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"Surabhi (name changed) lives in a Childcare Institution (CCI) in a village in Andhra Pradesh . She is 14 years old. Her parents are farmers and have an unstable income. As they find it hard to provide for her, she lives in the Childcare Institution.

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Aarti Home is an orphanage that offers a permanent home to orphaned and abandoned children, mostly girls. Aarti Home was founded in the early 90s and initially, it used to shelter only abandoned girls. It was found that many a times behind every abandoned child there was a mother who was unable to protect her child and but hence it started sheltering mothers too. This way, Home not only focuses on addressing the symptoms, but also aims at solving the underlying issues.

How It Works:

* Girls, abandoned by their families are given shelter in the Home

* Their basic needs like food and clothing are taken care of

* Twice a year medical check-ups are provided to the girls

* They are encouraged to study by providing them with basic school supplies including uniforms (3pairs/year), casual wear (5pairs/year), school books and toiletries

* Apart from that, tutoring is also provided to the girls after their school hours

* Most of the girls choose to stay in Aarti Home during their holidays and vacations

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About The NGO

Aarti for Girls
Aarti for Girls Logo
Aarti for Girls

Aarti for Girls started in 1992 (under the legal entity VIJAY FOUNDATION TRUST). It is an NGO based in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. Aarti Home runs an Orphanage Home for abandoned & destitute girl children.

All the Aarti activities are centered in a current building which was built in 1996. It now has over 120 kids and also serves as a livelihood training/outreach/volunteer/helpline center.

With 25 years of experience raising abandoned children, they realized that the best way to bring up such disturbed children would be to give them an environment that's less institutionalized and more family based.

The basic idea of Aarti Village is to provide a family based environment which gives the child security, love and stability.

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

P.V. Sandhya

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Area of Operation
Area of Operation

education | children

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Location of Work
Location of Work

Andhra Pradesh

Aarti for Girls has

provided employability training to 4514 young women

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2017: Asia Pacific Regional Common Wealth Game

2012: NGO leadership & Excellence Award

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Program Updates

2 December, 2022

Mission No Child Homeless


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Aarti Home is a NGO established in 1992, in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh to help the women and the girls’ children. In a direction to achieve its objective Aarti Home runs Aarti Village (a home for abandoned girls or needy girls). During its 31 years of existence more than 6000 girls have passed through the doors of Aarti Home.

As the previous academic year was coming to a close, new children are being admitted into the home. 13 new additions were added to Aarti home. These children belong to very poor families and the children are provided with overall support. Any milestones achieved? Aarti Home children have excelled in their board exams as we were able to achieve 100 percentage pass in class X and 90% in intermediate exams.

Any major events? Three girls who completed their intermediate are being trained in hotel management to become chefs and front desk managers.

Areas covered (cities, states, regions etc)

Kadapa city in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh.

Number of people impacted?

At present 120 children are taking shelter in Aarti Village and more than 6000 children have passed through the doors of Aarti Village.

How were they impacted or helped? The children in Aarti Home are provided with overall support and they are also taught life skills. Children are encouraged to make informed decisions about their careers and 5 children are pursuing Nursing degrees in various nursing colleges. Two senior girls are getting trained to become civil servants and they are attending UPSC civil services coaching classes in Bangalore.

Challenges faced and next steps

Aarti Home was established in 1992 and has been taking care of the children since then. More than 10,000 children have been provided shelter in this home and at present 122 children are taking shelter here. Aarti Home takes care of all the needs of these children. The challenges in providing shelter and food to these children is financially related. There are 13 staff (Manager/warden, security, Housekeeping staff, Cooks and kitchen helpers) helping in the inefficient running of the home. We also are providing nutritious meals and education to these children. The challenge are multifold The cost of food items is reaching the sky and the price of essential items is going up every day. Milk, curd, oil, rice and pulse are becoming costlier by the day and getting funds for this is a challenge. The staff working in the home are demanding more payments towards salaries (to match the standards) and arranging funds for their salaries is a challenge. All the children living in the home, which is in the outskirts of Kadapa city need to be transported to their schools and Aarti uses 4 buses for this purpose. The drivers are demanding higher salaries and the cost of the fuel is also increasing every day. Meeting these expenses is the biggest challenge.

We are looking for the donors and trying to garner as many funds as possbile

What is your goal/aim/activity plan for the next 6 months for this program? As the new academic year is starting we are conducting a social investigation to assess the present condition of the families so that they can take care of the children. We are also getting requests for new admissions and the social investigation will be done to assess the need of admitting these children in the home.

