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Sponsor mid day meals to children in Maharashtra by Annamrita Foundation

Needs more donors to continue operations

Sponsor mid day meals to children in Maharashtra


You could be the reason a child like Hitesh makes it through the day.

Hitesh is 10 years old. He lives with his parents in Palghar in Maharashtra. Both his parents work at a construction site.

They leave early to work and do not have time to make a meal for Hitesh in the morning. An occasional cup of tea in the morning is his only source of sustenance through the day. He does not eat breakfast or have lunch at school.

His first and only meal a day used to be when his mother got home and made him dinner. He would be too tired and weak to focus on anything by evening and would fall asleep after dinner.

Hitesh’s life changed when ISKCON Food Relief Foundation started their midday meal program in his school. They gave him a warm and nutritious meal at school for free every day. This gave him something to look forward to as well as the nutrition he needed to survive.

Hitesh is now able to focus on his studies and enjoys school. He hopes to someday become an engineer.

At least one good meal is essential for a child’s well being and development. You can gift meals to poor children like Hitesh who have no other source of nutrition through the day. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


By donating to this program

you will be sponsoring the overall costs incurred to support the beneficiaries

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Program Description

ISKCON Food Relief Foundation (IFRF) believes in providing children with the right nutrition to support their education through their "Annamrita" program. The programme is based on the belief that, "You Are What You Eat." An assured nutritious meal a day brings thousands of children to school.

Every child in this country can get an education if each person sponsors one wholesome meal for one child. The Midday Meal Scheme is being implemented by IFRF under the name of "Annamrita" meaning "food that is as pure as nectar." The khichdi is prepared in centralized and hi-tech kitchens with the highest standards of hygiene and quality ingredients. Close to 12,00,000 meals are provided every day across 8 states.

Donate to this program and you will support two children in Maharashtra get access to a meal for a year. This may be the only good meal they eat in a day.

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About The NGO

Annamrita Foundation
Annamrita Foundation Logo
Annamrita Foundation

Annamrita is the strategic Mid Day Meal Programme by the government of India and run by IKSCON Food Relief Foundation, which aims to liberate the unprivileged children from malnourishment and illiteracy.

Their program is based on the belief that 'you are what you eat'. They provide a nutritious meal to the children in school to attract them to school, thus, serving two purposes of curbing illiteracy and malnourishment. One nutritious meal a day brings thousands of children to school.

Their goal is that no child should be deprived of education due to poverty and hunger. Undernourishment is one of the major conditions hitting the children of India., thus, Annamitra has resolved to provide good quality and hygienic food straight out of ISO certified kitchens. The food prepared is of high nutritional value, suitable for growing children. With healthy food and a full-stomach, they can concentrate better on their studies.

Presently, Annamitra caters over 12,00,000 meals every day from 20 kitchen centers across 8 states. In 2016, ISKCON Food Relief Foundation was awarded the D.Y. Patil Annual Achievers Award by the Dr. D. Y. Patil Group, as the best organization for distributing midday meals to underprivileged children.

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Founded in 1991
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Prakash Nanjundia

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Annamrita Foundation has

provided nutritious mid-day meals to 2,90,405 underprivileged children

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2016: State Award for Organisations

2016: TIMES Social Impact Award

2011: Best NGO Award

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Last Audited
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Verification Visit Reports

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Program Updates

Program Updates

3 March, 2023

Half Yearly Impact Report


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

The Mid-meal program achievements for the past 6 months (Jan 2022 - June 2022)are as follows: No of children served-188 Locations- Covering major parts of Maharashtra eg- Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, etc. The process of the MidDay meal distribution starts with a survey of our field team to find out the target locations to carry out the distribution. Post the same, we execute the distribution as per the number of students. Meals are cooked in the High-tech kitchens taking care of the hygiene and sanitation of the food while preparing. The food is packed in insulated containers which keep the food at 60 degrees temperature right from the kitchen till the time it is served in the schools. According to the mid meal timings of the schools, the food is dispatched from the kitchens to the schools. 188 children are directly impacted as they have been served with Midday meals. In addition to the same, we have also helped their underprivileged families, by not only serving their kids once a day but additionally filling their tiffins for hunger pangs in the remaining day. The impact on the people was visible through the smiling faces of the children while receiving the meals along with the joy and satisfaction their families had that their kids are being fed healthy, nutritious and sanitized food. The impact can also be measured with consistency and improvement in attendance and a decrease in the sick leaves of the students due to improved immunity.

