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Help a poor child get education and residential care by Social Action for Manpower Creation

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Help a poor child get education and residential care

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Thirteen-year-old Shrawan lost his father when he was very young. His mother works as a cook in a school. They couldn't afford to rent a home and hence had to live with relatives. Due to their economic condition, his mother enrolled him in the SAMPARC Balgram, Jodhpur.

Here he started to receive care, shelter, guidance, and education and his studies have improved. He stood 2nd in class in grade 8 and 1st in grade 9. He received a Tablet PC through the Rajasthan Government Scheme. He is now 17 years old. He scored 64% in Class X with the help of tuitions arranged by the Balgram.

He is now in class XII. He has left his past behind and works hard towards a better future..

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Social Action for Manpower (SAMPARC) runs a Home at Jodhpur, which is mainly for children of stone quarry workers apart from destitute children and poor children with difficult living conditions.

The home works to provide care, shelter and education for children so that they can get a normal childhood. They arrange for special attention if the children need it. They also provide health care and recreational facilities as children need to play as much as everything else. They do not have the social stigma of whatever background they came from. They grow freely like other children learning various social and cultural values and traditions and are exposed to community life.

As a result the children of SAMPARC orphanage (balgram) are found strong, contented with culture values and self-esteem. Donate to this program and support an underprivileged destitute child build a future.

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About The NGO

Social Action for Manpower Creation
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Social Action for Manpower Creation

Working since 1984 for the children, Amitkumar Banerjee realized that children need an integrated support for development. At that time children of socially victim women, children of convicts received no support from government or any agency. Mr.Banerjee felt that every child needs shelter, care and protection and opportunity to grow.

Thus SAMPARC - Social Action for Manpower Creation was born as an organization in 1990. The journey of SAMPARC began with only 7 orphans and today over 500 children - orphan, children of socially victim women, destitute, and needy and also children of convicts, all of them are living under one shelter known as Balgram of SAMPARC organization. They do not have the social stigma of whatever background they came from. They grow freely like other common children. They grow with all cultural and social values. At the same time, they learn various social and cultural values and traditions and are exposed to community life.

The organization has served around 500 children. In 2016, Amit Banerjee was awarded the Samajik Puraskar Award by the Parampujya Swami Ramdevji Maharaj Yog Diksha & Rashtranirman Sabha for special contribution towards the care and protection and holistic development of orphan and destitute children.

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Founded in 1991
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Anuj Singh

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Social Action for Manpower Creation has

provided quality healthcare, education and shelter to 330 children last year

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2015: Sat Paul Mittal National Award

