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Sponsor lifeskills training to the differently abled

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Charan has always exhibited a deep desire to work. He learns best with hands-on-training. Online classes are helping him do just that - a session with his Trainer on daily living and employment skills and then work in and around the house. An intense longing to learn new skills has meant that Charan has tried his hand at papier mache products, recycling initiatives and gardening. His eyesight may pose a challenge often, but he is not one to give up easily. It's that unwavering spirit within that’s helping him face life ahead.

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Diya Foundation works on providing Vocational Training and employment for the differently abled in Bangalore. Once identified, beneficiaries are assessed to gauge their strengths and interests before placing them in a training unit that aligns with their skill. Trainees go through pre-vocational training before they start the program. Here, they train on interpersonal skills and group dynamics as a preparatory process.

Apart from training in making handmade products, Diya Foundation also trains them in life skills and communication skills. Depending on their challenges, limitations, and strengths, their production goals are set. Once these goals are met, newer targets are set. This is done till the trainee masters the skill.

Donations made to this program support the cost of trainer's salary and administrative expenses.The program not only trains them to be financially independent but also equips them with skills that give them confidence and belief in their own abilities.

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About The NGO

Diya Foundation (DIYA)
Diya Foundation (DIYA) Logo
Diya Foundation (DIYA)

Diya Foundation has the mission to enrich the quality of life and bring dignity to differently-abled adults by training them in life skills and vocational skills, building support systems and enhancing awareness in the community. Every individual has the right to be loved and respected. Thus, Diya Foundation strives to see individuals who are intellectually challenged, live with dignity, pride, and confidence in the present and future.

People at Diya Foundation are given pre-vocational and life skills training to make them eligible for future employment, thereby enabling them to live a life of dignity. Diya Innovations Pvt Ltd is a project of Diya Foundation that provides employment to the differently-abled. Diya Foundation is an instigator, bridging the significant gaps that specially-abled individuals otherwise face once they complete school. Through training, intellectually challenged adults are taken on a journey from self-awareness to expressing their self-worth, striving towards self-organization and finally self-actualization.

They have completely transformed the lives of those whose parents were constantly worried about their future and safety, by making them self-reliant. Diya Foundation believes in pushing the boundaries when it comes to the word 'impossibe'.

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Founded in 1991
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Maria S. Santamaria

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Area of Operation

Vocational training | differently abled

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Diya Foundation (DIYA) has

provided quality training to 85 different-abled poor students

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December 2018

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Verification Visit Reports

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Program Updates

Program Updates

25 November, 2021

Learning is wealth


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Daily Living skills:Daily living skills sessions are planned and assessments are done through the LCE program. Before and after each quarter the trainers conduct a pre and post-assessment to gauge performance achievement and plan goals for the next quarter. This quarter major focus was given to the following topics:Buying, preparing and consuming food: the trainees are learning to prepare simple breakfast recipes and full meals, learning measurements, nutrients value of food, balanced meals. The majority of the trainees can work independently in the kitchen, but some still need constant monitoring and verbal instructions from their mothers. Apart from this, the trainees have understood their family responsibilities and the importance of active participation in any family work, sharing with them and spending time with them. Managing Personal Finance: In this, trainees are on different levels like identifying values, making transactions within 100 rupees, developing the ability to calculate per meal budget, daily expense budget. Trainees are getting exposure to money management and its importance. This will continue in the next quarter too.Traffic signals: Through fun activities, colouring sheets, videos trainees are learning about road safety and traffic signals and also appropriate road behaviours. Demonstrating Relationship Responsibilities: trainees are now able to relate with family members and identify their sense of belonging to their home, developing good bonding with their siblings and sharing responsibilities. Due to virtual training, family support has increased tremendously in training because of which there is the active participation of parents/siblings, which has created a good impact on the trainees' relationship skills. Utilizing Recreational Facilities and Engaging in Leisure: Every week, trainees have creative fun sessions to teach them how to utilize their leisure time meaningfully and develop good hobby skills, like good art, word games, reading & listening to moral stories etc.Caring for Personal Needs: Sessions are conducted to identify symptoms of sickness and quick home remedies.

Challenges faced and next steps

Goals for upcoming quarter- Introducing Art Therapy.

