Sponsor living expenses of a visually challenged student by Indian Association for the Blind

Sponsor living expenses of a visually challenged student

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Monthly donations provide shelter to visually impaired kids like Ahilendran

"I want to be a lawyer when I grow up," says Ahilendiran of VII Std. Ahilendiran suffers from night blindness as does his younger sister. Both siblings were enrolled in a Government Primary School for the Blind in Madurai.

When Ahilendiran lost his father to a heart attack a few years ago, his mother took charge of running their tea shop so the family would not suffer any financial setback. Ahilendran eventually joined IAB for his secondary education. His ticket out of poverty is only through education.

"I want to help my family. I want to be a good lawyer and make my mother proud," says Ahilendiran seriously. A little financial assistance is all it takes to help make his dream a reality.

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Nestled in the village of Sundararajanpatty in the outer fringes of Madurai in Tamilnadu, the Indian Association for the Blind (IAB) promises the visually challenged a life of confidence and opportunities. Established in 1985, IAB has been the pioneer in empowering the visually challenged towards self-reliance through various initiatives.

Realising the importance of education in empowering the visually challenged, the Indian Association for the Blind (IAB) provides free food, education, and accommodation to students from low-income groups. The program helps children who are visually challenged with an opportunity to have an education. This helps grow up to become self-reliant and independent adults.

Donations made to this program support the cost of medical expenses, salaries of the warden and caretaker. When you donate to the program, you will help in educating a poor blind child whose journey you can follow.

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About The NGO

Indian Association for the Blind
Indian Association for the Blind Logo
Indian Association for the Blind

The Indian Association for the Blind (IAB) is popularly known as the temple for rehabilitation, that affirms its commitment to empower visually challenged people to practice self-reliance by providing comprehensive rehabilitation, education and employment opportunities to them.

Based at Madurai, their special focus on economically disadvantaged visually challenged children and adults has fostered education and rehabilitation to more than 11,000 visually challenged people.

With over 24 projects that enhance the quality and quantity of educational and employment opportunities, their activities have benefited 20% of the visually challenged population of Tamil Nadu.

The long list of awards that this association has been honored with includes the Millennium Award by All India Confederation for the Blind, New Delhi, CSR Award, IBN7 Super Idol Award and the National Award by the President of India. Providing assistance in education, career, and residence, the members of IAB are committed to raise the living standard of visually impaired people and help them travel the road to independence and self-reliance.

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Roshan Fathima.M

areas of operation
Area of Operation
Area of Operation

Visually impaired | differently abled

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Location of Work
Location of Work

Tamil Nadu

Indian Association for the Blind has

trained 250 underprivileged blind students in computer skills

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2013: Vocational Excellence Award

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Program Updates

Program Updates

30 September, 2021

Your support provides visually challenged a safe shelter


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

• Our Primary Focus is to uplift the visually challenged community and make them self reliant. The reality is children with disabilities are not treated as equals with normal children even by their parents. Their financial condition also coupled with a disability making the situation worse. IAB aims to provide better shelter for visually challenged children. Till today, Nearly 2500+ visually challenged children have a better life in a safer environment. The majority of them are from the southern Tamil Nadu region Due to COVID, we ensure the safety of the children. Frequent sanitation is emphasized. 50 visually challenged children were benefitted through this program. The safe, secure and sanitized environment provided with the utmost hygienic food. Regular health check-ups were arranged to ensure students health status. We have distributed a free Grocery kit to the children’s families during lockdowns for the past 1 year. By God’s Grace, we are happy to say that all our students are safe till today.

Challenges faced and next steps

The ferocious waves of COVID throw many hurdles in every people’s life. Many children were lack of food, no safer environment. Initially, it is difficult to follow the necessary protocols like establishing a safe, hygienic and secure campus, social distancing, frequent handwash, wearing masks etc. Later we taught them about the necessity and severity of COVID. Also, we are in lack essential items like masks, sanitiser etc. Then by GIVEINDIA’s support, we can able to provide a COVID free environment and support the livelihood of their families etc.

Stories from the ground

Impact story from the ground:Hi, I am Rajesh, a Student of Grade XII. I am living in a safe and beautiful shelter named INDIAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE BLIND SCHOOL. My parents are salespeople and we live in a very small house. Many times money lenders knocked on our house and warned us to settle their money else leave the house. I and my siblings always feared those incidents and lost our sleep. Now we are happy to have a good and peaceful sleep. During COVID, my family suffered a lot to meet our basic needs. We would face more trouble If not for your donation to our school Indian Association for the Blind – Sponsor Living Expenses for a visually challenged. During the dire situation of COVID, your support will be a lifesaver for many children like me.