2015: TVAM Karamaveer Chakra Award

2016: Blue Dart- World CSR Day

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Program Updates

5 October, 2021

Happy Children of SAMPARC


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

SAMPARC Kalyanmal Kevalmal Singhvi Balakashram, Jodhpur is home to 48 orphan, poor and single parent boy children. The Children’s Home is situated in village Gangani, Tahsil Baori, District Jodhpur, Rajasthan. 2 children received new admission in the Children’s Home.The children live in a homely atmosphere of care & family environment and are receiving overall care, protection and education for upbringing.One of the biggest milestones achieved during this second wave COVID-19 period is that all children are healthy, happy and are safe inside the Children’s Home. SAMPARC has taken all precautionary measures for the safety & well-being of the children during this pandemic COVID-19 period and we are glad that the overall health of all the children is good. All the children are attending online school and are progressing in academic education. In-house staff coordinates with school teachers and ensure children remain in academic regularity. Also, senior children took the initiative of educating small children and helping them in completing schoolwork and clearing their doubts along with the in-house staff. Also School teachers of the Government Senior Secondary School Gangani, Jodhpur give daily assignments and homework to children which has to be collected by Project Incharge from the School daily and the same is completed daily by children in the Children’s Home and is submitted in the evening in the School. Also, children with the help of Smile 2.0 - an initiative by the Rajasthan State Government Education Department receive class wise homework and study material. Due to the massive second wave of COVID-19 initially, final exams of 1st to 9th std children and 11th std children were cancelled and all children are promoted to the next class. Later, since the COVID-19 situation was not showing any signs of improvement 10th & 12th std Board exams were also cancelled. As per the guidelines of the State Government of Rajasthan evaluation of 10th std & 12th std students were conducted by the Schools. 8 children were in 10th std & 3 children were in 12th std. Following are the details of the 10th std results-1. Prakash Nayak- 89.67%2. Nimba Ram-87.17%3. Shivraj Singh-85.3%4. Pabu Ram-82.67%5. Bharat Bhati-82.67%6. Setha Ram-72%7. Hukma Ram-74.8%8. Jitendra Megwal- 61.17%Details of 12th std Results1. Prem Kaswa-80%2. Sobha Ram-75%3. Kharta Ram Bhil-70.4%Also, offline final exams of children were conducted in the Children’s Home by Project Incharge and the School Teachers helped in setting the question papers of all children class-wise to understand the progress of children in school. Also, the papers were evaluated and the following is a class wise summary of results of children-• 2nd standard-1 child- Above 55%-01• 3rd standard - 2 children- Above 70%-01,Above 50%-01.• 4th standard-6 children- Above 80%-01, Above 70%-01, Above 60%-03, Above 50%-01.• 5th standard-3 children- Above 65%-01, Above 50%-02.• 6th standard-7 children- Above 75%-02, Above 60%-01, Above 50%-01, Above 40%-03.• 7th standard-4 children- Above 70%-02, Above 60%-01, Above 40%-01.• 8th standard-6 children- Above 60%-03, Above 50%-02, Above 40%-01• 9th standard-4 children- Above 70%-01, Above 60%-02, Above 50%-01• 10th standard-8 children- Above 80%-05, Above 70%-02, Above 60%-01• 11th standard- 2 children- Above 70%-02• 12th standard- Above 80%-01, Above 70%-02All the children receive a balanced diet of the right proportion of carbohydrates, Protein, Fat and Vitamin ensuring proper Food Value and Calorie Intake of each Child - Roti, Rice, Dal, Vegetable, is served to children. Eggs and Chicken are served once a Week. Children are provided Milk and Fruits as Evening snacks. During festivals, Special Days and on Sundays special Menu as per the choice of children is prepared. Regular health check-up of all children is conducted and all children are healthy. Children receive Health support from Primary Health Centre, Gangani as per requirement and if any child needs specialized treatment they receive the same in Jodhpur. On the occasion of 75th Independence Day, Project Incharge Mr Sowmitro Banerjee has been felicitated with Excellence in Child Care Award by the Department of Child Rights, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Challenges faced and next steps

