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Help sick and destitute adults live with dignity

by Sapna

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A steep fall and severe injuries could not defeat Madhav.

Madhav is a 45-year-old plumber from Gurgaon. He barely earned enough money to get through a day. His life shattered when he fell off the first floor of a building where he was working.

He had multiple fractures and severe injuries when he was taken to the closest hospital. They soon discovered that there was no one to look after him and he had no money for the medical care he needed.

**The NGO Sapna learnt of his case and decided to step in. They covered the surgeries, medicines and care that he needed. He was discharged after a few months with rods in his leg. He could not move or take care of himself.

Sapna continued to look after Madhav, moving him to Andamam, their Home for Sick and Destitute.The social workers helped him gradually heal, build strength and get back to a routine. He worked hard to get back on his feet. After months of intensive physiotherapy, his legs began to respond and he could slowly get on his feet with the aid of a walker.

He began to help around Sapna with his plumbing skills. Over time, he was put in charge of the store at Sapna with a modest monthly salary. Today he holds his dignity and works hard. Life at Sapna has helped him get his life back on track and dream again.

The poor have no way to afford to urgent medical care that they need in many situations. Your donation could save the life of someone in need.

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