Sponsor computer training for a differently abled student by Blind Welfare Council - Dahod

Sponsor computer training for a differently abled student

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Dharmesh motivates his students to overcome their disability and work for a better future

Dharmesh is a very soft spoken young boy. He was blind from birth. With great difficulty he completed his graduation but could not find a job because of his visual impairment.

He belongs to a family with meager income who could not help him with his condition.

He was then referred by a well-wisher to the Blind Welfare Council. He enrolled in the computer training center run by Blind Welfare Council (Dahod).

He was trained on computers with the help of JAWS (Job Access With Speech). He worked hard and successfully completed his training. He completed the 'Certificate course in Computer Operator' offered by ITC ( Industrial Training Certificate of Govt. of India).

Inspired by the confidence his skill gave him, he decided to help other blind youth like himself. He went on to become a computer training instructor. He is now employed as the instructor for the same course in Blind Welfare Council Dahod.

He loves his job and is very efficient at it. He earns Rs 5000 per month which takes care of his basic necessities. His family is very happy to see Dharmesh as a confident earning member of the family.

People with disabilities like Dharmesh often lose their confidence as they have to depend on others for their basic requirements. You can help them with a chance to make their lives better.

Your donations can help many poor disabled youth like Dharmesh acquire skills and make themselves independent. You can donate so that they can get a safe shelter and care for their condition. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


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Blind Welfare Council - Dahod conducts computer training for physically challenged students. This training is conducted with the help of JAWS (Job Access With Speech) software as well as Braille reading and writing.

Donations to this program supports the salaries of teachers, attendants as well as food and administrative expenses of the students.

Blind Welfare Council - Dahod works in the most backward areas of Dahod-Panchmahal districts of Gujarat. The people here are poor, illiterate and are from tribal communities. The disability rate is quite high in this area because of lack of nutritious food and a lack of awareness and illiteracy among the tribal people.

Looking at this the Blind Welfare Council - Dahod set up this program to support people with different categories of disabilities - the visually impaired, hearing impaired, mentally challenged, loco-motor disabled etc.

This program helps them in acquiring skills that will help them get employment which will make them independent.

The center has a classroom with ten computers where disabled people, either blind or with other disabilities are trained.

When you donate to this program you help people with disabilities with computer training that can help them get jobs and live a life of dignity.

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About The NGO

Blind Welfare Council - Dahod
Blind Welfare Council - Dahod Logo
Blind Welfare Council - Dahod

Three persons with visual impairment decided to work for the education, rehabilitation and all round welfare of all categories of differently abled. They brought together four more people and started a Trust named Blind Welfare Council. They decided to help the differently abled at every stage of life so that they do not face the hardships that they faced for themselves.

They wanted to ensure that the all differently abled people of Dahod and Panchmahals districts have access to equal opportunities. They wanted to provide these people a good quality of life and participation in the society that respects their rights and dignity.

The founder Yusufi Kapadia says, "I have suffered a lot during my studies and for getting a job, being visually challenged. It is my aim that each and every child or person with disability should get equal opportunity in all fields of life and all his rights be fulfilled. He should live a life at par with any other citizen of the country. Leadership by a person with visual impairment has made a great change in the working of the staff members."

About 150 students with intellectual disabilities, and about 30 students with hearing impairment are being trained for activities of daily living and primary academics since 2002. 1000 children with intellectual disabilities, hearing impairment, visual impairment are trained and educated by the special teachers.

Aids & appliances distributed as per the need like tricycle, wheel chair, crutches, white cane, hearing aids etc - 500

Sudents with intellectual disability, blindness or with locomotor disability are being trained in operating computers - 20

In 2017, Blind welfare council Dahod was awarded the International Excellence award by the Association of Rehab Professional and Allied Services & Para Sports Association Excellent Service to the differently abled.

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Yusufi Kapadia

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Area of Operation

education | differently abled

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Location of Work


Blind Welfare Council - Dahod has

provided quality education to 1000 children with intellectual and physical disabilities

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2017: Best Organization for Implementing Good Governance

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Program Updates

29 September, 2021

Sponsor computer training for a differently abled student



Computer training is done by following Government guidelines. The trainees were either with visual impairment or with locomotor disability. They were trained for word, excel, PPT, Internet. Those who are visually impaired were trained with the help of speaking software. Their theory was explained with the help of the Braille language.