Challenges faced and next steps

The goals of the mid-day meal scheme are: -Improve the effectiveness of primary education by improving the nutritional status of children thereby reducing malnutrition -Attract children from disadvantaged sections, especially girls from Dalits and Adivasi tribes to school, thereby increasing attendance, reducing dropout rates & promoting women empowerment through literacy. -Promote a feeling of oneness and secularism amongst various religions and cultures.

Stories from the ground

Over the past 17 years, Annamrita has been driven by the vision to create a world in which no one in need goes hungry. We encourage children to go to school each day and get nutritious, wholesome, and hygienic food. Our desire to nourish people goes beyond just children. In times of crisis, we have stood in solidarity to support the ones in need. While our NGO continues to provide mid day meals to encourage children to attend school regularly, our programs have also provided necessary food relief during natural disasters and healthcare crisis. So far we have had a direct impact on 10,00,000+ children through 12,00,000+ meals served in 6,500+ schools across 21 cities all over India. With your continual support we would like to cover more children and help in their upliftment. They are the future of India which needs to be taken care of. By helping these children we are not only helping these individuals but also indirectly helping the families who are depending on them in upcoming future

23 March, 2021

Karuna:Food For Life


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Annamrita Cares - An Initiative Against COVID19

COVID-19 pandemic has become widespread in India, leading to the Government declaring a complete nationwide lockdown till 14th April 2020. While the lockdown is imperative for keeping COVID-19 at bay, it has given root to several issues. On the one hand, hundreds of thousands of daily wage earners are stranded in cities without a means of income. On the other, quarantined people, patients, and medical staff don’t have the luxury to roam around freely to meet their essential requirements. The only way for us resolve these issues is together. The government is doing it’s part; and we have the power to help.

What’s the plan?

Annamrita Foundation is providing nutritious and hygienic meals to all the municipal wards, hospital staff, and daily wagers stranded all over India every day through our dedicated staff of cooks, helpers, supervisors, and drivers. As per the guidelines of WHO, proper food handling techniques are being implemented using masks, hand gloves, sanitizers as well as social distancing and personal hygiene.

Currently, we are running 3 programs to help the people in need:

  1. Municipal staff feeding program
    This includes people dedicatedly serving in departments of Solid Waste Management, Maintenance, Public Health, Water, Social Justice, and Disaster Management.

  2. Hospital health staff feeding program
    We have started serving meals to hospitals in Mumbai to all the health care staff including doctors, nurses, assistant staff, pathology staff, and office assistants.

  3. Food for life
    Annamrita Foundation is also providing meals to the underprivileged and needy in streets and slums through our various kitchens in Maharashtra, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Andhra Pradesh.


We are preparing the meals in our kitchens and we have identified organizations that will take the responsibility to pick the meals and distribute to the needy. We have tied up with State Governments to supply the food in an efficient manner.


We are already serving 1.5 lakh people across India and this number is expected to grow to 5 lakh in coming weeks.

5 July, 2020

One Small Act can nourish a child for A whole year


report imagereport image

One Small Act can nourish a child for A whole year

Annamrita foundation Started operating New ISO Certified Kitchens at Mahul, Nagpur, Jalna.
Mahul kitchen started serving Midday meals to children from south And central Mumbai Schools from 1 st November 2019. Mahul Kitchen Supplies 65000 Meals/ day to children. It has capacity to serve around 1,50,000 meals per day.
In December 2019 Nagpur Kitchen also started serving Midday Meals to To school children in NMC. It has started with 7500 children and the capacity of this kitchen is up to 45000 children per day.
In February 2020 Annamrita started its new kitchen in Jalna to serve mid day meals to children in Jalna. Shree Bhagat Singh Koshyari(Hon Gov Of Maharashtra) was present during the inauguration of Jalna kitchen. He appreciated the cleanliness of Kitchen and hard work done to set up Jalna Kitchen.

