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Help a student in a remote village commute to college

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A bus that changed Asharam's destiny from grazing goats to a postgraduate education

Asharam is a 24-year-old boy from Nandana. Nandana is one of the most remote villages of Madhya Pradesh. The nearest town of Khandwa is 100 km away.

Asharam always had a keen interest in studies. He was unable to get proper education due to lack of facilities. Asharam's parents, brother, and sister work as daily wage laborers. Asharam helped the family by grazing goats.

Asharam completed his primary education in the village school. He secured admission in Jawahar Navoday Vidyalaya residential school because of his excellent performance in studies where he finished his class XII.

Asharam soon settled down in the hostel and liked living there. However, he missed his family a lot. He also felt sad that unlike many other students whose parents occasionally visited them, his family could not visit him due to their constraints.

Visiting him would mean losing a day's wages, and transportation expenses are additional. He didn't complain because he was grateful to at least get an education.

After completion of 12th standard, higher education was a major concern for Asharam.

Nothing in this village had changed in the last 24 years. As his family's financial condition was bad, Asharam started working as a laborer to save for further studies.

That is when he came to know about Sant Singaji Institute of Science & Management. He got admission in B.Sc Microbiology in SSISM. This was not an end to his problems.

Nandana Village is 80 km from Sandalpur where his college is. He couldn't afford the everyday commute to come to college. So, he started living at his sister's place in Rajor. Rajor is 15 km from Sandalpur, and there are no local buses that cover more than 5 km.

The free college bus helps Asharam to commute to college, and he doesn't have to worry about his education. On days when he has to stay additional hours in college, he walks the 10 km back.

With the help of the college faculty and facilities, Asharam completed his graduation with good grades. He is today pursuing MA Development from Azim Premji University.

Asharam's past is now a fading dream. He now looks forward to his future. There can be many such transformations, all we need is a helping hand with belief in change.

You can also help poor children living in remote areas get access to transport facilities. You can donate so that more students in remote villages can get an education. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.

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Program Description

Sant Singaji Institute of Science & Management provides education to needy students who live in remote villages of MP.

Donations to this program will contribute to a fund that will cover the transport for the students from their remote villages to the college.

Sant Singaji Institute of Science & Management is in Sandalpur - about 4-5 hours away from Bhopal and Indore. The college offers many undergraduate and postgraduate courses. They have their own software development wing as well.

The students belong to underprivileged backgrounds and live in remote villages. These villages are sometimes very far from the institute and beyond forest areas. They walk through forests just to reach the bus stop and then have to travel over 50 km by bus to reach college.

The commute to and fro to college is significant. If they cannot manage to find a way to get to college, the students have no choice but to discontinue their education.

The college provides free transport to the students. The college bus gives them access to college and is one of the critical aspects to help them continue their education.

When you donate to this program, you help in giving rural children a chance at education.

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About The NGO

Sant Singaji Institute of Science & Management
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Sant Singaji Institute of Science & Management

Sant Singaji Educational Society (SSES) was established in 2010, intending to creating social and economic transformation in one of the most backward areas of the country around the Gondwana area of Madhya Pradesh.

Sant Singaji Institute of Science & Management is a co-educational institute, with around 1000 students from 150 + villages on its rolls catering to the youth of three rural districts of Madhya Pradesh presently - Dewas, Sehore, and Harda.

The Institute was started by Mr. Pranjal Dubey, who left his high profile job in SAP Labs, Bangalore to set up this institute in his native village. Pranjal Dubey comes from a family that traditionally provided the head priest for the Sant Singaji Temple at Sandalpur in Madhya Pradesh.

At his father's passing in 1996 it was his duty to take over this role, and although he returned to Sandalpur annually for the temple festival, he continued his career as a software engineer in Bengaluru with the blessing of the village elders.

Every time he visited he encountered desperation from parents and youth who struggled to rise above poverty, despite the education and qualifications accessible to them. On investigation, he found the education available to local youth to be substandard. It became clear that he had a mission to change this and the chain of poverty that was left behind.

In only 7 years, the organization has achieved stellar results . 15 students, 14 of them being girls have obtained University ranks, putting Sandalpur on the education map of Madhya Pradesh.

Many of their graduates are working in companies in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Indore, Pune, etc in companies such as Cognizant, Wipro, CapGemini, SAP Labs, Infosys, etc.

