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Radha now goes to school daily!

Radha lives at Butai Tola village in Sampatchak Block of Patna. Her father passed away in a road accident, leaving behind Radha's mother and her four sisters. Because of poor financial condition at home, Radha had to discontinue her studies.

One day, ADD came to know about her and the reason because of which she had stopped going to school. Their team visited her house and after a few verifications, enrolled Radha in their education project. Now, 9-year-old Radha daily goes to school, where she is also provided with stationery and other school supplies. To help her catch up with her studies, ADD has also arranged for her after school coaching classes.

In India, close to 53% of girls in the age group of 5 to 9 years are illiterate. More than 50% of them fail to enroll in school; those that do are likely to drop out by the age of 12. ADD is making a sincere effort to save children like Radha to drop out of school. Your donation will help them continue their efforts. Donate with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.

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Action for Development of Demos (ADD) had conducted a survey in the rural area which revealed that hundreds of poor children had never been to school in their lives or have dropped out of school for some reason or the other. It was also observed that education is not one of the priorities of the parents for their children. Parents who are mostly daily wage labourers, prefer their children to support them in earning whatever little they can. This makes these children miss the opportunity to read and write and bear the burden of livelihood instead of living their childhood.

It then planned to educate the poor neglected children. They started by making parents aware about education's importance and convincing them to send their children to school. They make them understand how education can be the step out of poverty for their children. They then started supporting economically poor children by taking care of their educational expenses including stationery, uniforms, books, tuition and coaching fees,

How it works:

Volunteers conduct regular surveys in the area and also visit each beneficiary individually to verify their identities, financial condition and other required information. On the basis of which, ADD selects the children to educate.

Selected children are financially supported. Their tuition and coaching fees are taken care of by the ADD. It prefers to hand over the required fee to the educational institutions instead of giving cash to the beneficiaries or their parents.

Beneficiaries are kept under observation with the help of school administration, to keep a record of their attendance and academic performance.

The team also makes regular visits to the beneficiaries' houses to motivate the parents to continue sending their child to school.

The progress reports of all the beneficiaries together determine the success of the project and hence ADD strives to improve it every day.

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About The NGO

Action for Development of Demos(ADD)
Action for Development of Demos(ADD) Logo
Action for Development of Demos(ADD)

Being moved by the pitiable condition of the forgotten and depressed lot of the society, Action For Development of Demos (ADD) was registered in 2004. The organization spreads over 4 districts of Bihar and works with the most neglected, oppressed and downtrodden section of the society.

The organization has helped many children that belong to the BPL category and drop out of school due to the lack of funds. The organization supports the tuition fee. ADD supports around 60 children every year through this program. ADD is committed to providing the necessary post-natal home-based healthcare and nutrition support for the first 3- months to mother and the newborn child. Close to 50 women benefit from this service yearly. ADD also provides tricycles to the disabled people from the weaker sections. This encouraged more than 20 disabled every year to contribute to the families and stand on their own. Alongside, many are given computer training, the girls belonging to the BPL families are provided with bicycles etc.

With a mission to establish a healthy society of worthy individuals, the organization is helping the poor and needy to reach a better economic status and lead a dignified life.

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Founded in 1991
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Mr. Ravindra Narayan Shahi

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Action for Development of Demos(ADD) has

provided rations and clothing to 70 poor senior citizens

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Program Updates

11 July, 2022

Right to Education


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Under this programme, every year we provide the basic school and coaching facilities to about 50 students throughout the year, and new heads are added every year. We organize a parent-teacher meeting every month, where the child and parents are both well-counseled on making the educational environment more helpful and adaptable for the children. Generally, the students belong to the local slums of the Sampatchak Block of the Patna District. The needy children, whose parents do not have enough resources to bear the educational expenses, are made to register under this programme for basic primary education under ADD’s Educational Banner, all free of cost for the sake of needy and deserving children. The biggest impact of this programme that we observed was that now in our functional areas, even the people who earlier used to deploy their children at household work or livelihood work, now send their children to school under our ADD’s Educational Programme banner. They are now well aware of the importance of education.

Challenges faced and next steps

The lock-down completely halted the school system due to the pandemic. So integrating beneficiary students with online education using electronic gadgets has been the biggest challenge for us because the poor people can’t afford the expensive smartphones or tabs. COVID affected the children and their families very much, which completely shielded the earnings and livelihood. Now as the impact is moderate, the classes have started but are maintaining strict preventive measures. We are planning to add 100 more needy students in the current academic year to enhance the benefit to the needy children.