19 November, 2019

Children receiving nutritious meals


report imagereport imagereport imagereport image

Children receiving nutritious meals

22 July, 2019


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Program Update

Annamrita is a non-profit, non-religious, non-sectarian charitable trust. Its Midday Meal program is being implemented in municipal, government aided and non-aided schools for the benefit of underprivileged children. The work is done without any commercial motive and the benefits are available to needy students at large without any discrimination on the grounds of religion, caste, creed or gender.The Midday Meal is a strategic program to liberate underprivileged children from the bonds of hunger and illiteracy. The program is an initiative of the Government of India and Annamrita Foundation ( earlier known as ISKCON Food Relief Foundation) is implementing it under the banner of ‘Annamrita’, operating in select schools in Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and West Bengal serving over a million meals daily

Story from the field

Kavita – hungry no more.
Kavita Mandke is studying in 6th standard at Kajupada Marathi No.3 School. Her father is a worker in a
grocery shop and mother is a housewife. She has one brother and two sisters. She starts her day
without eating anything and comes to school on an empty stomach. She relies solely on the midday
meal for wholesome, nutritious food. She says that she feels better and satisfied and also has become
regular in school after she started having midday meals at school.
On behalf of ISKCON FOOD RELIEF FOUNDATION, We thank you for your generous donation of
towards the Mid-day Meals Project. Your contribution will go a long way in helping us serve
thousands of needy children. The Mid day Meal program has various impacts:

  1. Providing children with good nutrition, something that is absolutely imperative for proper
    cognitive development in children, especially between 6-12 years of age.

  2. Addressing hunger and malnutrition

  3. Breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy by attracting children to school and
    getting them educated

  4. Sharing the financial responsibility of their parents by providing a full meal

  5. Promoting Girl child education in the country

  6. By serving common meal to all on a common platform, the program has been instrumental in helping children unite and rise above cultural and caste differences. The meal is prepared with the highest standards of hygiene and quality ingredients that meet the nutritional requirements of growing children. The food is then packed in the steel containers and locked with seals, which is then delivered to various Schools and is served to the children at free of cost in the school.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?250000
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date6380
Village/City/State where project is locatedMany villages from Maharashtra state
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19112500000
Total Expenses for the project YTD2870912

30 October, 2018

Annamrita-ISKCON Food Relief Foundation's Update


report image

Program Update

Annamrita Foundation is a non-profit, non-religious, non-sectarian public charitable trust. Its Midday Meal program is being implemented in municipal, government aided and non-aided schools for the benefit of underprivileged children. The work is done without any commercial motive and the benefits are available to needy students at large without any discrimination on the grounds of religion, caste, creed or gender. Since its inception Annamrita is focusing on only one project of preparation and distribution of very high quality hygienic and nutritious midday meals to underprivileged children.

Story from the field

Shaista Shaikh, who aspires to become a District Collector or a high ranked govt. officer, is studying in 7th standard in Mira Urdu school no. 34. Her father is a construction worker and mother works as a maid servant. She has one sister and two brothers. All her siblings go to school. Few years back her family migrated from an interior village of Gujarat.
She starts her day with just a cup of tea and a slice of bread. She feels hot, tasty and nutritious food is always essential for good health. Shaista says that the meals that she gets every day in school keeps her healthy and helps her focus on her studies. She no longer feels the hungry in the classroom. The fatigue associated with it made it very difficult to pay attention also. Hence, according to her, the overall classroom performance of not only just her but also of other children has improved. She further states that her parents are happy about the midday meals which she gets at school and have less burden now as they don't have to worry about her lunch.

Expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19250000
Number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program this year128404