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  • Areas covered (cities, states, regions etc)
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  • Number of people impacted?
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  • How were they impacted or helped?
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During the pandemic, we had to follow the guidelines, and train the trainees,The present trainees shall appear for exams in a short time from now.for the next six months, the new admission process will start and newly admitted students will start taking training

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\n 2. Challenges in utilising funds/carrying out operations. Please refer to following points for reference:\n

  • Any challenges faced?
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  • Any covid related hurdles?
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  • How did you overcome it?
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  • What is your goal/aim/activity plan for the next 6 months for this program?
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DHWANI SUKESHKUMAR JAIN is a trainee with visual impairment. She has almost completed the course and shall appear in practical exams as the timetable is out. Her visual impairment could not stop her to get trained for this course. She has done good training with the help of speaking software and even without that. She can operate a computer independently and do all her work in word, excel and PPT. She has also been trained for some work on her mobile. We are sure that she shall pass the course with good marks

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\n 3. Any beneficiary impact story you would like to share?\n


23 March, 2021

Computer training can help a person with disability earn a living



Persons with different kinds of disabilities like visual impairment, locomotor disability, intellectual disability can be trained to operate computer. Word, Excel, PPT, Internet can help them to become computer operator and then they can be self employed and even get a job in some office. They can earn a living and become independent.


5 July, 2020

Computer training can help the students to earn for their living



Computer training can help the students to earn for their living

All the students were trained for operating on Microsoft word, Excel. They were trained for developing typing skills, preparing tables, writing letters etc.
They have also started the basics of power point presentations.
In the last quarter all students participated for the republic day celebrations. Some of them also participated in the band for the parade.
The students are also taking part in gardening activities for two days a week. In sports they take part in different sports activities daily as per their time table. The games played are : Football, Basket ball, Volleyball, Cricket, Bocchee, badminton etc.
All students participate as per their liking and their skills for a particular game.
All students really enjoy along with their computer training at Blind welfare council Dahod.


19 November, 2019

Students very happy to engage in computer sessions



Students very happy to engage in computer sessions


22 July, 2019



Program Update

Students with disabilities mainly Blind or loco motor disabled are trained for computer operator training. They are trained for word, excel, Power point.It is a one year course. After this course the students can get job as a computer operator or can be self employed. Our many students have successfully completed the course and are now able to to earn a living for themselves and they are also able to help their families. The students who are with blindness are taught theory with the help of Braille language. The practical training is given with the help of JAWS - Job access with speech software which speaks, whatever is being typed. In this way they can operate their computer.
One of our student Mr Dharmesh is now a computer teacher in our organisation.

Story from the field

The lives of Children with special needs are undergoing remarkable changes with the efforts of Blind welfare council.

Jyotsana’s Journey towards Independent living
You are aware that, at BWC Dahod one of our programs is imparting primary education to the children with special needs. At the same time as per their ability we are also imparting vocational training to such children and adults so that they can live a social and economical independent life.
Let us know about the journey of Jyotsana – From dependent living childhood to independent living adulthood.
Jyotsana Nisarta is from an Adivasi – farmer family living in backward village- Kadvaal of Jhalod taluka; District Dahod
At the age of just 2 years she was infected by Polio. The mother also being disabled herself could understand this critical situation. She tried her level best to reduce the disability. She did almost everything in medicine. However she could not prevent her from a disability of about 40 %.
Jyotsana was good in studies and she used to stand first in her class during her school days. In Std 10th she secured 63 % and in Std 12th she secured 73 %. She joined PTC ( primary teachers training course) and was successful with 80 % marks. But by just 1% she could not be selected for the post of a teacher as our system is purely merit based. She was disappointed but was positive. She tried for some other profession. She had a good network and could get connected with one of our teachers and she came to know about the Computer training course conducted by Blind welfare council. This course is specially for the persons with disabilities and is approved by GCVT ( Gujarat council of Vocational training). She joined this course and started learning to operate computer and within one year she could complete the course of Computer operator. Immediately she got a job in Shivam computers Limdi as a computer teacher. Her first earning was Rs 2500/- per month. She was very happy. She did this job for one year and then she was lucky to get a Government job in the Project called “Chief Minister’s Amrutam Maa Yojana” as a Taluka Kiosk. Her payment went up to Rs 4500/- per month. The beneficiaries covered under this project were people from BPL ( Below poverty line ) as well as APL ( Above poverty Line ). In this project She used to take a web photo of the beneficiary, take a thumb impression, and enter all the needed data in the computer. Finally she used to get a print out of Identity card and hand it to the beneficiary. The total procedure in this project is done successfully by Jyotsana independently. She worked here for 3 years, At present she got a job in the Government primary school near Fatepura (Dahod district). She is earning about 19,000/- per month. From her earning she is not only able to bear her own living expenses but she is also helping her family. The family members are very happy. The society members respect Jyotsana as she is a Government employee now rather an earning member of the family and the society. It’s also a matter of pride for Blind welfare council Dahod.
PTC certificate and a computer operator course from Blind welfare council has changed the life of Jyotsna Nisarta, who is a person with loco motor disability.

Students with disabilities who are 12th pass can join the computer operator training course at Blind welfare council- Dahod. This course is approved and certificate is provided by ITC ( Industrial training Center) under GCVT - Gujarat council of vocational training.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?dahod.jpg
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date120
Village/City/State where project is locatedDahod Gujarat
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19169413
Total Expenses for the project YTD2200000