Help children from vulnerable communities get access to love and care by SOS Childrens Villages of India

Help abandoned children get access to love and care


Every monthly donation helps to support women like Tulsi care for kids

Tulsi Parihar, from SOS Children's Village Bhimtal is the longest-serving SOS Mother in the world.Tulsi joined as a mother in 1984, and since then she has raised 33 children, spanning four generations.

She has raised 33 children and many of them are now independent and some even married. Working as an SOS Mother means looking after many children at the same time. Since children come from different backgrounds, she has sometimes faced difficulties helping them adjust. Sometimes, dealing with adolescents and their behavior also gets difficult and taxing.

However, various training programmes, sessions on parenting skills, and support from the SOS Village staff have helped to deal with such challenges.


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SOS Children's Villages of India's objective is to provide long-term family based care to abandoned children by giving them a home and a strong foundation. The organisation operates on four principles, the Mother; Siblings; the house; the village. The SOS village operates like a community with each home housing 8-10 children.

A dedicated SOS mother lives with and takes care of the children. All requirements of a home like education, health, nutrition, upkeep, extra-curricular activities along with capacity building, the emotional and physical well-being of the mother are provided.

Many SOS mothers are widowed, divorced and have the need for a sense of belonging. They are provided 6 months practical and theoretical training before they take on the role.

When you donate to the program you support the allowance given to a mother which helps her financial independence. These mothers play an important role in the children having a normal childhood.

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About The NGO

SOS Childrens Villages of India
SOS Childrens Villages of India Logo
SOS Childrens Villages of India

SOS Children's Villages of India is an independent and non-profit organisation working towards holistic development of parentless children, women and children belonging to vulnerable families. Based at Faridabad, they have worked with children and communities in disaster struck and disaster-prone areas, spreading hope to weary societies and families.

Striving to achieve their vision where every child grows up in a family with love, respect & security, the organization bases its work on the four pillars of The Mother, Brothers and Sisters, The House and The Village. Their various flagship programs like Family Based Care and Family Strengthening Program have reached out to over 25,000 parentless children across 22 states and 32 locations in India.

The noble efforts of their 1700 strong workforce were awarded the Strong Delivery Capability & High Financial Proficiency Award by the prestigious CRISIL VO 2A. Providing a home-like environment and long-term support to every child up to the age of 24, the members of this organization are committed to the welfare of parentless and abandoned children and to the strengthening of families and communities as a preventive measure in the fight against abandonment and social neglect.

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Mr. Sudarshan Suchi

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SOS Childrens Villages of India has

provided family-based residential care to 7000 orphaned children

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2017: Kolkata Leadership Awards

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Program Updates

22 December, 2022

Help abandoned children get access to love and care


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

SOS Children’s Villages India set-up a computer lab with 12 computers and a training room, with a projector. Basic Computer Application by NSDC and Skill India to enhance employability.

Children, Mothers, youth and staff members participated in a tree plantation programme at SOS Children’s Village Bhimtal to mark the beginning of the Harela festival. This festival, celebrated in Uttarakhand, in the month of Shravan (July) is a unique festival that links environment conservation to culture. Harela means "Day of Green". Protection of the environment is a burning topic in today’s time and age, especially with global warming, among other such challenges, on a steady rise. This festival draws on the important link between man and nature, since time immemorial.

Career guidance is a crucial component of youth skilling, as it gives a sense of direction, and cements the path of any individual embarking on a professional life. A team from Oberoi recently visited CV Bawana. They conducted a wide variety of sessions including career counselling, table etiquettes, housekeeping, cooking sessions and many fun-filled activities. The activities were very much appreciated by all participants, as they were a mix of important knowledge imparting session, amalgamated with games. Such sessions go a long way in providing exposure to children.

A capacity building programme on Disaster Management, Fire Safety, Road Safety and First-Aid was organised for all the caregivers, children and for the Mentors at Children’s Village Begusarai. Mr. Shivam Kumar Choudhary (Director, KPS Fire Institute, Begusarai), along with a team of five members, took the session. They discussed about mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Besides this, drills pertaining to fire safety, earthquake respone, crucial first aid administration like for example for a snake bite or CPR, were amongst many such topics covered.

