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Help a grandma by sponsoring her food expenses in an old age home

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Rane Aji finally finds the home she was looking for after 65 years!

Rane Aji lived with her husband and two daughters in in Vasai. She had discontinued her education after class 7. Her husband was the only earning member of the family. They lived hand to mouth but she managed her family without complaining. This was her world for about seven years after her marriage.

Things came crashing down when her husband developed a relationship with another lady. He began to verbally and physically harass her. She tolerated all the harassment silently for the sake of her two daughters. This went on for a while till one day, he threw her out of the house and told her not to return.

With nowhere to go, she turned to her sister. She lived with her sister for some time. However, she did not want to be a burden on them. She found a job as a cleaner in a private hospital. The hospital had options for employees to live in shared arrangements. Rane Aji took this job so she could get a place to live.

She worked long hours in the hospital but was happy that she was independent. But, age took over and as she crossed 65 years, she could no longer work. She developed high blood pressure and got tired very soon.

She realized she was going to lose her job. This meant losing her shelter and being on the streets with no income, food or shelter.

It was then that she saw a program on TV called Hello Sakhi. Through this program she came to know about Shraddhanand's old age home at Vasai.

She approached Shraddhanand along with her niece The old age home heard her story and agreed for her to live there.

The old-age home has finally given Rane Aji what she was looking all her life for. A place to call home, A safe place where her needs are taken care of.

A few years ago, she she got affected with Filaria. The old age home took responsibility of her treatment. She is completely cured now. She is under close supervision for her high blood pressure and arthritis. She is on medication and walks with the support of a stick.

Even with her age-related and medical issues, she is now happy.

Your help can make many more seniors like Rane Aji live their golden years under a safe shelter. You can donate to the food expenses of the elderly who live in the old-age home. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.

Access to quality nutritious food in their golden years helps underprivileged seniors live their last days with dignity.

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