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Ambika - The Fighter

Ambika Singh came to Disha in September 2009. Ambika had Cerebral Palsy with Spastic Diplegia. His condition made it difficult for him to sit or move from one position to another. He found it difficult to bear weight on both his lower limbs. Ambika underwent vigorous physiotherapy from the time of his admission in Disha in the form of stretching, balance and coordination exercises, aquatic therapy and Equino therapy. He also underwent facilitation techniques for movement control and gait training. Ambika even had to undergo surgery to correct his deformities, still the spasticity recurred the deformities. At present, due to continuous physiotherapy, he is able to walk with support, at home as well as outdoors. He even goes out to the park with the help of his walker. He performs few activities independently. He still shows spasticity to some extent but can control the movement for his basic needs.

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Disha Foundation works with mentally, physically and neurologically challenged children in Jaipur and surrounding areas. The NGO provides physiotherapy services for functional independence so that the children can perform daily activities like bathing, using the toilet, eating, etc. Physiotherapy helps in correcting deformities and walking pattern and developing postural control. Different neuro-developmental techniques are applied to achieve the required goals.

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About The NGO

Disha Foundation
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Disha Foundation

The mission of Disha Foundation is to contribute to the creation of a society which provides equal opportunity to persons with disability, to live with dignity and realize their maximum potential.

Mrs. P.N. Kavoori is the founder of Disha Foundation and provides special education at the centre for differently abled children. She established Disha Foundation with the Khaitan family, with full support from Rajmata Gayatri Devi and the royal family. The organization was registered as a trust in 1997.

The school has all facilities for the special education as well as physiotherapy and other relevant activities for children with special needs. The organisation has had many students excelling in sports and participating and winning gold in international podiums as well.

No. of mothers of special children who took training to handle their special child at home - 47

No. of Special children who had undergone screening, assessment, intervention and evaluation - 142

No of special children who had undergone Pre vocational & vocational training - 24

No. of parents who took counselling & training sessions - 142

No. of special needs people under Community Based Rehabilitation program who have undergone screening, identify, assessment & advocacy - 54

Ms. Rainu Singh, Executive Director of Disha, currently leads the organisation has two decades of experience in working for various social issues. Six years of dedicated efforts to bring Disha to an institute of great repute brought her rewards from the Govt of Rajasthan when it appointed Ms. Rainu Singh as Commissioner Disabilities for the state with a rank equal to a State Minister in July 2013. She was responsible for implementing Acts and Policies in the State and listening to the grievances of people with disabilities across the State.

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Founded in 1991
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Rainu Singh

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Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2015: World Summer Games participation

2017: Gujarat NGO Leadership Awards

2015: Best digital Literacy Center

2016: Samajik Puraskar

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Program Updates

19 July, 2022

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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Disha has an updated pediatric rehab facility with, neuro-developmental therapy, occupational therapy, aquatic therapy, multi-sensory integration, and speech & language therapy and audiology services in a soundproof room and through that, we aim to cater to students and children with Cerebral palsy, Developmental disabilities, Hypoxic encephalopathy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Muscle diseases, Genetic disorders, Spina bifida and other congenital neurological disorders. The centre of therapies aims to reduce the detrimental effects of abnormal tone due to spasticity or dystonia. This consists of a stepped care approach beginning with exercises, seating devices, referrals for splinting, corrective casting and surgery. The ambulation program is directed towards children with the potential to ambulate. The department also takes care of other physical ailments of orthopedic, geriatrics and adult neurological disorders.

Challenges faced and next steps

Disha as an organization has been continuously evolving and we did when the pandemic broke out. In order to achieve the mission we at Disha and the centre of therapies set for itself and to make sure that we are able to deliver on it most of the activities were switched to online mode. Even physiotherapies switched to online mode in order to extend the benefits of the goal of physiotherapy to each home The therapists with their sheer hard work and efforts were able to provide suitable guidance and support through videos so that they can grasp the main points as to how to work upon the child at home. Parents are repeatedly motivated to keep up the therapy work regularly on the child. The therapist encouraged parents to have a schedule where they could imbibe this work in the routine instead of devoting separate time which would be an additional task. The feedback from the parents we at Disha received was not just positive but encouraging also. The good thing was that all these efforts were fruitful and everyone got accustomed to the same. Of course, online therapy cannot replace the in-person approach but the effectiveness brought was quite appreciable.

Stories from the ground

Preet Jangid has Right hemiparesis with Cerebral Palsy with good cognition. It is a form of spastic cerebral palsy in which one arm and leg on either the right or left side of the body is affected. He is self ambulatory and independent in his basic ADLs. He walks with Right side foot in equinous and knee in flexion. His muscle length is fair with correctable tightness. His spasticity increases with weight-bearing (Dynamic spasticity) . He is taken in physiotherapy department for correction in gait pattern and reduction of the dynamic spasticity and improving the motor control. Because of this, he has overcome the dynamic spasticity. His gait has a better ground clearance now and he makes good efforts in proper heel strike during stance. His continuous efforts have even made him learn the better ground clearance while walking. The same physiotherapy protocol has been used to improve his gait pattern. His motor skills of lower extremities has advanced to an extent that he can now stand on one leg on the affected side with good control.