Stories from the ground

Rama Lakshmi is a semi-orphan and her mother died of ill health and her father abandoned the child. She was being taken care of by her grandmother, who was working as a domestic help in one of the well wishers of Aarti Home. Ramalakshmi used to accompany her grandmother to work and her grandmother was worried about the future of the child. With an intention to help the grandmother, her employer spoke about Aarti Home and admitted to Aarti Home and her journey began. She has been a fast learner and the moment she got a platform to learn something new and different, she has started responding. Sandhyamma took personal care of her and she has started reading and writing. She took a keen interest in cooking right from the beginning. Aarti Village could offer her nutrition, which she has been missing all her early childhood and she started taking interest in studies. As she grew up, her interest enhanced in cooking and the knowledge could encourage her to join the hotel industry. She was enrolled in a hotel management diploma course in Chennai. The compassionate guidance of Sandhyamma could bring her face to face with the opportunity to work at Starbucks and a Customer Relation Executive Intern in Bangalore. A dream which came true only because of the care and love she got in Aarti Village. A real hand on experience could help her to be in the hotel industry finally.

11 July, 2022

Mission No Child Homeless


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Aarti for Girls is an NGO established in 1992, in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh to help women and girls’ children. To help achieve its objectives, Aarti for Girls runs Aarti Village (a home for abandoned girls or needy girls), Aarti English Medium School (A school for the downtrodden communities where high class English Medium Education is provided free or at an affordable cost), and Lalitha Women’s Co-operative (A co-operative by the women where the women are empowered by providing employability and livelihood training skills). During its 31 years of existence, more than 6000 girls have passed through the doors of Aarti Home.

120 children call Aarti Village their home today. These children live in Aarti Village, a 2.5-acre campus designed on the principles of community living. They live in 9 cottages, each having three large dormitories that can comfortably accommodate 15 girls. These girls are taken care of by a house mother, who tends to the child as her own.

The children of Aarti village are provided with nutritious and organic food to ensure they maintain good physical health. Regular health checkups are also carried out to monitor their health. To attend to their mental well being the girls practice yoga and breathing exercises. A psychologist is also available on call.

The children attend Aarti English Medium until they pass class X and thereafter they attend junior college (pre-university) in the subject of their choice. Students, who are not able to cope with their studies are given a choice to pursue vocational skills of their choice. After their pre-university, the girls are enrolled in the graduation course of their choice - like engineering, nursing, or graduation in arts/science. The girls are also enrolled in the coaching centers to prepare to appear for competitive exams.

Working for the past 30+ years, Aarti has ensured that children who leave Aarti Home are well settled in life by either pursuing their careers or getting married.

This year has been tough and challenging for us as COVID has left many children without a father/mother. The financial condition of these families does not allow them to properly care for their children. Hence, Aarti Home has taken the initiative to admit these children to Aarti Village. Starting from August, 3 COVID semi-orphaned children are admitted to Aarti Village.

We are currently active in Kadapa city which is in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh.

The children in Aarti Home are provided with holistic support and they are also taught life skills. Children are encouraged to make informed decisions about their careers and 5 children are currently pursuing Nursing degrees from various nursing colleges. Two senior girls are getting trained to become civil servants and they are attending UPSC civil services coaching classes in Bangalore.

Challenges faced and next steps

The biggest challenge has been dealing with COVID-19 as children have relatives and parents visit their homes for holidays. This opens the possibility that these children carry the infection with them which can spread to other children.

To overcome this, all the staff and the eligible children are vaccinated and it has been mandated that children returning from their homes are tested for COVID. Children with symptoms and fever are kept in the medical hall until their symptoms subside. This intervention will continue and we aim to admit more children who need care and protection.

Stories from the ground

22-year old Sowmika came to Aarti home at the tender age of 10 months, having been abandoned by her parents. Nurtured by Aarti, she has since blossomed into an intelligent, hardworking, and socially responsible adult. A fearlessly passionate advocate of women’s rights programmes which she conducts in her free time while pursuing her undergraduate studies, she is a trainer for creating Women Human Rights leaders. She has conducted nearly 50 training sessions in Kadapa District. She is an Anantha Aspire Emerging Leader- 2021.

Her zeal and passion to make a difference to society now sees her prepare for the Civil Services Exam – 2022.

This is only one of the many success stories about the 6000+ abandoned or orphaned girls that have passed through the Aarti portals since its inception in 1992.