One of the biggest challenges during the COVID-19 Pandemic situation is to keep children healthy & safe. So as a precautionary measure SAMPARC closed the gates of Children’s Home to outsiders at the onset of the Pandemic situation and is following the same strictly. Also, the in-house staffs are now completely vaccinated and are taking all precautionary measures.In the Child Care Activity, the Covid related Hurdle is to keep the Children Calm inside the Centre during this period. At this age, the children are naturally full of enthusiasm and active. Regular Counselling and alternative Online Activities are the Solutions to this issue which seems to be really effective in certain cases. All the Children are very much Positive and Hopeful that they will be free from this COVID situation very soon.Child Welfare Committee, Jodhpur conducts regular inspections of children online & offline and keeps guiding the children & staff about COVID safety precautions and measures.All the children attended online school during the academic year. Various in house activities were organized by the staff to ensure children were not affected by boredom during this COVID period and utilize their time efficiently. Children enjoy playing indoor & outdoor games inside the Campus. The Children’s Homes has a spacious playground for children and play equipment as per the interests of children are in the Children’s Home. Children Sports Committee along with staff plans and organizes sports competitions for children. Children enjoy playing Volleyball, Cricket also the Children’s Home has a beautiful Kitchen Garden which is managed by staff and children for fresh vegetables. Also in house Essay writing competitions, Painting competitions, posture making competitions etc are organized in the Children’s Home and all children participate with enthusiasm. Children who are interested in drawing and crafts are provided with all materials to encourage and nourish their interests and hobbies. The Children’s Home is equipped with Library & children spend their free time reading books. Also, the Computer Lab in the Children’s Home is of immense help, especially during this COVID-19 Pandemic period. It has helped children to attend online classes without any hindrance.Life Skill sessions and Value Education sessions were conducted by the Counsellor in the Children’s Home. Following are details of the same-Value Education Sessions on topics-- Care & Compassion, Respect, Responsibility, Teamwork & Honesty, Good Habits, Helping others, Punctuality, Respecting others; Focus and Self-Control, Communication, Making Connections, Self-Directed, Engaged Learning, Moral education, personality education, ethics.Life Skills Sessions- Focus & self-control, Communication & taking on challenges; Taking on Challenges, critical thinking, Perspective-Taking, Making Connections, Self-Directed, Engaged Learning.3 sessions were conducted in SAMPARC Children’s Home, Jodhpur on topics Skill Assessment, Following your dreams, networking- by Nanda Kumar Dadich (Principal of Govt. high school, Vidya Shala School, Sursagar)Also, regular awareness sessions which were conducted online have helped the children to understand the COVID-19 situation and created awareness to take all safety precautions. 6 Month Plan- Equipping library with more books, purchase some more sports items, planning of academic year as per school syllabus, planning inhouse offline classes for children class-wise, planning of online classes by volunteers as per the interest of the children. Planning for festival season- to buy new clothes for children and planning for celebrations in the festive season and arranging in-house various competitions for children. Planning for winter season kitchen gardening. Getting prepared for offline School when it will start as per Government guidelines.

Stories from the ground

Impact story: Prakash Nayak is from a very poor family. His father worked as a daily waged labour. He was suffering from a respiratory problem and died due to a heart attack. His mother is a homemaker and unable to earn enough. So, the financial condition of the family is very poor. There was no one else to look after the family. Prakash was deprived of proper education and nutrition. So, Prakash got admission along with his brother Sharwan in SAMPARC Gangani, Jodhpur centre for proper education and care towards a bright future.Prakash Nayak joined SAMPARC Children’s Home in 2014 and he received admission in 4th std in Government Senior Secondary School Gangani, Jodhpur. This year Prakash topped his 10th std final exam with 89.67%. He has taken admission in ITI Fitter at SAMPARC Industrial Institute, Malavli, Maharashtra and is looking forward to a bright future. During his stay in SAMPARC Balgram, he received care & upbringing in a homely atmosphere with all possible amenities along with emotional support and time to time Counselling. His effort along with the support of Project Staff has made the success. Though there is a long way to go, Prakash is confident enough to be successful in life.

23 March, 2021

Healthy & Happy Children of SAMPARC


report image

SAMPARC Kalyanmal Kevalmal Singhvi Balakashram is dedicated in the name of SAMPARC President Late. Shri. Kalyanmal Kevalmal Singhvi. It is home for orphan, single parent children, needy children of stone quarry workers, and children of drug & alcohol addicted parents.

The children live in a homely atmosphere of care & support by Housemothers, counsellor who are working under the guidance of Project Incharge Mr.Sowmitro Banerjee.

Overall health of all the children is good and all the children are Safe and Healthy. SAMPARC is taking all measures to ensure the safety of the Children.

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic situation, all children are at Home and attending classes online. At present the School Teacher gives printout of home assignment to children class wise and the children have to complete the given school homework and the Project In-charge submits the same to the School Teacher. Weekly 3-4 home assignments class wise are given to the children to complete and the Counsellor ensures children complete the given assignment and also helps them in understanding the same. Also Youtube links of lessons are shared by the school teacher topic wise and the Counsellor has made class wise groups of children and shows the children the Videos on the computer. The computer lab in the Children’s home is now of immense help to the children to attend online classes and also to watch lessons on YouTube. The Counsellor and Project In-charge are ensuring that children are regularly completing school homework and clearly understand the lessons.

