tag-iconThis program helps people in extreme need

Provide nutrition support for a HIV positive child by Grace Peter Charitable Trust

This program helps people in extreme need

Provide nutrition support for a HIV positive child

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A nutrition kit that helps Kalidass get enough strength to fight

Kalidass is the only son of his parents. Most children inherit their parents' looks, but Kalidass was unfortunate to inherit their illness.

Both his parents were HIV positive. Due to this, Kalidass was born HIV positive.

His father passed away fighting the dreaded disease. His mother is now the sole earning member of the family.

As she suffers from a terminal illness, she cannot go to work regularly. She can't find a stable job due to the stigma of the disease. They have a monthly income of Rs.1800/- which is not even enough for two full meals a day.

Due to this, they both had a dangerously low CD4 count. A person is diagnosed with HIV if their CD count is less than 200 as against a healthy range of 500-1500 in healthy people.

Grace Peter Charitable Trust's outreach workers identified Kalidass during one of his hospital visits. He was very sick and had stopped going to school.

Grace Peter Charitable Trust enrolled him in their nutrition. He receives a monthly nutrition kit that is planned to give him the nutrition that he needs to withstand strong HIV treatment. This nutritional support has helped Kalidass a lot. His health condition has improved a lot with regular nutritious food.

Kalidass is now healthy enough to carry on his regular activities like a child. He goes to school and is in Class 7. His mother is pleased that she can feed him a good meal every day. He may have a chance at life now.

You can also help needy children with HIV with nutrition to withstand the intense treatment. You can donate so that organizations like Grace Peter Charitable Trust can bring help to patients who deserve it. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.

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Grace Peter Charitable Trust helps children affected with HIV and AIDS with nutrition support so that they can withstand the intense medical treatment and help them through recovery.

Donations to this program will contribute to the cost of nutrition pack, vitamin supplements, Medical care for one child who is HIV positive.

Madurai has two Antiretroviral (ART) centers, one in the Madurai Rajaji Hospital and the other in Melur services. Most of the underprivileged children who are HIV positive come to these hospitals for treatment.

Grace Peter Charitable Trust's outreach workers identify the children who come here for treatment. Once they are enrolled in the program, the children come with their guardians to collect the nutrition packs from their office or a venue close to the office.

A nutrition pack tries to cover all the nutritional requirements of a child. The children continue to receive the kit every month. Additionally, new children get enrolled in the program when they pay their first visit to the hospital.

The contents of the pack include

10 Kg Rice

1 Kg Dal

1/2 Kg Cashew nuts

1/2 Kg Date Dry fruit

Zincovit Vitamins and Minerals Tonic

1/2 Kg of Nutrition flour

Some provision for fresh vegetables and fruits

At present, close to 186 destitute children are enrolled in the program.

When you donate to this program, you help children affected with HIV get access to adequate nutrition and support their recovery.

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About The NGO

Grace Peter Charitable Trust
Grace Peter Charitable Trust Logo
Grace Peter Charitable Trust

Grace Peter Charitable Trust works largely with local communities on initiatives linked to their social empowerment and livelihood support. The interventions includes, education, child health care, environment protection, health, gender issues and economic empowerment of women. GPCT has been working for more than 17 years and it is currently spread to over to 92 villages forming part of West Madurai Block of Madurai district in Tamil Nadu. So far, 20450 poor people have benefited by GPCT programs.

The organization aims to bring about change in the life of people of rural India. They want to help underprivileged children and widows irrespective of caste, colour, language and religion. Our vision is to help the physically handicapped, blind, and HIV affected people.

Grace and Peter were philanthropists. The organisation followed their footsteps in establishing this NGO and in following their ideals.

No. of women provided with Sewing Machine - 26

No. of women provided with Sarees - 40

No. of Children provided with educational Support and Clothes - 55

No. of children provided with Nutrition food - 50

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Founded in 1991
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Tamil Nadu

Grace Peter Charitable Trust has

provided educational support and clothing to 55 underprivileged students

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Program Updates

Program Updates

30 September, 2021

Provide nutrition support for HIV infected/affected children


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

To protect the child from death, the Nutrition food that was provided by us increased the longevity and CD4 counts.We covered areas such as Madurai, Dindigul, Sivagangai, Virudhunagar and impacted 44 individuals by Providing Nutritious food such as follows:1. Horlicks -1/2 kg2. Toor Dal -1kg3. Cashew Nut -100g4. Dry dates fruit - 1/2 kg

Challenges faced and next steps

Due to lockdown, we were not able to provide nutritious food at times, since reaching the beneficiaries was difficult.

Stories from the ground

Impact Story of S.Mareeswari S.Mareeswari is coming from socially as well as economically weaker sections. S.Mareeswari is an HIV/AIDS infected child and she is 15 years old. Her father died due to HIV/AIDS infection. Her mother is working as an agriculture daily wages with a meagre income of Rs 3300/- per month. Her mother is the only breadwinner of her family. Her mother is also living with HIV/AIDS infection. Her mother was not able to provide nutritious food for her daughter. The Beneficiary child’s mother approached Grace Peter Charitable Trust for help to her daughter. Grace Peter Charitable Trust has been providing nutritious food for the past ten years for the beneficiary child. Her longevity has increased and her CD4 count is also increased. Now she is studying 10th standard.

23 March, 2021

Nutrition Food for the Vulnerable Children


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Grace Peter Charitable Trust has arranged a regular function for the distribution of nutrition food for the Target Children on every month and for this month of November 2020 on 21/11/2020.

Advocate M.Ayyappan M.A., B.L., was the Chief Guest of the function. The Chief Guest has distributed the nutrition food to the Target children/ Parents of the Target Children/Guardian of the Target Children. The Chief Guest has also presented Guidance and counseling, and future carrier for the Target.

Er P.Pandiaraju M.E. Director of Grace Peter Charitable Trust has thanked all the participants in the function.

Financial has assisted by the individual donors of GiveIndia, India, Give Foundation U.S.A. and R.R.Foundation, Coimbature.

Nutrition food package which contains the following items:

  1. Horlicks – ½ kg

  2. Cashew Nut – 100 grams

  3. Dry Date Fruits – ½ kg

  4. Dhal – 1 kg

5 July, 2020

Nutrition supplement for all HIV affected children


report imagereport image

Nutrition supplement for all HIV affected children

Beneficiaries children are HIV/AIDS infected or affected children. The target children are coming from very poor and single parental families. The target children's homes are dysfunctional families owing to several psycho-social pressures including poverty and unable to provide nutritious food for their children
The Nutrition food that we have provided to the child is not sufficient for one month and so beneficiary’s children have requested us to increase the quantity of nutrition food.
The target children are requesting us to provide educational support ant their parent requested us to help business development.
The nutrition foods that we provided to the target children have improved their health.