25 November, 2021

Mission No Child Homeless


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Aarti for Girls is an NGO established in 1992, in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh that aims to help women and girls. In a direction to achieve its objective, Aarti for Girls runs Aarti Home (a home for abandoned girls), Aarti English Medium School (a school for the downtrodden communities where high-class English-Medium Education is provided free or at an affordable cost), Lalitha women’s Co-operative (A co-operative by the women where the women are empowered by providing employability and livelihood training skills). During its 30 years of existence, more than 6000 girls have passed through its doors. Aarti School has 650 students on its rolls and more than 10000 women have been trained in employability and livelihood skills in the Lalitha Co-operative.Since March 2020, the world has been reeling under the ill effects of the COVID-19 virus and many have had to bear the ills. The effects of this deadly virus continued through the years 2020 and 2021. Since March 2020, Aarti for Girls has been helping the Covid affected population by supplying dry ration essentials, sanitation essentials, patient kits to the COVID patients, helping the district administration by supplying PPE kits and cots to the COVID ward. This help has continued during the second wave as well. It has been disheartening to know that during the second wave of COVID many families have lost their sole breadwinner leaving hundreds of children orphaned. Aarti for Girls has taken on itself the onus of helping the families affected by the COVID and has devised a five-step approach to support these families. Areas covered: Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh. The number of people affected due to the programs implemented by Aarti Home is as follows:Aarti Village: More than 10,000 girls have found shelter in the Aarti Home run by Aarti for Girls. The alumni of Aarti Home have settled well in their lives either as IT professionals, healthcare professionals or small scale businesses. The Aarti home is situated in a serene atmosphere and the children grow in a healthy and hygienic atmosphere.Aarti English Medium School : The school has a strength of 650 in the academic year 2021-22. Aarti home has also started an unique program called “Family Based Care” which has 450 children. These children are being provided with transport, meals, books, uniform and shoes. Aarti also runs a creative school, in which the children who are below par to their age are admitted. The aim of this school is to bring the children on par with the other children of their age and put them into mainstream education. 40 students were moved to the mainstream during the last academic year and there are 305 students in this stream.Lalitha Women’s Co-operative: This wing of Aarti Home has conducted livelihood and employability training for more than 30,000 women. The women in this society make value added home furnishings and garments which are exported to countries like Singapore, Oman and the USA.Aarti Community College:This initiative was started in the month of September 2020, to impart young women and girls' entrepreneurial skills. The curriculum was included to teach the participants mindfulness, life skills, basic communication skills in English and local language, basic IT Skills and vocational skills like garment design, terracotta jewellery making. They were also taught product photography and basic techniques in photoshop. So far 2 batches of 30 students each have been provided with these skills.

Challenges faced and next steps

Challenges faced during COVID & COVID related hurdles -Aarti Home is running a Home for underprivileged children and protecting these children from infection was a big challenge. This challenge was overcome by following all COVID protocols and constantly monitoring the health of the children. The slightest of symptoms were tested and the kids were isolated if needed. All the staff of Aarti Home and the eligible children have been vaccinated.Carrying out COVID relief work- Aarti Home has been working at the grass-root levels for distributing the relief material and assessing the short term and distributing the needs to the families. This needs to be carried out with utmost care to avoid catching the infection.Proper COVID safety norms were followed and it was ensured that the staff was vaccinated before the fieldwork was done.Providing logistical support to the volunteers and staff carrying out the relief and rehabilitation work was a challenge as there was a danger of the volunteers catching infection using public transport. This was solved by hiring private vehicles, which burdened the organisation with additional expenditure.

Stories from the ground

This is the success story of Miss M. Savithri, a participant in the first batch of Aarti Community College. She completed her graduation in commerce and after attending the community college she appeared and cleared the eligibility test for “NavGurukul”, an academy, training young girls from underprivileged backgrounds to become software professionals. Based on her learnings in the community college and the academy she was able to find a placement in “Archwell Operations” Bangalore and is now working as an associate there.

26 March, 2021

Fighting the Pandemic


report image

“Aarti Home” houses 126 girls. Four of our girls completed their graduation last month and are waiting for their results, while they prepare for the next steps. Our girls are living in nature’s lap during this pandemic. We have had good rains last month making our home green and our girls have become little farmers, growing their own vegetables. Our children are continuing their learning, thanks to some innovative offline teaching by our teachers.
“Aarti School” has 610 children in our school, including 77 girls from Aarti Home. As is the case with most of the schools in India, Aarti school children cannot afford a smartphone, leave alone a laptop for online classes to happen. Adding to this, there is no monitoring from the family as many of them come from zero literacy backgrounds. The challenges are varied - from neglect to hunger and abuse. I am proud to see our teachers designing new methods to reach out to the students and spread the learning while mitigating the risks through constant communication. Our passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic bunch of teachers are finding innovative ways and means to engage the students and their families. Printed worksheets of the regular curriculum worksheets which include fun with activities in math, science and art are keeping the kids engaged and happy.
The COVID pandemic has created havoc in the lives  of the  lower income group. The pandemic did not spare the families of our school children also.  Aarti for Girls distributed more than 25000 relief kits to needy people around Y.S.R. Kadapa District. All the teachers and non-teaching staff of Aarti School & Aarti Home participated in this pandemic COVID-19 crisis. We also distributed PPE kits and the kits needed for the patients admitted in the hospital for treatment of this disease. Our efforts have been recognised by the district administration and we were handed over certificates of appreciation by the district Collector.

Aati Home & Aarti School conducted Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Sri Krishna Janmastami, Vinayaka Chavithi, Teachers’ Day with joy and happiness. Prizes were given to the teachers by the President, P.V. Sandhya during Teachers’ Day.