Child Rights Week was observed in the Children’s Home from 14th November 2020 to 20th November 2020. On 14th November Children’s Day & Diwali was celebrated in the Children’s Home with lot of enthusiasm. On 15th November Indoor Competitions like Chess, Ludo and Carom Board was conducted; on 16th November Drawing Competition was organized; on 17th November Tree Plantation was organized and children took pledge to take care plants and kitchen garden in the Children’s Home; on 18th November cleanliness of Children’s home and importance of the same was explained to the children; on 19th November Cricket & Badminton competition was conducted.

Winners of the competitions are as follows-

Drawing Competition- Kharta Ram Bhil
Carom Board Competition- Madaram Megwal
Chess Competition-Ramchandra Vishnoi
Ludo competition-Surya Prakash Vishnoi

Mrs.Sangeeta Beniwal, Chairperson of Child Rights Department Rajasthan felicitated winners of the competition and felicitation program of the children was organized in Jodhpur Govt. Girls Home.

5 July, 2020

Happy Children of SAMPARC


report imagereport image

Happy Children of SAMPARC

The Children’s Home at present has 46 boys – 46 children are in the Children’s Home, 1 child Dinesh Bhel is in 7th std studying in Navodaya Vidyalaya; Senior child Shravan Chaudhary is now pursuing ITI Electrician 2nd Year, he scored 79% in First Year final exam and he stood First in College. 3 senior children are pursuing ITI Wireman Course at SAMPARC ITI Institute, Malavali Maharashtra.During this period children received their first semester result and following are the details of the same-1st std-01 child- A Grade-012nd std-01 child- A Grade-013rd std-05 children- A Grade- 01, B Grade-044th std-03 children- A Grade- 02, B Grade-015th std-06 children- A Grade-03, B Grade-01, C Grade-026th std-05 children-70% & Above-01, 50% & Above-03, 40% & Above-017th std-06 children-80%& Above-04, 75%& Above-01, 45% & Above-018th std-04 children- A Grade-03, C Grade-019th std-08 children- Above 55%-02, Above 40%-03, Above 35%-01, Fail-0210th std-03 children- A Grade-02, C Grade-0111th std-03 children- Above 40%-01, Fail-0212th std- 01 child- A Grade- 01After attending school children receive tutoring in the Children’s Home. Also, children from 7th to 12th std attend computer classes in the Children’s Home. The overall health of all the children is good.SPORTS-On 7th November 2019, children won first prize in cricket competition held with children from village Gangani.On 17th November 2019, children won first prize in the Volleyball competition held with children from village Kasti.On 3rd December 2019, children won Runner prize in the Kabbadi competition held with children from Lunavas village.On 12th January 2019, children won Runner prize in Kho-Kho competition held with children from Melavas village.One Day Trip-On 27th & 28th December 2019, children enjoyed the trip to Kumbalgarh fort, Haldi Ghati, MahaRana Pratap Museum & Chittorgarh Fort. Project Incharge Mr.Sowmitro Banerjee explained the historical importance of the place to the children.Government InspectionOn 17th October 2019, Ms.Sangeeta Beniwal, Chairperson of the Rajasthan State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights visited Children’s Home.On 21st December 2019, Mr.Siddeshwar Puri, Secretary of District Legal Service Authority & Mr.Virendra Kumbat visited Children’s Home.On 24th January 2020, Mr.Dinesh Raj, Ms.Manju Chauhan & Ms.Nitu Nigam from ChildLine Team, Jodhpur visited Children’s Home.On 15th February 2020, Mr.Dhanpat Gurjar, Chairman, Child Welfare Committee, Jodhpur and Members Mr.Vikram Sargara & Mr.Laxman Parihar visited Children’s Home.

22 July, 2019


report image

Program Update

SAMPARC Kalyanmal Kevalmal Singhvi Balakashram – Gangani, Jodhpur is at present home to 45 boy children. 43 children are residing in the Children’s Home and 2 children - Shrawan Ram Choudary who passed 12th std in last academic year is pursuing ITI-Electrician in Govt.ITI College, Pipar City, Jodhpur and Dinesh Bhel who passed 5th std in last academic year had successfully cleared Entrance exam of Jawaharlal Navodaya Vidyala and is now studying in 6th std at Jawaharlal Navodaya Vidyala, Tilwasni, Jodhpur. Both Shrawan & Dinesh are supported by SAMPARC Children’s Home, Jodhpur.

