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Sponsor special meals of residential children


Your donation can make more like Bharat live a normal life

10-year-old Bharat lost his parents at a young age. When he had no one to take care of him at such a tender age, the friends of his family admitted him to Child Aid Foundation. Here, he received free accommodation under CAF's "Chatravas Hostel Project" and his studies are also taken care of under their "Vidya Education Project".

Besides free food and shelter, he is also provided with clothing, medical care, and educational supplies. Bharat is now a healthy child, studying in standard 5th. Given his interest in studies and a good grasp at his lessons, he will be supported by the CAF to continue his studies and become something in life.

When Bharat had no one to look up to, CAF stood by his side and gave him the normal childhood he deserved. That has been made possible only by a donor like you. Your donation can make a good life possible for abandoned kids like Bharat. You can donate with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


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CAF provides basic meals regularly to the children living in its residents. The sponsorship of "Special Meals" enables the hostel to provide more variety, tastier, and more nutritious meals on a more regular basis. Based on over 25 years of practical experience with donors and potential donors, this particular Donation Option is one of the most popular choices that people like to donate to. They like to donate sponsored special meals for special occasions like birthdays, holidays, holidays, anniversaries, festivals, functions, etc. Whenever a "Special Meal" is donated, we prepare the sponsored meal in our kitchen by our staff member cooks. The extra required food items are purchased for the sponsored meal that day, the meal is prepared, and finally served to all the residential children.

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About The NGO

Child Aid Foundation
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Child Aid Foundation

The Founder of Child Aid Foundation (CAF), Dr. A. Goswami, came to India in the 1980s on a personal tour. He was born and brought up in New York City, and adopted an Indian name later on. During his extensive travel throughout the country, he repeatedly encountered many needy children. He was moved by their plight and started CAF in 1993.

Child Aid Foundation is a legally registered, government recognized, non-profit, non-political, secular, public charitable trust. Child Aid provides comprehensive aid and care to underprivileged children, boys and girls, of all ages and academic levels on both a residential and non-residential basis.

Aid and care they recieve includes food, clothing, shelter, personal supplies, medical care, education, education supplies, and initial job placement assistance.

No. of girl children's education sponsored on a non-residential basis - 20

No. of underprivileged children, boys and girls being provided free education and supplies - 250

No. of children being provided free hostel including food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and personal supplies - 35

The mission of the organisation is to provide comprehensive aid and care to poor and needy children so that they may pursue and complete their education and are capable of achieving their dreams.

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Founded in 1991
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A. Goswami

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Area of Operation

Children | education

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Andhra Pradesh

Child Aid Foundation has

provided quality education and school supplies to 250 underprivileged children

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Program Updates

2 June, 2022

Special Meals Sponsored for special occasions


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

In addition to providing all the residential children tasty and nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a daily basis we also have a Sponsored "Special" Meals Scheme. Individuals, families, and groups select a day that is special for them such as a birthday, wedding anniversary, housewarming, holiday, and holyday. For such sponsored special meals, additional items are either prepared or purchased including fruits, sweets, and ice cream. The number and variety of the food items depends on the donated amount.

Challenges faced and next steps

We did not face any actual COVID related challenges for this program but if the sponsors of the meals want to personally deliver the meals then we naturally insist that they are COVID free, and wear a mask while they are present in our premises. The sponsored special meals will continue on a regular basis regardless of the COVID situation.

Stories from the ground

As such sponsored special meals are for all the resident hostel children. Therefore, all the hostel children benefit from such sponsored special meals.

25 November, 2021

Special Meals for the Resident Children


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Up until August 16th, most of the classes that were going on were online, especially for college-level children. Whatever the number of children that were present in the residential hostel was provided with these sponsored special meals. Any additional amounts were used to distribute food items such as groceries to the children and their families during the COVID lockdown period. From August 16th onwards all the schools reopened officially, and the number of resident children in our hostel returned to normal levels. There are usually about 35-40 children staying in our residential hostel division.

Challenges faced and next steps

As mentioned above, during COVID times some of the donated funds were utilized to distribute food items to the children under our care on a non-residential basis. From August 16th onwards the school and hostel reopened, and these sponsored meals are being conducted on-site in Child Aid Foundation.

Stories from the ground

Our 10th standard student Kiran stays in our hostel with his brother Teja, and both attend our school also. Their younger sister Tejaswini attends our school on a non-residential basis. While all the schools were closed the brothers continued to stay in our hostel and their sister stayed at home. We distributed groceries (rice, lentils, cooking oil, vegetables, etc.) to their sister for her use at home.

23 March, 2021

Special Meals for Kids During Covid Times


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The Corona Virus pandemic has forced us to adapt and become creative with many of our projects, programs, and activities. For several months the government was not allowing any classes to go on. Some colleges were running online classes, and some were even running in-classrooms but with alot of precautions. Since November the restrictions have been gradually easing and from February 1st all the in-classroom classes (1st to 10th standards) have started running again.
During the full and partial lockdown periods we had been arranging the sponsored special meals for whatever number of residential children were present, plus inviting some of our school children who lived nearby our Child Aid Foundation center. While preparing and serving the meals all possible anti-Covid precautions were always taken, and the meals were of great benefit and enjoyment to the children who attended the sponsored meals.
We sincerely thank the special meals sponsors and ask them to continue sponsoring. Our hostel should be back to full strength within just a few more days, and we look forward to helping and serving the disadvantaged kids. Thank you.