Stories from the ground

Dinesh an enthusiastic learner and happy person. He enjoys talking to his friends and doing computer-related work. Dinesh has improved in daily living skills, he's able to do basic household chores, ironing and cooking simple breakfast recipes. Apart from this he's also regularly attending Personal social skills & Job Readiness. Dinesh is also learning basic computers and Diya has given him a laptop to practice. Dinesh aims to work in computer-related work.

23 March, 2021

Happiness being Independent !!


report image

Training Updates:

Diya Foundation’s online training program is proving to be effective. Most trainees are showing significant improvement on the achievement of their goals and are enjoying their sessions as well. They had a brief vacation in the month of October, but Trainers ensured continuity of activities by giving parents a schedule to follow with their wards on a daily basis. Credit is due to the Parents of our Trainees whose unstinting support has ensured the success of our classes.

Daily Living Skills:
Our Trainers had well laid out goals for each of their Trainees in various areas of Daily Living Skills and Employability skills. These included:
● Money Skills – Identifying money at the basic level to using it for small purchases at the higher level
● Caring for Personal needs – Hygiene and grooming, clean habits required to keep safe from the coronavirus, learning simple stitches to mend and sew clothing, make their own bed
● Household Management – Understand tools and equipments used in interior and exterior cleaning of the home, operate electrical gadgets such as a washing machine, a mixie, maintain spaces by using the right techniques in dust and wet mopping
● Food preparation– Understand a balanced meal, cooking techniques, identify ingredients, cook a simple breakfast (poha, upma), fireless cooking (sandwiches, salads)
● Leisure Skills – Play a game of carrom, grow a plant, water the garden, watch a movie, listen to music, sing and dance, art and craft.

Personal Social Skills

Personal social skill refers to life skill and psychosocial competence such as self-determination, problem solving, empathy, interpersonal relationships and communication skills etc. A combination of various psychotherapies is used as per the need of trainees. The session is conducted once in a week for an hour individually or in group. The sessions are found very effective in enhancing communication skills, expressive language skill, confidence, self -esteem, socialization and so on.

5 August, 2020

“When everyone else says you can’t, determination says,”YES YOU CAN.”


report imagereport image

“When everyone else says you can’t, determination says,”YES YOU CAN.”

Diya foundation aims at making the trainees independent and be actively contributing by being a responsible member in their family, during the last quarter the trainees were given session on managing their personal finance, doing their household chores with minimum support, understanding physical well-being, personal safety. Alomg with this the trainees have also had individual and group sessions with Rehabilitation psychologist, to improve their relationships with their family members and also understand the importance of establishing relationships with one another. Apart from this seven trainees have undergone employability trainings, out of which four trainees have been placed in service sectors. This year was successful year for Diya, as trainees have excelled in their learning’s.

22 July, 2019


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Program Update

At Diya Foundation students are taught to be independent to large extents. The students are put into employability skill training in areas of their interest and liking. Skills sets such as Paper Mache, Block Printing, Chocolate Making, Housekeeping, Office Attendance, Hospitality etc., Along side of training the students are also taught the importance saving money, punctuality at work if not followed will give them a loss of pay, self grooming etc,. Once the student successfully completes his / her training, they are are placed for employment.

CONGRATULATIONS!! to our batch of 2019 graduates on successfully completing the course on Multimedia. This is an eighteen month program through AIMS Media. The batch had students with down syndrome, autistic and cerebral palsy but their physical challenges didn't stop them from achieving their goal with vigor, eagerness and interest. These students sat through the program learning skills like photo editing, creating, posters, calendars, videos etc.

Story from the field

Shafiq was born on 18-Oct-1995 is diagnosed as a person with cerebral palsy and limitations in academic functioning. In the beginning be lacked self confidence within himself and hesitated at everything he did or was asked to do. He felt that because of his incapacity and disability he could not succeed in doing what was asked of him. At Diya, he was taught how to follow instructions, to listen and to be consistent at the task given, which he did slowly pick-up.
He loves to feel needed and now is a big support during our Diwali production. As part of the training at Diya he has been exposed to internship training and work exposure at The Chancery and SHELL. These exposures have helped him to understand the world of work, the expectations of Employers and the quality of work expected of him. His family too have understood the importance of their support to make Shafiq getting a placement, a success.

During the year he went for an interview to Mitti Café and was successfully offered a job with meals and accommodation.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?21
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date21
Village/City/State where project is locatedChelekere, Bangalore, Karnataka
Total Budget for the project for FY18-195331000
Total Expenses for the project YTD5854290