All the children are healthy, happy and attending school & classes regularly. The children live in a homely atmosphere of care & support of Housemothers, counsellor & Project Incharge.

The children have performed well in First Semester Exam.Now, all the children from 2nd to 12th std have appeared for final exams and the result is awaited.

Overall health of the children is good. Children receive balanced food and the Menu prepared is as per the guidelines fixed by Child Welfare Committee, Jodhpur.

On December 25th 2018, Computer Training Centre was started in the Children's Home and children from 7th to 12th std are receiving training in Computers.

On 9th January 2019, 7 children participated in Basketball Competition representing their School in PIE Olympics, Jodhpur in which 3 children from 19 years Age group & 4 children from 14 years age group bagged Bronze Medal.

On 18th February 2019, Shrawan Ram Choudhary participated in Inter school Elocution Competition representing School and he bagged 2nd prize in the same. He received Rs.13,000/- as prize. The program was conducted by Education Department, Baori Tahsil, District Jodhpur.

Story from the field

Mukesh is from a poor situation. His father passed away due to TB. His mother used to work as daily wage labor and take care of her children but now she is unwell and unable to work. He has 3 brothers and 1 sister. His Sister is married. Recently his elder brother has started working and is taking care of his mother and 2 younger brothers. Mukesh got admission at SAMPARC Gangani, Jodhpur centre for proper education and care towards bright future.

Mukesh joined SAMPARC when he was in 6th std. He received admission in Rajkiya Uccha Madhyamik Vidyalay, Gangani, Tahsil Baori, District Jodhpur. Mukesh received proper care, education and nutrition. This year Mukesh appeared for 12th std final exam and his result is awaited. He will appear for entrance exam of Basic School Training Course, Jodhpur and if he will pass the entrance exam, he will pursue the course. If he is unable to pass the Entrance then he will take admission in ITI in Electrical Wire man. Mukesh is working hard towards a secure and bright future.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?50
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date45
Village/City/State where project is locatedAMPARC KALYANMAL KEVALMAL SINGHVI BALAKASHRAM – GANGANI, JODHPUR Village & Post Gangani, Tahasil: Baori, Via- Banar, Dist – Jodhpur, Rajasthan -342027
Total Budget for the project for FY18-192293500
Total Expenses for the project YTD2260189

30 October, 2018

Social Action for Manpower Creation's Update


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Program Update

SAMPARC Children's Home in Jodhpur started in the year 2011, is licensed under the Department of Women & Child Welfare, Government of Rajasthan. 43 boy children are receiving care and protection in the Children's Home.

During the academic year 2017-2018, 43 children from 1st to 12th std have passed the final exam and achieved 100% academic result. Outstanding achievement is by Shravan Chowdary from 12th std who scored 78.8% in HSC Board exam.

6 children participated in District Level Basketball competition organized by Education Department, Jodhpur & received 3rd prize in the month of September 2018.

Story from the field

Kharta Ram Bhil

Kharta's father worked in a stone Quarry as a labor and was suffering from T.B. He passed away a few years back. His mother works as a daily waged labor, but is unable to earn enough and take care of 4 children. Among the 4 children, Kharta and Deepa Bhil are under SAMPARC care. The other two children are handicapped and are with their mother and their old grandfather. Kharta's mother was the only earning member in the family. Kharta's education was neglected due to poverty.
After Kharta came to SAMPARC, he was admitted into school. He started in 4th std, ideal for his age in Rajkiya Uccha Madhyamik Vidyalay, Gangani.Tahsil Baori, dist.Jodhpur. Kharta and Deepa Bhil are first generation school goers in their family. Kharta is now in 10th std and after completing higher education he is looking forward towards a bright future.
Kharta is receiving proper care, education, nutrition and is working hard towards a secure and bright future.

Expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-1950
Number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program this year43