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Founded in 1991
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Prashant Sharma, CEO

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Madhya Pradesh

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Awards And Recognitions

2014: eNGO Award

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December 2018

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Program Updates

1 October, 2021

Impact report


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

The first milestone we have achieved was by January end we started offline classes for students. In the guidance of covid19 protocol, we make sure that students should wear masks and use sanitiser. The classes are held in social distancing. In February we organized an event which is called SPL(singaji premiere league) where students and faculty participate in sports and cultural events. Due to the covid second wave, we paused our offline classes and continue them as online classes. As every student was not having a phone and laptop, we manage to give them tablets and make every student a specific email id to join the classes on google meet, also try to get students together to attend classes combinedly. Due to covid 19, we increase the round of buses so that the guideline of covid19 does not break.Secondly, in the period of distress by the grace of God – Singaji educational society took a lot of relief activities and its projects were very active in relief activities. Supplying food packets and basic grains (pulses, rice) to the needy, face masks, sanitisers etc were done through Singaji educational society. The society also distributed oxygen cylinders, pulse oximeters, oxygen concentrators and several other important medical equipment to the needy personals. 3700 food packets distributed in 50+ villages, 100 Oximeters and thermometers, face shield, mask, sanitisers distributed to volunteers, Asha workers and local village clinics,40 Oxygen Concentrators Distributed to clinics and individuals, given 100+ injections to 50+ patients,10 Oxygen Cylinder Services to 85 Critical patients The most considered part of this relief operation was to spread awareness about this invisible foe so that people could save themselves from the deadly virus. Also, we address public systems and mobile loudspeakers are being used in the main areas and localities to spread awareness among people. Vehicles equipped with loudspeakers and informative hoardings moves around the local villages with the covid safety messages playing in the forms of musical jingles so that it could be clearly heard and understood by the listeners. Vaccine Awareness Campaign 3 Districts, 10 Tehsil, 250+ villages covered 100 Km’s daily for 40 days. The vehicle covered around 350 kilometres of distance spreading awareness widely. The area which we cover of under three districts Dewas, Harda and Sehore.Thirdly, Keeping Mental health issues following the COVID-19 pandemic stem from 'normal' people being exposed to 'extraordinary situations'. The presentations are myriad and include emotional difficulties like anxiety, depression, and biological effects like sleep, appetite disturbances as well as severe mental illness and substance misuse. the duration is so suffocating for everyone we arranged a program for our students and faculty. The program was Association with Equitable HealthCare Access Consortium On “Emotional Well-Being with EaR” (How to Develop Emotional Intelligence?). This program was conducted by Mrs Pragati Sureka (ABPS licensed Clinical Psychologist based in Kolkata). The program was conducted in ten sessions over a month from 04th May 2021 to 03rd June 2021, on every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. Approx. 170 students registered for this program. The course, Emotional Well-Being with EaR is designed to help participants use Emotional Intelligence, practically, with a focus on experiential learning of tools for daily mental health care. Identification and harnessing of easily available resources. Basis the positive response received from the participants we have decided to introduce the Emotional Intelligence program at the college level so that all the students can benefit from the same. Students who have already participated in the current program will be nominated as student coordinators, and they will interact with each student in their assigned group periodically to assess and identify those in need of psychological counselling. The student coordinators will be supervised and guided by a group of teachers. Psychological counselling will be provided to such identified students by the faculty. Ms Pragati Sureka and her team will reach out to such students through personal sessions or group therapy as necessitated by her.Fourthly, in June, we initiated a program “break the silence”. This program is associated with the Equitable HealthCare Access Consortium where awareness of Menstrual Health and Hygiene - Sustainable Mensuration. Towards this EHAC partnering with The RotaryAction Group on Menstrual Health and Hygiene to conduct sessions in schools and colleges for all the womenfolk. The idea is that most of these students are from poor backgrounds and if we can help convert them to using menstrual cups and other biodegradable and cheaper ways of handling their menstrual cycle the chances of adoption will be more. We had student coordinators in the supervision of female faculty to aware girls student about this program as well as their area. Apparently, more than 50 girls’ students are focusing on their health after this program awareness and we are trying to reach all the girls of our college.

Challenges faced and next steps

The major problem which we had that, in the rural area peoples are not serious about the pandemic. Due to that our covid19 relief activities added one more goal of the awareness campaign. Because of the pandemic, many people left their jobs, for that we survey and have a list of people who cannot have one-time food also. The next challenge which we faced was getting classes offline and online. The challenge in offline was that students should follow the social distancing but our students got the seriousness of this disease and get all the work under the government guidelines, in online classes which faced that not every student have a phone or any gadget. But the task for us was to get every student on board with online classes. So, we make some solutions like to those who don’t afford digital gadgets we gave them tablets, another was those students who are living near to some student who has gadgets to have combine classes with them as making groups. One more problem which we faced that in our college many students are from the same family so the problem was they have different courses but the class timing for all was same, so we gave them class recording so that they can study anytime.Due to covid, we have to get extra rounds of buses to reach out to every student in the manner of social distancing.The plan for our next six months is in the new session we have to arrange offline classes if the government allow us to take perhaps, we will continue our session in online mode. With both programs, we will encourage mental health and menstrual hygiene in our college students. As a new session started we initiate one more program named “Bio Excellence Group” which will encourage biology students to have more skills have scope in their field as we already have ITEG and MEG for technology and management students.