Cities covered : PAN India 32 locations. No. of people impacted - 36,000 beneficiaries - direct and indirect.

Challenges faced and next steps

SOS India's goal for next 6 months will continue to be the focus on vulnerable communities and strengthening the caregivers. We aim to reach out to 48,000 beneficiaries by the end of Dec 2022. Expanding reach to include children & young people in need of care & protection through customized care solutions responding to their different situations. Strategic collaborations and partnerships for wider visibility and impact. “Safeguarding” as the core element of the organization’s actions and culture.

Stories from the ground

Sapna was just six years of age when she was entrusted to SOS Children’s Villages India. Being a bright student, all along, she opted for BBA post her class XII, in which she secured 80%. The lockdown came as a blow, as Sapna was not able to pursue her dreams, as she wanted to. “I made it a point to make the best use of the time at home: I just studied. And then, things did change. I applied for a vacancy with a firm in the HR department, as that is my forte, and was called for an interview, which I cleared. It was a start-up, and though I learnt a lot on the job, I wanted to scale-up; so I applied to another firm, which I cleared too. My main role here is to conduct assessments, which I really enjoy, being a people’s person". In her free time, this ex Head-Girl of her school loves to paint and make crafts. Gardening is another hobby of hers. My Mother always told me how important education was. She inculcated moral values and etiquettes. I remember how she always used to emphasize that besides studies, good behaviour is also vital. I think this desire to give back to society stems from the values she has inculcated in me.

23 May, 2022

Help abandoned children receive love and care


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

• In the reporting period, all the supported children are enrolled in classes/courses and pursuing quality education. The children are also provided with school uniforms, bags, stationery, tiffin box, school shoes etc., along with an access to computer labs. It enables them to see how education materializes into opportunities for them.
• Supported children study in primary classes (I-V), Intermediate classes, and secondary classes (IX-X). Two children are in pre-primary and few are enrolled in Degree/Diploma courses. • Tuition/coaching classes/extra classes are being provided to academically weaker children to help improve their academic scores in various subjects. Tuition classes’ help children appreciate the particular subjects they are weak in, and attain a better understanding of the same. They are able to clarify their doubts with the support of their tutors/teachers/education co-workers. • Children studying above class VIII also take the globally recognized Multiple Intelligence (MI)/ Multiple Nature (MN) tests which help in assessing the unique aptitudes of each child. On the basis of these MI/MN tests, children are guided by counsellors with rich insights into the kind of careers that suited for them so that they can plan their future course of study accordingly. One of the supported children, studying in class IX took the MI/MN test. • In order to increase children’s knowledge, ability and confidence to use computers, a computer with internet facility has also been installed in each home. • Ten sessions on the importance of nutritious food were carried out at the Village, with participation of all the children and mothers.

  • Basic food groups and nutrients present in different food items.
  • Age appropriate diet intake for children of different age groups.
  • Malnourishment and symptoms regarding the same were also discussed in detail so that mothers could assess the deficiencies right from the beginning.
  • Low hemoglobin in children specially girls and how it can be addressed. • Diet chart is followed by all the families as recommended by the dietician/nutritionist. • Kitchen gardening is promoted extensively. Mothers, as well as the children, were encouraged to practice the same by planting nutritious fruits and vegetables in their kitchen gardens. • It is ensured that all children receive age-appropriate and necessary immunization. This was done either through health camps or/and visits to hospitals/doctors. • Health records of all children are maintained and updated to keep a track of their health and nutritional developments. Additionally, sessions on preventive and curative measures as well as health camps were organized during the reporting period. It includes:
  • Session on First Aid and basic health and hygiene was organized by ILS Hospital in May 2021
  • Awareness session on ‘HIV/AIDs and ill effects of Tobacco’ organized for youth boys in November 2021

We are spread across 32 Locations Pan India in cities and states such as J&K, Rajpura, Bawana-Delhi, Begusarai, Kolkata, Shillong, Hojai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Tirupati, Chennai etc.

