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Bhagyashree fights to provide her children a better future

Bhagyashree had a hard life from childhood. She was born into a very poor family. Her education was discontinued as her parents couldn't afford it. She stopped going to school and started helping with family chores from a really young age. She grew up hoping that one day she would marry someone who would care for her and they would live happily. It was with these hopes she got married.

Unfortunately, reality was much different. Her dreams were shattered when her husband started to beat her regularly. Not only did he abuse her regularly, he also regularly cheated on her with other women. All the abuse could not break Bhagyashree's spirit

While Bhagyashree put up with all the torture, she had her breaking point when he refused to take responsibility of their children

She was a fighter and decided to break out of the abusive relationship. She mustered all her courage and broke free from the ties of her marriage from her violent husband.

She then decided to rebuild her life towards a better future.

Bhagyashree contacted Gauravi, the one-stop crisis centre for women, run as a collaborative project by the Government of Madhya Pradesh and ActionAid India.

Gauravi is a pioneer organisation which helps women not only fight for justice but also helps them regain strength to start afresh.

Gauravi helped Bhagyashree turn her life around. She began training in fashion designing and became very good at it.

Bhagyashree now owns a boutique that she built with her hard work. Confident and independent, she is happy and is successfully sending her children to school.

You can help this program by donating to cost of the counselling and operations of the shelter homes. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED. Give now and help a victim of abuse fight for justice.

It takes extreme mental strength for a woman to fight abuse. Any support that she receives during this fight gives her more courage to face her abuser and helps her through it.

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