23 March, 2021

Shelter for underprivileged visually challenged children


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Due to the impact of Corona virus, We are in the position to send our inmates to their hometown considering their safety. We have educated our beneficiaries about the virus & safety measures to safeguard themselves. Can you image the life of visually challenged child in this COVID situation. Even for the sighted people, its very difficult  to survive in this tough situation  we are pleased to report there have been no cases of the virus so far.
Online classes were taken to the students. Along with academic sessions, we have scheduled  activity sessions like creative learning, News updates, life saving  etc.. We are also extremely grateful to volunteers who are conducting online classes for our older children. We have actually been able to have some fun and introduce new activities thanks to more downtime!
We celebrated day celebrations like world Braille Day,(Remembering Louie Braille), National Youth Day (Birthday of Swami Vivekannda), International White cane Day', Republic Day by conducting Quiz competition, Essay & Speech Competition, Speaker’s note etc through online medium. 
On the eve of Pongal celebration, We have distributed grocery kit for underprivileged visually challenged families. Thank you so much for your support during these challenging times, all thanks to you that our children remained happy, healthy and educated.
Karthick- student of IAB studying in Grade. His words “I missed playing & joking with my friends”.I pray to god for normalcy of our World & soon school reopen.

5 August, 2020

Thanks for your support of accommodation


report imagereport image

Thanks for your support of accommodation

Your support helps more than 100+ visually challenged students lives in safe and sophisticated environment. we have set a RO plant for pure drinking water.
Team from Medical college has run a Medical camp in IAB. Normal check ups were done to students and staffs.They all happy on seeing the improvement of the students health. we have conducted awareness programs like sexual abuse, hygiene etc . To make the students healthy and relax, we are encouraging yoga,asanas into practice. It strength healthy a body ,soul and mind

22 July, 2019


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Program Update

IAB provides sophisticated accommodation, health care, sports, dance, music, special skill development training in an atmosphere of love and care. Separate living area (Cots & mattress) were provided to the students. As part of education, Industrial visit are scheduled based on their standard. As students are using electronic Assistive devices (Laptops, Daisy Player, recorder) , there is no barrier for electricity. 24*7 medical facilities is provided in the campus. Regular medical camps are also being conducted. These children are taken care of till they become self-reliant. Students feel happy and comfortable as like as their own shelter.

Story from the field

Abandoned at ten by her own mother, Arun abitha’s life gets stumbled.
Arun abitha was 10 years old, when her mother passed away. She is a visually challenged child with a greater vision. He father is a daily labour and she has 2 siblings.
After her mother’s death, No one in her father come forward to take her including her father as she is a girl child and visually impaired. Due to her surroundings advice , her father ready to take care.
Initially she went to nearby normal school where she finds difficult in learning. Due to her family’s financial status , her father cannot able to afford more for her studies. By knowing about the service of IAB through their relatives, Arun abitha was enrolled in IAB.
Her studies, food and accommodation were taken care by IAB so that she would have a chance to make more of her life.. Initially she felt shy to mingle with her classmates and always felt homesick. Now She felt very happy to stay here and continue her studies.
Arun abitha was an intelligent girl. She scores high marks in her class. Not only in co-curricular, she also bagged with many prizes and certificates in shotput, volleyball tournaments. She has a dream of becoming a teacher and should serve for the people like her.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?115
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date110
Village/City/State where project is locatedMadurai
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19192600
Total Expenses for the project YTD300387

28 February, 2018

An eventful six months at IAB


The last 6 months have been nothing short of eventful for students at IAB, thanks to all the celebrations.

Not one to be left behind in sports, two of our boys also represented the school in the Inter-State Cricket matches!

The children celebrated their favorite festival Diwali in October with great enthusiasm when they received sweets and firecrackers from a few thoughtful donors. The students visited AzhagarKoil on a day trip, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

October 15th was celebrated as the White Cane Safety Day at IAB. Many of our students participated in a rally from Racecourse to Tamukkam grounds in Madurai to raise awareness and sensitize public about the issues faced by the visually challenged in the country.

The celebrations this year was made extra special by Amway International when they gifted 10 tandem cycles to IAB.