Stories from the ground

Suhani Kumari, age 11; Butai Tola, Patna Suhani’s father had been a barber and had been managing the family livelihood with a meagre income. The current pandemic impacted Suhani’s father’s livelihood a lot. As a result, her father had now been in no possible position to afford Suhani’s educational expenses. Fortunately, when ADD spotted the little girl, it immediately registered her under ADD’s Educational Programme. ADD’s admitted the little girl to its designated school at its own cost. As reported, Suhani is a good, sincere student. She wishes to become a high-ranking government officer in the future. She is also fond of outdoor games like Kabaddi. Suhani’s father is overjoyed, seeing his little daughter at school where she is getting everything that a deserving student needs. He is very thankful to ADD and to the kind donors for running such noble ventures where the needy poor children are given opportunities to have the right to education.

29 September, 2021

Spreading literacy among the deserving.


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

ADD's Child Education Programme has flagged an unusual trend to the deep penetrated backward locality where literacy has almost even not been seeded.Yes, this is odd to listen to but true at ground level. Almost nine out of 10 rural poor households has not been sending their ward to school in villages like Manoharpur Kachhuara, Baiman Tola, Butai Tola in Sampatchak Block of Patna (Bihar). But now with the onset of our Child Education Programme, we have picked up children from almost every rural household for educating them, for making them cultured and for preparing them to compete in the mainstream of the advancing society where knowledge and education is a must.Every year under this programme we include about 100 new child beneficiaries. On average about 50 poor rural children are continuing their schooling with ADD's support.Hats off to the kind donors who do such charitable work for spreading literacy were actually needed.Basically under this programme, we identify the needy poor children, enrol them under the programme and finally get them admitted to local schools for their primary education.All the expenses including the tuition fees, stationery, uniforms etc are all beard by ADD. Apart from this we also provide nutritional support to them in form of Horlicks or Chywanprash to keep them fit and healthy.

Challenges faced and next steps

The biggest hurdle that came along with this programme was the prolonged lockdown due to COVID-19, which resulted in a long closure of the school. It hampered the studies and everything related to a child's development. However, we tried to optimize this loss by asking the school teachers and the guardians of the children to allow the use of the online channel for continuing studies. Though it was not possible everywhere to afford the smartphone it had a mixing impact. In the next 6 months, since the classes are about to resume regularly, so we have planned to add about 70 more children in the programme to enhance the programme goal.

Stories from the ground

Story of Raj BabuAge- 12 yrslocation- Manoharpur kachhuara, Sampatchak, District Patna(Bihar)This sincere little boy is a truly deserving student. Although his father is an auto driver, the little boy's dream is much higher and higher. He admires becoming a Senior Officer in Police Department. He tells that he will work harder and hardest to achieve his goal. ADD really thanks the kind donors for giving such a poor child, a visionary goal. Behind his dream, ADD will always be there to help and support him.Previously the little boy used to sit at home doing nothing as his father has not had enough resources to bear the educational expenses, but after ADD came to know about him, we immediately enrolled him on ADD's Child Education Programme and currently the little boy is studying in 4th Std. We bless him with a bright future.

23 March, 2021



report imagereport image

In the age of going school, the rural poor children are often seen doing the household and livelihood stuffs with their parents. When the parents are asked that why do they not send their kids to school, they simply reply saying that at home or with them their children are at least earning few bucks which will support the family. Strange but true, really those parents are totally unaware about the importance of education. But gradually observing all these facts and situation, ADD has been continuously working over this. We gather the villagers and convince them about the importance of education, we inspire them to send their wards to school instead of farms and shops. To help them and to support them in this regard we have initiated this programme, under which we just enroll the poor children from rural slums and bear their educational expenses. We provide them with the basic schooling along with the books and copies and other stationery. Every supported child under this programme is regularly going to school. Their parents are very thankful to ADD. We really feel proud when we find that from village to village, the poor parents are now contacting us just to help them in educating their children by sending them to school. It shows that how aware they are now, for education.
Under this programme, we also provide nutritional support to children; we provide the enrolled children with Horlicks or Chawanprash to boost their health and immunity.

5 August, 2020

Education is not a privilege


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Education is not a privilege

As per our ideology, this programme has been the most impressive and promissing venture of our organisation because we all know that how important is education for ever one in the current growing era. So realising the Right to Education, as said by our constitution we admire every poor needy child to for education. Like every year, this year we too have been running this Child education Programme with a great zeal and enthusiasm. The selected children are provided with the school and coaching fees including the books and stationaries required. Apart of this we also emphasize the Parents of the benefitted children to take a sound care of the health and sanitary aspect of the children. As a part of this, we therefore also provide nutritional support to the children that includes Horlicks. Our every attempt aims at upgrading the performance and education of our child beneficiaries. This year too we got 60 children (age group - 6 to 14) admitted at local schools for having the primary education including the Coaching facility. We have also this year started directly interaction with the guardians and school teachers regarding the child performance and improvement.