Provide anti rejection medicines post kidney transplant by TANKER Foundation

Provide anti rejection medicines post kidney transplant


Subramaniam was a renal failure patient who hailed from Coimbatore. He underwent renal transplantation surgery at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital in the year 2004. To recover, he needed post-transplant medication, without which his transplanted kidney would fail. But there were no means from which he could manage to buy those expensive medicines.

TANKER provided an amount of Rs.6000 as a part of his post-transplant medication in July 2008. This amount varies from Rs.8000 - Rs.10000 per patient/month. Subramaniam is doing well now but constantly needs to find funds for his post-transplant medication from other donors. **Your donation can save a life. You can donate with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


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A kidney transplant surgery patients are required to be on medication throughout their life. Anti-rejection medicines are expensive and unaffordable for many patients. TANKER provides medicines to such patients to last for some time.

TANKER ascertains the eligibility of the patient through a list of documents. Some of them include - Income certificate, copy of ration card, a letter from the doctor under whom the patient is undergoing treatment, all transplant-related medical records. Once all documents are verified and approved, TANKER pays the amount directly to the pharmacy. The patient can visit the pharmacy and procure the prescribed medicines.

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TANKER Foundation
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TANKER Foundation

Founded in 1993, The Tamilnad Kidney Research Foundation was set up primarily to provide financial assistance to underprivileged patients for dialysis, transplantation, investigation and medication costs. The Foundation also aims to encourage organ donation at the time of death. TANKER was started by Dr. Georgi Abraham along with a group of like-minded individuals. From providing financial assistance to needy patients and spreading awareness to providing subsidized and free dialysis, TANKER has taken every effort to live up to its vision. It currently provides services in the following areas:

Dialysis: A person suffering from kidney failure can survive only when he/she undergoes dialysis or a kidney transplantation. Haemodialysis involves the use of an artificial kidney termed "Dialyser", which emulates the functions of a normal kidney. It needs to be done 2-3 times a week and is an expensive process. TANKER Foundation has made dialysis affordable for economically backward sections using their Subsidised Units. Dialysis in a private hospital costs anywhere between Rs 1500 to Rs. 2500. At TANKER, dialysis is offered either free or at a subsidised rate of Rs. 375 to patients. It costs TANKER Rs.1100 for every dialysis. The shortfall of Rs.725 is covered by donations from well wishers. Presently 377 patients benefit from this every month.

Fistula- An A V fistula is essential for dialysis. This is created surgically by joining a vein to an artery in the area of the wrist. Impure blood is first drawn from the fistula on the patient's wrist, passed through the dialyser machine and clean blood is returned to the patient. A Fistula surgery costs between Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 15,000/-, which is beyond what many patients can afford.

Financial Support- The Foundation helps needy patients from all over India by offering them one-time contributions ranging from Rs.1,500/- to Rs.20,000/- towards transplantation, investigation and post-transplantation medication costs.

Research grants- The importance of advances in Kidney research is recognised by TANKER. Funding is provided to research projects for studies in various aspects of kidney disease.

Internships and training- TANKER at its various dialysis units provides training and internship for budding nurses, lab technicians and those looking at Administrative roles. The Foundation is also a training ground for students of Social Work, Public Relations and Sociology.

Organ Donation- TANKER encourages deceased-donor organ donation that can be a boon for not just kidney patients but also for others suffering from life threatening ailments. Deceased-donor organ donation is not very popular in our country and hence the recipient waiting lists are long.

Deceased-donor organ donation consists of removing viable organs from brain dead donors and then transplanting them into a living patient who needs it. Soon after a patient is declared brain dead (the patient is dead but the heart maintains circulation usually with mechanical ventilation support), the organs are harvested. The harvested organs are then kept cold to delay the natural decaying process. These are then transplanted to the needy patient.

TANKER under the Deceased-Donor Transplantation Programme, sponsored a meeting of surgeons and physicians in October, 2005. Their recommendation to the health Secretary resulted in the expansion of the panel of specialists who certify brain-stem death. The TANKER Trustee Doctors were part of the team that performed the first government approved multi organ deceased-donor transplant in December 1995. TANKER also supports MOHAN (Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network) Foundation in creating awareness about deceased-donor organ donation.

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Founded in 1991
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Latha Kumaraswami

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Awards And Recognitions

2015: Smt Nandani P. Divetia Rural Rehabilitation Institutional Award

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Program Updates

23 March, 2021

Lifesaving During Pandemic


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TANKER is continuing to provide dialysis for our patients even during this pandemic period as dialysis is a life saving service which cannot be stopped for any reason. Our TANKER staff are all going that extra mile risking their own lives to serve the needy. We at TANKER realise that it is our responsibility to ensure their safety and also reward them for their service in this crucial time. Some of our staff are staying in the Unit to ensure uninterrupted service. Their food and other necessities are being taken care of by TANKER. Others who are travelling are asked to commute by taxi and we are taking care of their travel expenses. Those who are working are receiving not just OT but special allowances to motivate and encourage them. They are provided with PPE, sanitisers and other protective necessities for their safety. We also provide sanitisers and masks for all the patients and their families as we do realise they cannot afford these expenses and their safety is equally important to us. The patient's immunity is already compromised; they are vulnerable to attract viruses easily.

To cover all these expenses we are forced to incur unexpected huge expenses and surely this calls for help from good samaritans like yourself. Your contribution to TANKER will have a profound impact in our delivery of kidney care to the needy patients.