Challenges faced and next steps

• Children without adequate parental care are less likely to attend school. The response of SOS Children’s Villages of India to the need for education is reflected in the many years of its work with children. In areas where we work, we create opportunities for children to go for quality education and pursue higher education which might be otherwise denied on account of limiting life circumstances. Towards this goal SOS-India has also set-up kindergartens within the Village and encourages our children and youngsters to complete primary and secondary education as well as aspire for professional or vocational qualifications. Over the years our children have grown up to become engineers, doctors, nurses, social workers, technicians, management & IT Professionals.

Our aim is to achieve 100% Digital education enrolment of our children.

Stories from the ground

Sharmi was just 4 years old child when she arrived in SOS Children’s Village Kolkata in 2009. The District Administration entrusted the village to raise the child with care and love. Entire village worked in synchronization to provide utmost care to the child. She was placed under the continuous care and monitoring of the most senior mother adept in the children. The village had series of consultation with the pediatrician to raise the child healthy.

She drew attention and care from all co-workers and children of the v village. SOS mother and her family were her world during the initial formative years. She reciprocated the love, care and bond with her mothers and siblings. The time and care ensured Sharmi achievement of desired development milestone. The care and affection provided to her began reflecting in her demeanor and behavior. She is now one of the most affable children in the village. She loves to spend time with her family and friends in the village. She comprehends the responsibilities of her mother and contributes in the household chores to support her mother. She has now grown as a healthy youth with positive attitude and cheerful nature. She loves to participate in extra-curricular activities and is inclined towards dancing.

The village provided mainstream and formal education to Sharmi. She was supported with tuition facilities towards enhanced comprehension of her academic subjects. She is currently studying in class IX was wants to pursue her higher studies in Humanities. The village is working to provide the best care and education support to Sharmi

She says “My definition of world and family is centered on SOS Children’s Village” and she chuckles. She expresses her profound gratitude to mother and village.

28 November, 2021

Help abandoned children get access to love and care


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Formal and non-formal Education• Online Assignments - The Education co-worker also prepared assignments, which were shared with the students in the village to practice. The assignment was aimed at building the concepts of children in specific subjects.• Innovative ways of learning - The children along with co-workers developed innovative ways of learning like quizzes and role-plays to propel learning among children on key thematic issues like health, hygiene, and child protection.• Peer monitoring - Many villages have formed Peer-Monitoring groups to provide academic assistance to younger children. The elder children have volunteered to coach younger children of the villages to clear their doubts in specific subjects.• Alternative academic activities - Alternative academic calendars have been developed for children to engage them meaningfully as they stay at home. The co-workers designed a formal and non-formal module, which includes engagement of children through Art & Craft, Painting & Drawing, News Reading, and Review from Talk Club, Journal Writing, Bookkeeping on New Vocabulary and sentence formation. • Schools also sent recording sessions, at the end of which they gave assignments that the children solved with help of elder children from the house and educational counsellors. In spite of children not attending classes, the schools are well aware of the progress of children, and the children are in touch with their teachers.• Digital Library - The objective of Digital Library is to provide users with coherent access to a very large and organized repository of information in the form of books, practice papers, motivational videos and expand the horizon of learning. Children made the best use of the digital library during the lockdown period to enhance their vocabulary and reading skills.Food and Nutrition• Awareness and sensitization sessions on the importance of nutritious food were carried out at the Village, with the participation of all the children and mothers.• All the families as recommended by the dietician/nutritionist follow the diet chart.• Kitchen gardening is promoted extensively. Mothers, as well as the children, we're encouraged to practice the same by planting nutritious fruits and vegetables in their kitchen gardens.Health check-ups and awareness sessions• Looking at the current scenario of the pandemic, children are under the continuous watch of expert doctors. Children’s body temperature and oxygen level is checked and recorded daily. • Health records of all children are maintained and updated to keep a track of their health and nutritional developments.

