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Supriyo finds his smile again!

Supriyo is a 10-year-old boy who lives with his family in Kusumgram, a very small village in Burdwan district, West Bengal.

His father is the only earning member of the family, who works as a daily wage laborer. They have a very unstable income and find it hard to make ends meet.

Due to their financial situation, dental health has never been a priority.

Supriyo had always been neglecting his teeth. He had never seen a dentist in all his 10 years which is a common phenomena in rural areas.

When his toothache didn't reduce for over three months his parents decided to take him to the doctor. However, they had no idea where to get treatment from and couldn't afford to go to the city for treatment.

Then his father heard about Rural Health Care Foundation from a friend. Rural Health Care Foundation has set up health centers in villages like Kusumgram to provide healthcare to poor families.

Supriyo's father brought him to the primary healthcare centre of RHCF at Kusumgram.

Supriyo was guided by the paramedical staff and taken to the dental department. After observation, they found that he had deep cavity in one of his tooth in the right side. The dentist prescribed medicines for pain relief.

After initial treatment, when his pain subsided he was advised extraction. The dentist, with utmost care, extracted his tooth. He prescribed him medicines for post curative care.

A follow-up check after a week ensured that he was healing well with no complications.

The paramedical staff gave him instructions on awareness of dental hygiene. Upon their advice, he purchased tooth powder and now follows dental hygiene.

"I brush twice a day, daily, as advised by dentist aunty. Now I don't have any pain?says a happy Supriyo!

Many people like Supriyo, who never were aware of dental care now have found relief because of the RHCF health centre.

**Your help can make many more people like Supriyo get access to dental care. You can donate to create a fund that will help healthcare centers provide underprivileged people with dental care.

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Access to affordable dental care services will ease the burden of healthcare costs for the poor.

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