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Nagavalli’s parents find a way to educate her despite all odds.

Nagavelli Srilekha is from a poor family. Her parents were daily wage workers and they never had enough money to get by. Nagavalli often did agricultural work to earn for her family as well.

Nagavalli’s parents did not want their life for her. They wanted her to have an education and build a better future. But they could not afford her fees and did not know what to do.

RDF learnt about Nagavalli and decided to support her. They put her on the Fee Exempt list in the school and paid for her education expenses, simultaneously seeking donors to support her education.

When her father passed away, Rural Development Foundation found donors who would contribute the money required for her to continue in school. They were able to get long term sponsorship for her, which greatly eased the financial worries of her mother.

Since 1996, over 3000 families have been impacted by the work of RDF. Parents and villagers also support donations in cash and kind to the schools when they can. They actively take part in school discussions on key decisions. Nagavalli is now confident about her future and cherishes the dream of becoming a teacher.

Your help will give families a chance to break away from the cycle of poverty. Give now so children like Nagavalli get the future they deserve. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.

Many families from remote villages wish to educate their children but do not have the means to pay for it. Your help could change this.

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