Stories from the ground

Stories from the ground:1.Kavita Kushwah from B.A 3rd year got 2nd prize in state-level essay competition. It is a proud moment for the sant singaji educational society that our student got second prize at the state level essay competition. The topic of the essay was the relationship between China and India.( the girl in the uniform is Kavita kushwah)2.I am mitanshi Vyas. Or me Ek chhote se kasbe khategaon se belong krti hu. Or currently, I am working as a Developer in Salesforce based company Cloudiate Pvt. Ltd. And also I am pursuing 3rd year of Bsc.cs from Sant singaji collage sandalpur . Meri family hum 4 log he. Mere father jo petrol pump pe job Krte he, Meri mother jo ki Ek private school me teacher he or mera Ek younger brother he. Mene Meri 12th tk ki study Arihant convent school jo Ek English medium school he vha se complete ki he. After 12th jese sabhi ko apni aage ki study ki tension hoti ki kaha admission lena he kya subject choose krna he, vese hi mujhe bhi thi. And mere mostly friends bahar hi study ke liye jaa rhe the bt family ki financial condition unit strong nhi thi ki me bahar ja sku, then mene sant singaji collage me admission lene ka socha, bt vha ki fees bhi mere Papa afford nhi kr pate. Bt the best thing of SSISM yha har saal kuch students ko scholarship base pe admission milta he and mujhe bhi yha scholarship based pr admission mila. Yha aane se pehla mujhe IT sector ke baare me koi knowledge nhi tha vo mujhe yhi se mila and mere yha pr IT class join ki. Jha mujhe bahut kuch sikhne ko mila. And when I am in 2nd year mene meri life me 1st time kisi job ke liye interview diya tha or vo Cloudiate company ke liye hi tha. Bt us time I am not selected for that company. Bt after few months mujhe same company se job ke liye offer aaya and now I am working in that company. Agr me meri inspiration ke baare me kahu for all this things. to SSISM ka har students mere liye inspiration he jo yha se passout huye he or aaj apni life me ek achhi position pr he. Bahut se log ye sochte he ke agr aap kisi chhote se gaon se ho ya kisi chhotisi jagah se to Aap kahi bahar jake study kroge tabhi Aap kuch achha hasil kr skte he, No agr aapme kuch achha krne ki Chah he or agr aapke aas pass ka environment achha he or aap bhi apni life me kuch achha krna chahte ho jisse dusro ke liye ek achha example set kr so, then Aap aapki life me sb kuch paa skte ho. Or yhi example hmare collage SSISM or yha ke students ne set kiya he or shayad mene bhi.

23 March, 2021

Education at the times of Pandemic


report image

Due to Pandemic Lockdown it was not possible for students and faculties to come to college for their classes hence some initiatives were taken by SSISM to make devices accessible for rural students. After government’s guidelines for starting online classes, with the help of our donors we provided tablets for the online education as there were many students who were not able to connect with online classes because of lack of devices. Students gradually got used to online classes, like it was difficult to first ask doubts or to comment in class as they were unable to respond quickly but later on they learned.
SSISM and Udhyam Learning foundation are working together for last 3-4 years. Every year one resource person used to come to SSISM to train students for entrepreneurship, some of our students even started their own business setups after their graduation with the help of these trainings. This year no such event took place but Udhyam conducted an online “Career Awareness Program” to guide students for their future career paths.
Four SSISM alumni Sanjay Meena, Smita Pandey, Harsha Khose and Aditya Upadhyay got selected for Chennai Business School (CBS) for a one year fully sponsored MBA program at Chennai. It has been more than a month these students have gone to Chennai for offline classes. They are in touch with the faculties and are really happy to be there as they are learning new things; they have friends from across the country and are getting a rich exposure.

5 August, 2020

Gifting education to the deserving


report imagereport image

Gifting education to the deserving

During the last few months, many events and trips took place. An annual sport and cultural event takes place every year 'Singaji Premere League'. An educational trip of 15-20 students students went to Bangalore. UDHYAM program took place - This program is designed to give exposure of various entrepreneurship skills to students by giving them activity based knowledge. A seed money is also given to students to have field experience of small entrepreneur set up. Annual exams of students had started but due to lockdown rest of the exams are on hold till we hear from Vikram University, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. We also undertake 2 Scholarship Exams for SNS and SVS - Singaji Nivedita Scholarship and Singaji Vivekananda Scholarship for the deserving students.
Five students from BCA and B.Sc CS are working as Interns in Incture, Bengaluru. A globally-renowned technology and design company. One of the major initiatives we have taken last year was to improve and help students to prepare and participate in various sports events. The energy, passion, teamwork, attitude, discipline and finally the confidence in the personality reflects in our students. This Year we were winners or runners-up in almost all Districts Events in Football, Table Tennis, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Chess, Volleyball in Boys and Girls category.
New Gymnasium in SSISM was Inaugurated by Mr. MP Yogesh Panwar and our Alumni Bodybuilder Anil Jat.