collect money from others and send to us to help her and others like her. Oorkali love the life of solitude and always keeps her days active. She is a few among the many beneficiaries who is graciously reciprocates her love and concern with kind words and sincere enquiries about our life and struggles. Although old, she is able and active.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?720
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date19
Village/City/State where project is locatedSlums of Tirunelvlei corporation of Tamil Nadu, India
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19864000
Total Expenses for the project YTD864000