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Winning these battles changed Ammarama’s life.

Ammarama is a 26-year-old woman who lives Padadinni camp, an area in Sindhapur village in Uttar Pradesh. The area is covered in paddy crops and people defecate in the open. Most houses in the area do not have toilets and neither did Ammarama’s. When she became pregnant it was extremely hard for her. She had to walk miles to go answer nature’s call and could do so only once a day. She started to eat very little so that she would not need to go to the toilet often.

This led to several health problems such as anemia, diarrhea and malaria. Her health became so bad that she finally lost her child.

Aapna Janakalyan volunteers identified her as a critical beneficiary and helped her get a toilet constructed. They taught her good hygiene practices such as hand washing, water handling, excreta handling, food preparation, flushing toilet. and provided a hygiene kit for her family.

Amaramma is now proud to show the toilets in her house to anybody who visits. She has conceived again and takes care of health this time. Even though she has difficulties at home, she eats well, gets regular checkups and vaccinations as she now understands the importance of hygiene, sanitation, nutrition and vaccination.

You can help women like Amaramma by donating to help them get basic toiletries. Your donation will give them the dignity and strength they deserve to have to face life. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.

Every person deserves the right to a healthy and safe life. Your donation will allow underprivileged people to live with the dignity they deserve.

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