Challenges faced and next steps

• At the beginning of lockdown, it was challenging to keep children at home. It was then decided to conduct and organize various activities and training for children to engage them constructively. • During lockdown all the children were having online classes but the accessibility of computers, laptops and smartphones were limited due to which children were having problems in attending classes. Then some of the houses were provided with an extra laptop. • Children and mothers are sensitized about safety precautions to be taken during the pandemic regularly. Awareness sessions are organized for children reinforcing the importance of maintaining social distance, regular handwash, wearing masks etc.• COVID tests are conducted from time to time at the project level. The positive cases are dealt with utmost care keeping the local government rules and regulations in mind. Isolation rooms, centres etc. are created to handle such cases (wherever applicable)

Stories from the ground

Deekshitha, now 11 years, had arrived in the SOS children’s village of Bangalore in the year 2016. The District Administration entrusted the village to take care of the child with care and affection. Over the years she developed a strong bond with her SOS mother and siblings. She reciprocated the love and affection given to her by her family. The village ensured that the child should grow healthy and had series of consultations with the physician and dietician. She was provided with a healthy and nutritious diet. She is progressing well and achieving all her development milestones. She helps her mother with household chores and assists her in kitchen gardening work. Presently, she is studying in class V and secured a grade of ‘A’ in her previous examinations. She was provided with coaching classes in subjects she was facing difficulty with. Her favourite subject is science and finds maths a little difficult.Apart from studies, she has an interest in extra-curricular activities. She likes to participate in a running race and stood at the first position in the race. She likes to play indoor games such as ludo and carrom in her spare time. She also likes skipping rope activities. Thanks to donors like you, Deekshitha got a chance to pursue education and got a loving environment to cherish her childhood. She aspires to be a doctor and looking at her progress we are sure she will achieve her dreams. We look forward to your kind endeavours in the future as well.

5 August, 2020

There's a new beginning in every moment


report imagereport image

There's a new beginning in every moment

One of the crux for SOS Children’s Village Kolkata, FS Program is our Sishu Panchayats (Baal Panchayat) members. It’s working great at our community level and one of the successful areas to explore under FS Program. All our Sishu Panchayat members are very active and well-verse about our program objectives. Our Family Like (FL) care and Family Strengthening (FS) programs are the pillars of our Child care model.
SOS Children’s Village Kolkata-FS Children carefully observed the community surrounding to ensure that their community should be aware about the social issues. For that, they displayed handmade banners at vantage points and picked up trash from the club and other places alerting everyone about the harmful effects of pollution and the 3 to save trees, water, electricity, #NOCHILDALONE campaign etc. Children also participated in creative and awareness based session to develop their knowledge about Child Rights, child labour, importance of Education, social evils and its harmful effects, use of toilets & proper sanitation system and how we can possibly keep our community error free. They organized annual community sports to encourage the different age group children and spread the positivism amongst them.

23 May, 2019


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Program Update

In the quarter ending September, total number of children being cared for by SOS India are 6905. Total number of children attending formal schools is 2750. SOS India provides children with a level playing field to develop their skills and talents. Besides aiming to achieve academic excellence of children, we also work hard towards their character development. All children have access to modern facilities including interactive classrooms, laboratories, computer labs, library, games and sports, gym, judo and taekwondo, yoga, swimming pool, NCC/Scouts and Guides, cultural centres and auditorium/open air theatre.

Story from the field

Anadi was few days old when she was brought home to SOS Children’s Village Bhimtal. Under the care of her SOS Mother, Anadi has grown up to be a beautiful, talented and bright girl. Anadi did her schooling from SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Bhimtal and was always amongst the highest scorers in her class. After securing a 10 CGPA in Class X, Anadi was selected for further studies at UWC Red Cross Nordic, Norway. Upon her return, she completed her graduation with 9.3 CGPA. Currently, she is pursuing her master’s degree in biochemistry. A born leader and an inspiration to her peers as well as younger children. “I wasn’t born so intelligent to score high marks all the time. My mantra for success is ‘AnaGoWo’ – Analyse what is the best way to learn, set Goals according to your demand and then simply Work for it.” She adds, “I was also fortunate to have the support of my SOS family in Bhimtal. Without their love, support and guidance, I would not have accomplished as much.”
Anadi represented SOS youths from across the world as spokesperson at SOS General Assembly in Austria and was conferred the ‘Best Youth Agent’ award in 2016.
SOS Children's Villages of India is a loving home for every child.

What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date6905
Village/City/State where project is locatedAll across the country :
Total Budget for the project for FY18-191500000000
Total Expenses for the project YTD120000000